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  1. Tanner W

    Elk identifies as a Ram!

    He was growing a zucchini lol
  2. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    You can check here for water reports on the AZT https://aztwaterreport.org/
  3. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Pack some water in and cache it as training 😁 then you won’t be so tied to the ranch or that nasty trail lol
  4. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Yup, road closed at fish creek vista and no over night parking there.
  5. Tanner W

    unit 27 early archery

    I think Eddie Willey (southeastern Arizona outfitters) might spend time in that area, Not sure if he even offers packing meat but he does have mules. Good luck out there I have the same hunt
  6. Tanner W

    6.5 ELDX 143

    If you can’t find the SST’s I have some 140g hornady 6.5 BTHP
  7. I’ll take all the 9mm
  8. Tanner W

    Applying for a New Unit?

    At this rate, they’re all probably residents now.. lol Anyway, I do like the idea of non-res draw or atleast non-res cap for otc
  9. Tanner W

    White Mountains

    Skip crescent and go go big lake or Rez lake
  10. Tanner W

    Black River Small Mouth

    I haven’t been there in a long time but I do remember buying the permit from both tribes, catching a lot of smallies and getting really sunburnt lol
  11. Tanner W

    Bushnell Prime 24MP TrailCam

    I’ll take this if it’s still available thanks
  12. Can we hear the story of your profile picture buck? 

  13. Tanner W

    New guy first coues buck

    Started scouting in the summer with one of my buddies, logged a ton of miles on our boots hiking into a wilderness area. We glassed up deer every trip out mostly does and a few forkies. After checking out onX a little more we found a basin that looked promising so we checked it out, same deal does and forkies. We met up with my dad on after work on the night of opening day he had camp set up for us which was awesome, (thanks dad) he had a tag too but really just wanted to see one of the boys shoot a deer. He was a trooper hiking in everyday with us even with an injured foot. It rained on and off in the mornings and was really windy. Saturday was the first day we hunted, found a couple bucks but we’re too far away to make a play on them. The second day we went back to the same area but got on a glassing knob a bit closer to where the deer were the day before. Sure enough they were still there actually running around all over the hill side like a bunch of kids playing tag! Haha they ended up bedding down in a cut that we couldn’t see into from that particular angle so we moved over to another ridge line and waited them out. At about 3pm a forkie came out with 2 does. As I was setting up the rifle for a shot my buddy Austin found my buck just above the other deer raking a bush. Ranged him at 300 yards and took a shot. In the heat of the moment I forgot all about it being windy and missed just in front of the buck, perfect elevation. He ended up running up and to the right and ranged him at 500. Took anther shot, hit him in the front leg. He limped to a flat spot on the hill under a tree and I made a good shot killing him in that final bed. After cleaning him up I packed him out about 3 miles getting back to the truck in the dark.
  14. Tanner W

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Another one for Hornady 6.5cm 143g ELD-X maybe bulk 9mm also
  15. Tanner W

    Reloading Dies

    I’ll take the 6.5cm dies