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    Free camos

    I can come now. Check your pm and call me to give me a gps.
  2. Bill@roofer

    Free camos

    I will take them. Pm sent.
  3. Bill@roofer


    Yea and if your only one handed give them a spear. And if you have no arms or legs use a blowgun . If your blind use dynamite.
  4. Bill@roofer


    I just gave a option for a appropriate season.. doesn't matter rather your a hater or not.. As a rifle hunter or a bowhunter, Would you be okay with less time to hunt, and at a different time then someone else, Handycapped or not?
  5. Bill@roofer


    So does a crossbow hunter get 12 weeks a year to get the job done? That's how long a bowhunter get every year. Maybe a 6 day hunt every year for bowhunter would be a good idea. Since your not handicap 6 days should be good. Then give Handycapped crossbow hunters 12 weeks a year to hunt. How's that work for all you crossbow haters.
  6. Bill@roofer


    Your damb right. And good for you and your brother. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your brothers first crossbow kill.
  7. Bill@roofer


    My opinion That's taking advantage of the permit. The requirements clearly state that you must not be able to pull back your bow anymore. I'm not sure what the poundage of pull you must pull to require a permit. Not really sure what your heart has to do with your arms or shoulder.
  8. Bill@roofer


    Being Handycapped is alot different then being Entitled. I've never met a Handycapped person who felt entitled to be Handycapped. Why should that person be treated any different then you or I. I'm 60 years old and broken down and old as heck. If I could know longer hunt and enjoy the life I've learned to love. I would know longer feel the need to be here anymore.. that's why these crossbow permits where made available. And know one should take it away or take advantage of the permit..
  9. Bill@roofer

    Desert Mule Deer

    I've never been a head hunter..grew up rifle hunting. My family hunted down south by Patagonia, until I was about 14 then we started hunting unit 8 in Williams. And unit 9 occasionally when we got drawn second choice. I was in my late 20s before I really started bow hunting. Over the last 40 years I've learned that archery hunting both early and late season provides a hunter a greater chance of getting a buck and one of great size. I have shot the first buck I seen most the time. Unless it's a very small dink. If I come across more then one buck in a herd I will shot the biggest if a shot is available. Luckily I have come across some very nice bucks over the years. That where my first buck I saw or the biggest in the herd. Mostly in Early August hunts and late December into January. Just be patient. In the flats if you can take a 24 foot step ladder and climb up on top and use your binoculars. Locate them and make the stock. I know of a guy in Benson who has a 24 foot sizzer lift camouflaged that he sits in on a water hole on his property. It's totally flat but full of coues and muleys. There just very hard to see until there right under your feet. Being elevated some helps dramatically.
  10. Bill@roofer

    Photo of Your Very First Coues

    That thing looks like a whitetail and muley mix with the ears and big head.. damb nice looking Buck. Big body 👍
  11. Bill@roofer

    Desert Mule Deer

    Big muleys like the flats . Especially during the rut. The older bucks tend to move down lower away from the younger ones that want to fight over does. Normally you won't see them with more then one or a couple older does .This was taken in 37b in December of 2018 archery
  12. Bill@roofer

    Photo of Your Very First Coues

    A friend of mine named Mike. He works out of his house in mesa. Superstition Creations located at Broadway and Val Vista. He has done several different mounts for me. Her are a few pictures I've taken.
  13. Bill@roofer

    Photo of Your Very First Coues

    This was my first one. Taken in queen valley Az. In 2016 . Shot with bow at 51 yards.
  14. Bill@roofer

    Help wanted in Tucson

    Looking for a couple guys to work Friday and Saturday in Tucson.. Tearing off a roof. Single layer shingles . Should be able to tear off in about 6 hours on Friday. Then easy day after that.$200.00 a day cash . Call Bill at 480 232 29 three nine if interested.. no experience needed , just a strong back and the desire to work... 🤔 Also no TWEEKERS allowed ..
  15. Bill@roofer

    Help wanted in Tucson

  16. Bill@roofer

    Ram all finished

    Really nice looking Ram and beautiful mount.
  17. Bill@roofer


    I will take it. Pm sent..
  18. Bill@roofer

    Closet clean out (New items!)(and more!)

    I like the lamps. Where are you located?
  19. Bill@roofer

    WTS - PSE Stinger-X Bow Package **PRICE DROP AGAIN**

    I will give you 250 call Bill at 2322939
  20. Bill@roofer

    Storm last night

    I live near mesa drive and brown in mesa.. And We got hammered hard, trees down ,roofs blown off , power lines down , Two apartments lost entire roof plywood rafters and even took block walls with it .. the apartments are completely unlivable.. what a mess..
  21. Bill@roofer

    Medium size freezer, free

    Baking soda and lemon juice. Works to take smell of smoke and pretty much anything.. We use to wipe the walls down with it to get the smell of smoke out of a house . That had smoke damage..
  22. Bill@roofer

    Sold Furniture.

    How much for the chair. That will work good in the cabin up north
  23. Bill@roofer

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

    Absolutely!!! Man I miss my Dad... Fishing and hunting and Rodeo.. years and years of good times.
  24. Bill@roofer

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

    In 1976 area 8 . I was 15 and sitting on Ike's tank near Williams Az. Last morning of a 13 day hunt. Sitting by myself and 6 muley bucks all came in at the same time. I shoot the biggest one at 35 yards with a 270 Winchester. I paid 95 dollar's for from the jewel box in Phoenix.. He went in the 160 range..