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  1. drcarr

    7mm-08 ammo for sale

    "Donkey Man" is a newbie and has probably never heard about "Lark"....
  2. https://nypost.com/2021/11/17/alec-baldwin-intentionally-fired-deadly-shot-on-rust-film-set-suit/?utm_source=email_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  3. drcarr

    Help me decide which 1911?

    I won my choice of either a "Rock Island Arms" 1911 .45acp or a "Tisas" 1911 .45acp...the "RIA" is made in the Philippines and the "Tisas" is made in Turkey ...both guns are reportedly in new, unfired condition and each is the lowest, entry level model that the manufacturer makes ...Understandably, neither gun would be my 1st choice for EDC...however for a $40 investment I'm doing pretty good...thanks for your assistance....... Don
  4. drcarr

    Help me decide which 1911?

    Thanks for the replies...I settled on the Rock Island Arms...The fit and finish of my gun isn't bad... We'll see how it shoots soon enough....... Don
  5. drcarr

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    Always research information before making a decision or drawing a conclusion.... Arizona has a "Castle Doctrine" law with a "Stand your Ground" clause. This law can be viewed below. 13-418. Justification; use of force in defense of residential structure or occupied vehicles; definitions A. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a person is justified in threatening to use or using physical force or deadly physical force against another person if the person reasonably believes himself or another person to be in imminent peril of death or serious physical injury and the person against whom the physical force or deadly physical force is threatened or used was in the process of unlawfully or forcefully entering, or had unlawfully or forcefully entered, a residential structure or occupied vehicle, or had removed or was attempting to remove another person against the other person's will from the residential structure or occupied vehicle. B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force pursuant to this section. C. For the purposes of this section: 1. "Residential structure" has the same meaning prescribed in section 13-1501. 2. "Vehicle" means a conveyance of any kind, whether or not motorized, that is designed to transport persons or property.
  6. drcarr


    Would have bought this one but I just picked up a nice Davidsons double barrel 410ga...someone got a good deal today.....
  7. drcarr

    Stolen elk euro

    Could you add any more particulars to this story? Any suspects? What city? I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for any information... Hate thieves‼️
  8. drcarr

    Bear Grizzly Recurve

    As a young teenager I was as able to arrow several Javelinas and Muledeer with a Bear Grizzly recurve bow...mostly used Bear Razorheads or Wasp 6-blade broadheads...That was back in the early 1970's when you could hunt any deer in December with OTC tags...We were still only allowed one deer per year but it was nice if you didn't bag that big Coues during the rifle hunts...sure miss those days 🙂
  9. drcarr

    Wts savage 17 wsm

    If you read this to the end it tells you how the 25gr bullet should work at 200 yrds: https://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/gun-shots/2013/01/worlds-fastest-rimfire/
  10. drcarr

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    What scope/rifle/caliber setup are you using for your Coues hunting?
  11. drcarr

    Thompson Center Contender Rifle SS in .223 - SOLD

    What does it weigh?
  12. drcarr

    Burris Signature 8x42 Binos-Price Drop

    An FYI that these Burris "Signature" binoculars are a great bang for your buck...I've got the Burris "Signature" 12x50mm binoculars and find that I'm able to glass for many hours at a time without experiencing eyestrain or fatigue...the glass clarity readily exceeds the Leupold BX-4 HD line of binoculars...At this asking price the binoculars are worth every penny and then some....GLWS
  13. drcarr

    Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler

    I've got the 28 footer 2012 version of your Toy Hauler... Asking price?
  14. drcarr

    Iso. 300. wsm ammo.

    Where are you located? I'm in Tucson and could spare a couple boxes.......
  15. drcarr

    .410 shotgun ammo bundle

    There's no pics in your ad.....
  16. drcarr

    2021 Wyoming Antelope

    Quick kills are good but hard hunts make for the best memories.......
  17. drcarr

    First Chambering?

    My 1st deer rifle was a Remington model 742 chambered in 30-06 Springfield...It was a Christmas gift from my parents given to me way back in 1970...That gun was a close copy to my father's own Remington model 740 which he got from Mom as a Christmas gift in 1968...over the years that model 742 has taken many game animals from rabbits to elk... Now while that rifle mostly sits in the safe, alongside my father's model 740, it does occasionally get carried in the woods depending upon what's being hunted......
  18. drcarr

    Swarovski Balance Rail

    This is pretty much a necessity if you're running the 115mm objective lens... would probably be useful with the 95mm...very good price too...GLWTS
  19. drcarr

    Leupold Vx5hd 3-15x44 Firedot $550

    That is a very good price for this scope...I've bought 3 of them and all were priced roughly $300.00 higher than this one...GLWTS
  20. drcarr

    Mossberg 500 c 20 gauge

    I think your asking price for this gun is very fair... with me being in Tucson you're just a bit far for me to drive......
  21. drcarr

    WTB Small .22 rifle

    Just an FYI for some of the newer members...on this site for many, many years when a person started a thread seeking a particular item for sale they've always been given the 1st right of refusal on any response to their thread...it's a very simple, respectful way of doing business that has long been practiced on this site...I doubt that I'm the only one who doesn't want to see that way of doing business on this site changed.......
  22. drcarr

    Mossberg 500 c 20 gauge

    Where are you located?
  23. drcarr

    Federal 5.7x28

    Wow at somewhere between $50 and $100 per 50 round box I'm tempted to sell off some of the approx. 3000 rounds in my stash... unfortunately that kind of behavior could quickly turn my FN Five-seveN and FN PS90 into pricy paperweights.... 😕...someone please by these before I can no longer resist and get accused of hoarding....😎
  24. drcarr

    Several Firearms

    Some good pieces of equipment here for really decent prices...my problem is I'd have to buy a 6th safe if I bought anything else...lol