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  1. My hand cannon (Model S&W 500 in 500 Mag.) is perfectly suited for a hunt like this.

    It will be delivered tomorrow and pretty durn excited to shoot it later this month.

    Using it for the same reason you are is exactly what I had in mind when I bought it last week so thanks for this post idgaf. 👍



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  2. To the OP et al:  Not trying to get preachy and maybe the technology (i.e., filtering) has improved over the past 3-4 years, but when I was into RDs when I had my Cayman, they were way more trouble than they were worth for me.  I had a V1G1 and an Uniden R3.  The V1G2 and the R7 were not out.

    Way too many false positive alerts which will desensitize you to the real thing.  They can be fine tuned but almost everything is some sort of compromise that might hurt you.

    DCC, LCA and all the nanny type technologies wreak havoc with RDs.  And it's worse because it's only some car brands like Honda.

    The V1G2 does not have GPS so lockouts are a royal PITA.  IMHO, Valentine with THE RD for years and year, but is being left in the dust by other manufacturers. 

    Also, the R3 and R7 are so good they tell you 2+ miles away from the LEO yet the kill zone is only 1/4 mile.  Too soon notification is better than too late, I guess.

    I sold all my detectors when I sold my Cayman.  I sure miss that flat 6, and now I need a calendar to measure my 0-60 times in my T4R and Miata.  😁

    Good luck,




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