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  1. ****** 1 box sold and inventory updated in new pic. ******** Hello All, Selling 5 boxes of the ammo in the attached pic. Do not really care which 5 as I'm purging the stash and have no affinity to any of it. Price will be about $2 per round. I say about because there are so many to choose from that setting a single price per round is tough given the variety. PM me if interested. Happy to answer questions. Located at Scottsdale Rd. & 101 in N. Scottsdale. Thanks, Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    One month bump. Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Ruger SR 1911 .45-sold

    Bump for a good seller and excellent firearm. Oh, and the pix have to be oriented correctly for a proper ad so let me help with that. I have one and it is such an easy pistol to shoot accurately, at least for me, and that's saying something. 😁 Eddie
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    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Thanks very much for these live updates. Really look forward to them, especially since I did not draw this year. Good luck, Eddie
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    Phil gets the ⭐ today for super fast shipping. Ours arrived today and, of course, we had to eat some and they are excellent. Thanks Phil. 👍 Eddie
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    Thanks Phil for this fantastic little CWT benefit. If anyone in the PHX area (NE or N. Scottsdale) is interested in a partial case, mine will be here in a few days and I'll be happy to sell 4-6 pounds to a forum member. Only going to sell them as a batch at $6/lb. PM me if interested. Eddie
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    Stickers in pants help.

    Usually I am making a joke, but in this case I missed the post(s). And what's worse is I reread the thread and still missed it. Thanks T, Eddie
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    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Antelope Canyon in Page is on my list to visit, but it does take planning. Info HERE. Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    Thanksgiving week bump. Eddie
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    Stickers in pants help.

    You have a link? Searching for B or B returns sites I should not be visiting on a work computer. 😂 Eddie
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    Custom Fire Pit

  12. eddielasvegas

    Spider ID

    Send her the next time I sell you some ammo. 😈 Eddie
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    FS Alps sleeping pads. Reduced

    Here's your pic in the event you want it oriented correctly for your avatar picture. Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    To The Top. Eddie
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    Need some help on value

    Good place to start if you did not know this site. Link HERE. Eddie
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    Marlin 39a for sale at shop in Gilbert

    Thanks for helping CWT levers. 👍 My Dad gave me one of these over 50 years ago when I was a teenager. It was my first gun. Still have it today and shoot it fairly regularly. Just a fantastically well made firearm and it has held up well with 50+ years of life factored in the mix. IIRC, it holds ~25 LR's, a bunch more longs and maybe a thousand shorts so you can shoot it for what seems like forever. 😁 Nice examples of these are pricey (my work laptop blocks many sites so can't access the link now) and I wish I knew what Dad paid for mine. I suspect no more than ~$100. Eddie
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    5th choice

    Congrats and good story even if it was a PITA equipment wise. And 5th choice? I did not even know that was possible given the high demand for tags. Eddie
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    Smallest bull yet

    Another good story that needs its picture oriented correctly. Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    Everything in the 2nd pic except the box with the X. Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    Nobody needs any 7mm RM? Eddie
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    Verizon wireless home internet??? Tired of Cox.

    Good timing for your thread My Rights. Going to follow this for sure. I, too, am tiring of Cox even though it is highly reliable(especially since I've been WFH for 2.5 + years) but our $222/month bill (2 set top boxes and Internet) has been wearing on me for some time and I want to find an alernative. Eddie
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    Punched the tag

    Congrats and another good story that deserves a picture oriented correctly. Eddie
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    Which auto insurance...including a UTV

    I'll cast another vote (scared to do this after yesterday 😢) for Sate Farm. We're using a local agent and when our ins. renewed in August, our premiums (auto, home, PUP but no UTV) went up a minuscule amount. Eddie
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    ^^^^^^ Eddie
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    If only I had any skills at making a meme showing Crocodile Dundee saying something like "That's a stove." 🤣 GLWS, Eddie