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  1. Is that a clamp on brake or did you have the barrel threaded?
  2. Tanner W

    Wtb tall Outdoorsman binocular adapter

    Ross outdoors carry’s them as well. Call to make sure they have a tall one in stock
  3. Tanner W

    Marsupial gear spotting scope case

    I have one I’ll sell you for the same price!
  4. Tanner W


    I’ll take the pig saddle and vortex tripod
  5. Tanner W

    Athlon ares 15-45x65 straight spotter

    Sold Scope to tomkat12 marsupial case still for sale $75
  6. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Oops, sorry for incorrect info. I must of mis-read an article, looks like it’s still closed at the fish creek look out with the big gate
  7. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    sucks Apache trail is closed at tortilla flat now!
  8. only selling because I prefer my 15s and never use this. Like new condition, it has always had the stay in case on it also comes with original box and I’ll throw in the adapter for phoneskope. SOLD I also have a coyote brown marsupial small/medium straight spotting scope case for sale $75
  9. Tanner W

    2021 Rut Activity

    They were talking in 27 this past weekend, until Someone started ripping bugles from their truck up and down the road
  10. Tanner W

    San Carlos Mx

    +1 for Fernando, catch 22
  11. Tanner W

    Elk identifies as a Ram!

    He was growing a zucchini lol
  12. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    You can check here for water reports on the AZT https://aztwaterreport.org/
  13. Tanner W

    Superstition Backpack Hunt

    Pack some water in and cache it as training 😁 then you won’t be so tied to the ranch or that nasty trail lol