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  1. NRS

    2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT

    Bump all offers considered,
  2. 2014 Ram with 136,000 miles, SLT package, 2WD v6, gets up to 25 MPG. It has an ARE cap that locks on it. located in Tucson. $15,000 OBO. Also listed on craigslist which can be found here for pictures. https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-dodge-ram-1500/7366729871.html Great truck for wife or kids.
  3. NRS

    Missing Bonus Points

    It only shows an update for this deaw and not the missing points.
  4. NRS

    Missing Bonus Points

    Is anybody else missing their bonus points on the portal? My 25 sheep points and 30 antelope points do not show up, nor do my turkey points. They all show 0, but I have loyalty points for them.
  5. NRS

    Split hairs with me

    The BLM rules don't apply to private lands, but I would check with the G&F on current language about shooting on from or across a right of way (as it used to say) and make sure you have an accurate land status on your GPS. The BLM rangers are still working, but without pay.
  6. NRS

    Sancarlos water level

    Looks like it has about 4 feet of water in it at the guage,
  7. NRS

    tuna time-easy limits.

    We like going out on the Mission Belle from Point Loma sport fishing. They seem to always find fish. They fish Mexico waters so you need your passport to go out with them or any other boat fishing Mexican waters.
  8. NRS

    Archery lessons?

    You can find certified archery coaches at this website, just search for Arizona and you probably want someone that is a level 3 coach. Most of the higher levels are Olympic level archery and level 1 is usually students. Level 2 also has many bowhunters in its ranks. https://www.teamusa.org/usa-archery/judges-and-coaches/coaches/usa-archery-coach-locator
  9. Essentially they want to take YOUR public lands that you have free accesws to since you and all the other citizens of this country own them and them make you pay an access fee to the State Land Department to hunt and fish on them.
  10. NRS

    Vegas Indoor 2018

    If you are in the Tucson area, there is a league shoot at the PSE pro shop every Tuesday night that is good practice for Vegas. The lock the doors and start the shoot right at 7:00 so be there early to sign up and get some practice in.
  11. NRS

    unit 8 muzzleloader cow hunt

    Took me an hour and a half to fill my tag Friday morning, then had a herd walk behind my camp while we were cutting it up.
  12. NRS

    AZGFD portal

    Unit 1 muzzleloader trophy bull for me, son has an antelope tag.
  13. NRS

    Babos are burnin'

    looks like they are hitting it hard, 4 heavy airtankers, 2 helicopters, 1 hotshot crew and 3 type 2 crew that show up on the reports.
  14. NRS

    My sons sheep video

    Beautiful ram! Congratulations to the young hunter. This just shows the success of the AZ G&F BLM and ADBSS cooperation on the translocation program. We only dreamed of success's like this when we did the first transplant into the Mineral mountains 14 years ago.
  15. NRS

    San Diego

    Took a couple of three-quarter day trips last week out of Point Loma sportfishing and did alright, with my son outfishing me. 3/4 days were outfishing the overnights and 1.5 days, but the 2 days were slaying them. Saw a couple of 170 Lb. bluefine brought in to the dock in the mornings, along with a 142 Lb Opah