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  1. Hey there folks, I drew an any antlered tag in unit 21 NM this year. Not looking for any honey holes, rather, what caliber bucks would be realistic seeing in this unit? Both Coues or Mule. Thanks Donkeyman
  2. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico Unit 21 tag

    Sorry to hear that get well soon!
  3. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    The out of staters?
  4. Located in Phoenix Metro.. Retails for $2000, First $1700 gets it. Thanks Donkeyman
  5. Hello, I would like the groups input on the best COUES outfitter in New Mexico for 2022. Thank you in advance and happy holidays! Donkeyman
  6. DonkeyMan

    Looking for the best COUES Outfitter in New Mexico

    Thanks. Do you have a phone number or website?
  7. DonkeyMan

    Leupold VX5HD 4-20x52 TMOA

    Brand new in box. Great glass. $1450 firm cash. These retail for $1800 plus. Located in the Phoenix metro willing to meet up to a reasonable distance. Thanks!
  8. DonkeyMan

    2021 NM coues buck

    agree 90 Plus
  9. Long time Coues hunter first timer on the Rez.. anyone out there with experience on these hunts care to share some tips, tricks, advice ? thanks donkeyman
  10. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    How did your hunt go?
  11. DonkeyMan

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    How'd your hunt go?
  12. DonkeyMan

    2021 NM coues buck

    Great buck! Whats he score?
  13. Like new, Mil Reticle EBR-7C First reasonable offer gets it Thanks DonkeyMan
  14. DonkeyMan

    Sooo I drew the 2022 San Carlos Christmas tag..

    Thanks B last week december
  15. Hello, $1700 shipped OBO. Message for details. Brand new sealed box. Thanks Donkeyman
  16. DonkeyMan

    For SALE: Leupold VX6HD 3x18x44 TMOA NIB

    Still available
  17. .257 cal 115 Gr Berger VLD. 10 boxes of 100 each. $55 per box plus actual shipping or $500 for the entire lot. .308 cal 168 Gr Sierra Tipped MK 10 boxes of 100 each. $45 per box plus actual shipping or $400 for the entire lot Thanks Donkeyman
  18. DonkeyMan

    Bullets/ Projectiles for sale .308 and .257

    Hey there sir I do, I have 3 boxes of 100 each left. I live up by cave creek and carefree area. shoot me a message please
  19. DonkeyMan

    6.5 mm bullets for sale

    Multiple boxes available of the following Hornady Match 140 gr BTHP 100 ct $40 plus shipping Hornady ELD match 147 gr BTHP 100 ct $40 plus actual shipping Nosler custom competition 140 gr BTHP 250 ct $120 plus shippong Barnes 127 gr LRX 50 ct $45 per box plus shipping Barnes Match burners 140 gr 500 ct Box $190 plus shipping Message me with questions or for bulk deals Thanks Donkeyman