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    I've tried both and Magview is better hands down. I have the Magview adapter on my 15s and it fits perfect.
  2. k-rub

    Desert Bighorn sheep full cape for sale

    Thanks Elkman. Yes to being a veteran. I like euros the best, especially this ram with the red horns will look killer with a euro. If I end up not selling the cape I may do a mount with replica horns.
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    Score help

    Looks like 150ish
  4. k-rub

    Desert Bighorn sheep full cape for sale

    Thanks fellers! I posted the whole story right here:
  5. k-rub

    Cabeza Sheep

    I figured I'd share the story of how it went down. It was pretty amazing. I had the opportunity to hunt desert bighorn sheep in the Cabeza Prieta wilderness of AZ. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The Cabeza is rugged, austere and dangerously beautiful. The only thing that really exists out there are the iconic desert bighorn. This story is filled so many nuanced connections between amazing people. From the moment the original hunter decided to donate the tag to me because he got Covid the hunt was meant to be. People that I didn't know I came from everywhere to help me make this a reality. I literally could not have done this without them. And for that I am forever grateful. When I hunt, I'm not the person who is always chasing antler length. I always have "the quality of the hunt" in mind. It's about the experience. This experience was among the best. In previous years of hunting I've had hard earned lessons, I've beat my body up and I've learned to deal with the frustration of failure often. On this hunt everything went perfectly. It culminated when I was able to harvest this 10yr old beat up and broken warrior at 220yds off the desert floor. I had prepared myself to climb on my hands and knees up these steep 1000' cliffs to make it happen. Instead it all happened at the bottom. I'm still in disbelief. The original hunter had 29 year's worth of bonus point for sheep in AZ. I've only been hunting for 4 years so I assumed I'd never hunt sheep. 2 days before the hunt he gets covid and donates his tag to me through Outdoor Experience For All. I was floored and quickly accepted only to find out that 46b west is a wilderness walk in unit. I called the preserve and they granted me access to drive in because of my prosthetic legs. I got out to the area a week after opening with some great dudes helping me. We glassed and saw some good rams over the next few days. On the 4th day we went deep into the unit and spooked3 rams that winded us when we got to the glassing knob. The rams went up a mountain and were not huntable for me. We backed out and drove a ways to a valley to glass. We glassed up those same rams a long ways a way from where they originally were. They ran up a mountain and down the other side then ran over 2 miles across the desert floor to a whole new mountain range. They were laying at the bottom in the sand when we saw them. I made a mile long stalk in to 220yds. Wind was perfect and we dropped into a wash bottom to cover movement. When I got there we couldn't see the big one but the second biggest one was in sight. I was considering taking that ram because he was pretty good but a little younger. Then the bigger on stepped into sight and I was able to take him 20" off the bottom of the desert floor. It was absolutely amazing.
  6. k-rub

    Cabeza Sheep

    All good man no issue on my part.
  7. ***SOLD*** I just harvested an awesome desert bighorn in the Cabeza Prieta. I'm doing a euro mount so I have the full sheep cape for sale. 10yr old ram, 15.25" bases. Let me know if interested, I am pricing this to sell quickly.
  8. I just harvested an awesome desert bighorn in the Cabeza Prieta. I'm doing a euro mount so I have the full sheep cape for sale. 10yr old ram, 15.25" bases. Let me know if interested. IMG_1518.heic
  9. k-rub

    Cabeza Sheep

    Thanks fellers. It was a heck of a hunt and I'm dang lucky to have been able to pull it off. It wouldn't have been possible to do without so many great people helping me.
  10. Same staff. Same location. Should be business as usual with a focus on archery growth in Tucson.
  11. Hey everybody, I'm finally able to announce that I'm starting an archery shop in Tucson. I ended up acquiring Bull Basin Tucson and as of 15Nov it will be renamed to Stick Sniper Archery. Come check it out sometime if you are in the area. We are on Instagram and Facebook as Stick Sniper Archery. Our long term mission is to grow the archery community in southern AZ. Below is an intro video about us. https://vimeo.com/640596023