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  1. 13 hours ago, yotebuster said:

    I have had a couple prone style high end bipods.  You can lean into them better than the Harris for sure.  My problem is hunting on the prairie there is always grass to contend with.  I find that in the desert or mountains there’s less grass and you usually are on a hillside so you can get prone.  I would say 98% of my shots here in ND, MT and WY on the grasslands are off my butt.  There’s a Harris that fits me absolutely perfect prone when collapsed and perfect shooting off my but when extended.  There’s no other bipod that can do that without carrying a bunch of extra crap around with you.  

    Which model do you like for that?

  2. 18 hours ago, verdehunter said:

    Have a trip coming up for a 3 day charter out of San Diego. Is it worth finding used equipment for sale, or renting from the location? Any suggestions? 


    I rented the first two years, then bought my own gear. Over the last 5 years we've pulled in the 20-30lbs Tuna and I've appreciated having my own gear.

    I'd rent again if I didn't have my own since it's way cheaper, but I would 100% bring some color tape or elastic bands so that you can see your rod on the wall of of 25 other rods just like it.

    The only time I lost a fish due to a bad knot was when someone grabbed my rental and I had to take another rod. The tuna was at the water and then the hook just came off.

    Just a note on the take-down rods: We have the same 20+ guys on the boat every year, and a couple years ago someone bought a high-end take down game fishing rod because they were flying in from Michigan. With a fish on, the end section  came off and he lost the fish and use of his rod. It is the only experience I have with a take down, but that is enough for me :)


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  3. 6 hours ago, HuntHarder said:

    Not sure where your gripe is.  I vacuum mine out maybe 3 times a year and burn thru 10+ bags of pellets a year.  Mine is one of the older models but still kicking.

    Second this, but since I don't want to deal with the vacuum I just scoop out the ashes a couple of times a year and then use a blower to get the rest out ... Just make sure the wind is blowing in the direction you want!

    I got a Louisiana pellet smoker at Costco on clearance for $200 and freaking love it

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  4. 3 minutes ago, bigorange said:

    Definitely on Pinnacle Peak and wearing a tie…my kids still talk about that. LoL

    +1 on this one - the magic shop has the guy do tricks in front of you and there's a few other activities

    Air and Space museum is excellent and you wont see it all

    If you guys shoot bows for $3 each you can walk the target courses in Tucson Mountain park

    Hike up Piccacho peak on the way down to Tucson, it's an awesome hike and amazing views and there's a DQ right across the way for the reward

    If you are up for a little drive - consider AZ Zipline adventure (check availability online), it's a cool experience and the kids loved it and depending on the weekend they might have a grill your own night where you can bring your steak and they provide drinks, music, and you can even camp there overnight.


    For japanese food - Kukai (Mt Fuji Don Bowl) has a outside bar area
    For burgers - currently digging love-burger downtown
    For sandwiches - Beyond Bread
    For BBQ - Brother Johns is awesome
    For breakfast on a budget - Franks
    For breakfast with a bit more $- 5 points or Cafe A La Cart
    For mexican there's tons, but currently liking toto's

    For something different the ethiopian place in 5 points is awesome


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  5. I bought the Deepower nock after watching a lusk archery review.

    They added 24 grains to the arrow (they are 32 and my existing nock was 8).

    I just googled the review and it looks like they updated to nock to prevent it coming on when you nock the arrow without chaing the weight.

    Battery lasts a while, and the dead ones I use when practicing so I have the right weight without burning the good ones up.


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  6. I have this set-up., didn't realize how protected the binos are from dust until I road out in a friends ATV. Range finder magnetic lid is great too. Great deal here for sure but I got mine on a black friday sale.. only a few weeks to go!