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    I'll ask to save the next person. Location? And is this the medium or large frame? Thanks, Eddie
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    Cooler recommendations

    I know I recommended Canyon Cooler (and still do) based on my experience, they are an AZ company and finding one used, but dang if this company offers a lot of cooler (and included accessories) for the money if you end up buying new. https://www.icelandcooler.com/ Never heard of these folks before yesterday and no affiliation. They are in TX in spite of the name. Good luck, Eddie
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    Cooler recommendations

    Another vote for Canyon Cooler for their quality and it's an AZ company (Flagstaff). Use block ice, pre-cool it and minimize lid usage, and it should keep things cold for 7-10 days. I have a 75 qt. CC I found on clist last year. I would look on clist and offerup and be ready to buy when they pop up. Good shape, fairly priced roto-molded coolers go quickly so know what size you want, and what price you are willing to pay, and then search early and often and move vite, vite when it is listed. I paid $150 for my CC and was thrilled to get it at that price. New it would have been about $300. Most roto-molded coolers in that size are in the $300-$400 price range no matter the brand. Good luck, Eddie
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    WTB: 1080p Webcam

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    10 grand for a high school kid's car? I wish I was in high school today. GLWS, Eddie
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    Son's First Turkey!

    Congrats to you all and great story. Eddie
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    Winchester Ranger 30-30

    And I even looked twice before posting my reply so sorry about that. I had no clue that's what a tag was for, but add another place to look for a price on a post. Eddie
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    Winchester Ranger 30-30

    If it's free, I'll take it. 😀 Otherwise, you may want to list the price. Eddie
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    Closet cleanout

    I'll guess,,, Members 644 posts Gender:Male Location:Peoria
  10. HUGE PRICE DROP to $75. Come on folks....spend some those Trump Dollars!!!! Eddie
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    Effects of the virus scare?

    Hmmm......I wonder why iatroengic deaths are not listed? Depending on the study, it's somewhere between 135 and 400 per day. Eddie
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    SOLD! Stansport Cots (2)

    PM inbound. Eddie
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    Ammo For Sale - 7.62x39 ---- SOLD ------

    Sold. Thanks all. Eddie
  14. Located in 85254. 7.62x39 123 Gr. HP Hunting ammo. Non-corrosive, 100 rounds. $35 PM if interested, Thanks, Eddie
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    Birthday Antler

    Very kewl and happy birthday. Which unit? Eddie
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    Ammo For Sale - 7.62x39 ---- SOLD ------

    SPF Eddie
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    Ammo For Sale - 7.62x39 ---- SOLD ------

    Sold. PM me your deets and we'll figure something out to meet. Thanks, Eddie
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    Ammo For Sale - 7.62x39 ---- SOLD ------

  19. eddielasvegas

    Ammo For Sale - 7.62x39 ---- SOLD ------

  20. Up for sale is our portable, stow-able picnic table. It can be easily taken apart for storage, but will last a lifetime as it is solid, well built and sturdy as a sequoia. Table top is 56"L x 30"W Located in 85254. $50.