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    Toyota Sequoia - Any good?

    Glad you're not spending my money trphyhntr, 😃 🤑 I don't trust any GMC, Ford or Stellantis (except maybe, maybe Jeep) made in the last 10-iish years with my money, or to reliably get me home. YMMV. Eddie
  2. eddielasvegas

    Toyota Sequoia - Any good?

    I have owned an '88 Landcruiser (bought new) and drove it for 10 years with nary a problem. I currently drive an '01 4Runner that I bought in 2018 before the insanity occurred in the prices of these most excellent vehicles. My T4R now has 177k miles. I have done a few mods (sliders, Gobi Rack, lights), but it is worth $13-15k all day long. I expect a well cared for, and documented, used Sequoia to perform at least as well, but be prepared to dig deep as the values on any of these vehicles started raising rapidly a couple years ago. The wonderful things about all of these vehicles is that all will get you out in the wild blue yonder, but more importantly, get you home. Good luck, Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Alaska 2021

    Good stuff. AK is on my list of places to at least visit. Long cold wintahs be damned. Eddie
  4. eddielasvegas

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    It sounds like this guy does, plus he produces some good AZ centric content. No affiliation. Can't hurt to contact him to share his experience with his Raptor. Good luck, Eddie
  5. eddielasvegas

    Miss me Bitches

    BT is (see attached pic). 😁 What BT says has always been true for me, but I'm at the age now where things can happen that are completely unexpected as you are just going about life, but is related to one getting older. Also, if there is one lesson from COVID-19, is that the most important things in life aren't things and that what is really important can be counted on one hand. It does not mean those other items should not be part of life, but they are just fluff when you you get right down to it. RIP DELW. Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    Elk identifies as a Ram!

    Very nice. I'll be cow hunting there in Nov. Eddie (the flipper)
  7. eddielasvegas

    Prickly pear margaritas

    Man, this looks so durn good and so awesomely Arizona. I can barely boil water, but my wife has skills in the kitchen. Is there anything else needed prep wise? Lastly, and speaking of Emeril, this is hanging in our kitchen. My daughter did this for him aboutt 12-13 years ago when he was in town for a cooking demo and book signing. Eddie
  8. eddielasvegas

    4 New trail finder 265 70 17 AT

    If these were Light Truck tires, their size would be listed as: LT265/70R17. The lack of an LT means they are P rated tires. No clue on these tires, but I have P rated Wild Peaks on my T4R and they've handled some gnarly stuff. Also, this pic upright might make it easier to read the label. GLWS, Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas

    Az MVD

    I could not disagree more and if your only point of reference is our MVD, just maybe I can sorta understand your comment, but let me enlighten you. We moved here from Mass. The RMV there is a shoot show of biblical proportions. 2-3 hours at the RMV is the norm. My SIL, who still lives there, told me this story just a few weeks ago. And let's not forgot our real estate taxes were 7k per year (2007) on a 1900SF house on a 1/5 acre when we lived there. Those taxes are now 10k per year. Or my BFF in VA (where I used to live) who bought car last Dec. Took him 4+ months to get it registered so he could drive it legally. He had to complain to the Gov.'s office and it was resolved the next week. No online registration possible there and he could not get an appt. at the DMV. I bought a car last July. Registered it here (with a CA title) online and got the AZ title and tags within a couple weeks, long before my AZ temp tag expired. Eddie
  10. eddielasvegas

    My Best Trail Camera Spot

    Thanks for posting and good vid. I like the flat rock idea. Did you notice the temp on the camera for the vulture? Or at least it looks like a vulture to me. Which GMU is this? Eddie
  11. eddielasvegas

    Learning Taxidermy

    Nice work and I'll keep you in mind as one of these days I will fill my bull Elk tag. 😲 It my best Judy Tenuta, "It could happen!" 🤣 Eddie
  12. eddielasvegas


    That pup looks about as happy to be in the pic as most kids when parents make them pose for pix. 😀 GLWS, Eddie
  13. eddielasvegas

    Garmin Inreach Mini

    I'll take it. PM inbound. Eddie
  14. eddielasvegas

    Mexico hesitation

    Exactly the point akaspecials. What is so dang fine south of the border that it's worth the risk, even if you get fleeced 1 time in 20? I have lived in the good ole' USA for 60+ years and not once been part of a shakedown....at least not illegally. Taxes and some of our politicians (maybe all of them) and all the latter encompasses is another story, but not once I have feared for my life and knew our constitution was right behind me. I'll stick to G8 countries, thank you. YMMV. Eddie
  15. eddielasvegas

    Pulled a deer out of a pothole

    Nice job and good on ya for helping the Coues. Eddie
  16. eddielasvegas

    Mexico hesitation

    All I could think of as I read this thread. "I must look a mess I must admit But I have been travelling quite a bit South of the Border Where the law and order Is kept by Federales who just grin And tell you they just want to be your friend" Eddie
  17. eddielasvegas

    Mexico hesitation

    What can you hunt there that you cannot hunt here? Eddie
  18. eddielasvegas

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    He posted today on another forum. Eddie
  19. eddielasvegas


    Free bump for showing me Rugged Maps exist. Had trouble finding maps for my GMUs and RM had them! GLWS, Eddie
  20. eddielasvegas

    Tons of Critters at the Waterhole

    As I was watching this last night, I was thinking what would potentially increase views to this good video. This is only a suggestion to help you to that end. I know nothing of video editing and the like so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. 😀 15-20 mins of just watching animals silently takes some patience unless one really likes watching this stuff. How about some commentary of the animals on the screen? The name of the animal and interesting characteristics about it is a good start IMO. I'll best most people have no clue what a Coatimundi is or the difference between a male and female, which I saw in your video. Eddie
  21. My 12 year old son gave me this for Father's Day. He could not buy it as you need to be 18 (or 21) so his Mom had to buy it. Jesus, we are in such trouble. Eddie
  22. Thanks. We have a camping and intro to hunting (coyotes) trip for next month so I suspect that influenced him. Eddie
  23. On a related note, but not on topic, my adult daughter gave me this today. It's etched into the mug. Pretty kewl me thinks, but only a chance for a cow this year so my pursuit of a bull continues. Eddie
  24. I guess no FOTY award for me. Hahaha. Millhouse: Walmart. Eddie
  25. eddielasvegas


    https://www.armslist.com/posts/13357521/phoenix-arizona-handguns-for-sale--glock-g43x-9mm---new https://www.armslist.com/posts/13331684/phoenix-arizona-handguns-for-sale--glock-43-compact-carry- Eddie