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  1. Tanner W

    Canyon lake

    Between 2 of us only caught 3 fish in 8 hours, Kayaked the motor less area and caught fish around the marina
  2. Tanner W

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    Had my dogs out scouting with me for an Elk tag when we came across a meadow heading back to the jeep when I stepped a foot or so away from a rattler. Luckily my pups (off leash) took a different path ahead of me. He was some what coiled up but never rattled.
  3. Tanner W

    Help Save Apache Trail

    Did you tag one? I’d like to ride horses or mules through those mountains some day .. or a pack hunt
  4. Tanner W

    Help Save Apache Trail

    Last time I was down around the school the road was pretty bad and washed out. Would be tough to get a horse trailer back there after it flooded, but that was probably 2 years ago
  5. Tanner W

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Pretty shitty website on mobile with the double scroll
  6. Tanner W

    Help Save Apache Trail

    https://azdot.gov/adot-news/adot-closes-sr-88-roosevelt-dam-apache-lake-marina?fbclid=IwAR1AeEUbSBin1Q_eM21vZugai5g5cQ0E00WxJbdW1n-CSFxJ7i0TKEkRoyQ more closures
  7. Tanner W

    Winchester 94 pre-64 30-30

    Is this still available ?
  8. Tanner W

    Tags in mail

    Got mine today ..
  9. Tanner W

    Valley Soaking

    Sky’s dark
  10. Tanner W

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Yeah captain Tony’s down in the marina cooked some up one night
  11. Tanner W

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    We were down in cabo last week. No big ones but, This is about half of the tuna we caught, and 2 smaller Marlin. We did some sashimi right on the boat too.
  12. Tanner W

    Mexico in December

    Nice buck! Do the Dec. tags typically cost less?
  13. Tanner W

    Green Chili Shank Recipe?

    I’ll have to ask the Lady for her recipe, but here’s some green chili she made with one of my coues roasts
  14. Tanner W

    What binoculars to buy

    After getting use to the quality of your new swaros you will find yourself using lower tiered glass less. I have Swarovski 15s and Viper 10s and the vipers really start to bug me after glassing with the SLCs all day.. But if you’re not that particular, I’d say the Vipers are a good value for your price range.