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  1. For sale  2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport SUV.  $14,000 

    Single owner . My mom's car she is 83 and going blind. She know longer needs it.  Very well maintained and driven easy.. has a broken mirror on passenger side from tree branch.. runs excellent. Champagne colored and black interior.. fully equipped with everything.. if interested call me and I can give you more information...  Bill 480 two 32 Two nine 39. 

    I can put up pick later..

  2. 4 minutes ago, Adicted said:

    Dang bill.  U dont have 45 points though right. Might be dumb question

    23 points as of now.. for deer. 21 for elk..  only been drawn once for elk in AZ. When I was 14 for any elk in 5b. Went home with a cow... I'm 60 now.. maybe I should change my name to notags....😁

  3. 5 minutes ago, az300wby said:

    This is the story i was told. 

    Her father found the sheds on the Strip. He had replicas made and sold the sheds to Muley Crazy.  

    The antlers look like the real thing, its crazy.  Bucks scores over 230 inches.  

    I wanted something cool to look at while dream of a Strip tag someday.  


    Okay now I can see why it has really no sentimental value.. I still think it's a stud.. someday maybe someday I will get drawn for the strip.. 45 years of putting in for 13b and 13a and never a tag there ..  maybe next year👍

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Chef said:

    Unfortunately, that's what some heirs do after inheriting your stuff.  Sell it.

    Ya your right.. it still sucks that our children aka heirs don't give a shoot about all the work and time it takes to get and give them there inheritance they automatically think they deserve. Then they blow threw it in a couple weeks. What a shame.. at least it fell into the hands of someone who will Appreciate it like it should be. That's for sure a trophy of a life time.. 

  5. 49 minutes ago, Adicted said:

    I think its becuase there is always someone starting or talking chit about there kill or hunt pics.  People are a$$holes now days

    Exactly 👍 unfortunately  Aholes have taken the fun and enjoyment out of everything.

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  6. 58 minutes ago, azcouesandelk said:

    Every bull I saw last weekend was rubbed clean. From what I’ve seen I’d say average to slightly above for growth. Elk are HEALTHY this year!

    Area 8 and part of 10 around Williams was where I was at.. didn't see alot of Bulls . But the few I saw where ragged and didn't have much form to them . Still all in velvet. I saw 7 in total. And 5 bucks the bucks where all the same... Maybe it's just my eye sight or expectations. I really thought they would be bigger and have more growth to them . Was very surprised to see all the bulls I seen still in full velvet.. all the bulls where youngsters running with cows.. never saw anything big maybe that explains it... I've hunted that same area for 50 plus years. This year seems to be kinda in slow motion with antler growth from what I saw up there this year.. just my two cents worth. Hope I'm wrong... I can live with that. Good luck to all and happy hunting 

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  7. Everything I've seen seems to be small growth or they are late getting started. Alot of the bulls I've seen really don't have the growth that I would expect by now.. same with the deer.. it's seem to me that they are kinda late getting going on growth. Nothing I've seen rubbing velvet off yet. Still early for deer but some elk should be rubbing of there velvet. Haven't seen any.. alot of animals in running around with clubs on there heads with little form to them yet.

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