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  1. Selling my old tripod setup. T-004kx tripod $99.99 Va5 head $169 3 plates $39 ea whole package $210 TYD
  2. Selling my older Firstlite Wilkin. Faded from wash but lots of hunt left size XL. In Texas. $50 shipped to your door
  3. I’ve got a New Spare outdoorsman Pan head and would like to try out a Pistolgrip head. Anyone want to trade their Pistolgrip plus $120 for my panhead?
  4. kwet239

    WTT Outdoorsmans Panhead for pistolgrip

    Trade pending thanks to all!
  5. kwet239

    WTT Outdoorsmans Panhead for pistolgrip

    I not understanding your comment. I assume you think it’s a bad deal. A new pistol grip is $219. This new Pan head is 399..... so a person would only have $340 invested, a $60+ dollar saving
  6. kwet239

    WTT Outdoorsmans Panhead for pistolgrip

    Sorry should have noted. I’m in Texas
  7. kwet239

    ALL SOLD - First Lite Sale

    I’ll take the ridge line pullover
  8. Selling my Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin RH .10 sight. Bought May 5th, shot it in the back yard installed on my PSE EVO. I just liked my CBE Hybrid 5 pin better for hunting so getting rid of it comes with most the sight tapes and 1 used, 1 new Calibration. You can get a new set on amazon or spot Hogg. Also comes with sight light. $235 TYD net to me. text 4323126545
  9. kwet239

    Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin RH .10

    I’ve been getting questions about location. Item is in Texas but price includes shipping
  10. kwet239

    Outdoorsman pan head brand new

    I’ll take it
  11. kwet239

    Trade Razor 12x50

    Pm sent
  12. kwet239

    SOLD - Outdoorsman Pan Head (Package)

    I’ve got the VA5 and been wanting to go to try the outdoorsmans panhead. What you decide on the sirui.
  13. Pm me if you got a set for sale
  14. kwet239

    WTB Outdoorsman pan head

    Me too if you find an extra lol
  15. Sorry didn’t see range. Thought they were regular EL. Not a big build in Range fan. Just got rid of my Fury HD 5000 for the same reason
  16. Now that you can get a brand new pair for 2k with the recent price drop because of the release of the NL. You want to sale for $1400? I’ll buy
  17. kwet239


    are the Sleeping pads for sale
  18. Hoyt REDWRX Series Carbon RX-3, listed earlier, sold to a friend but returned to me for this....I let my friend shoot it and the release slipped out of his hand, it was not dry fired but the release slapped the bow and chipped the carbon (see pics). I have shot the bow since and it doesn’t make any noises or really even noticeable that it’s there unless you see it. I was going to put a piece of black athletic tape over it and go on about my business but Ive already purchased a new bow. It mainly chipped the linex paint off with just a few fibers of the carbon. How ever it does need some new strings. It needed them before it happened they were starting the fray. Only shot in my back yard. Feel free to text me @ 4323126545 I was shooting 1/2 groups at 20 yards with this bow. Right Hand Scott wildcat 2 release IQ range finder 5 pin sight. Needs to be sighted in Hoyt Qad drop rest real tree Hoyt carbon stabilizer Easton wrist grip Set to 70 lbs 29.5 draw
  19. kwet239

    Hoyt RX3 Complete package $900 READ**

    Thanks guys. I listed on eBay and it sold with Buy it now. Thanks for Everyones help sold please delete
  20. kwet239

    Hoyt RX3 Complete package $900 READ**

    2019. 85% pretty sure