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  1. cramerhunts

    more San Carlos elk sheds...

    Great finds and looks like you had quite a load to pack out!
  2. cramerhunts

    Picacho Peak Elk

    I have jumped a cow and calf on numerous occasions down by Willcox when hunting pigs with my bow, so they can live and survive the desert.
  3. cramerhunts

    Private land owner closes Arivipa Canyon

    I have to agree with you on that one Keith, and it will open back up a great canyon road too. Talk about killing two with one stone!
  4. cramerhunts

    ADA banquet

    Thanks Amanda I just sent you an e-mail. My wife and I sure am looking foward to it.
  5. cramerhunts

    ADA banquet

    Amanda, I am moving to Phoenix the weekend before the banquet and I am pretty sure that I would be able to go and my wife would like to also. How do we proceed from here and what time would the banquet be?
  6. cramerhunts

    Trailcam pictures

    Those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.
  7. You can count me in on this and I have a lot of people in my company who will sign as well...check your pm.
  8. cramerhunts

    Which Brand and Model to Buy

    Everyone has already said it but I will say it again...shoot as many as you can and pick the one that fits you the best (price and physically). I now shoot a BowTech Liberty and love it...quiet, smooth, and it just fits right. I have shot PSE for eight years with no complaint but I won't go back because shooting has never been so fun as it is with my new bow. Once you shoot the bow that is right for you...you will know it!
  9. cramerhunts

    coues deer on the san pedro

    I have spent some time chasing them around with my bow on the river and have seen some really impressive bucks there. My in-laws live on the river above Pomerene and have seen quite a few moving through the trees. Really thick brush though.
  10. cramerhunts

    Nice First Buck

    Congrats on a beautiful deer, and that sure looks like SE Arizona!
  11. cramerhunts

    Fun CouesWhitetail.com video

    Wonderful! Great Job! Thanks for the video and for giving us this wonderful web-site.
  12. cramerhunts


    I shoot the Gold Tip 5575 as well and am very happy with them, only had one break and that was while it was stuck in a bull elk...still did the job and it was a very clean break. I think the value is outstanding.
  13. cramerhunts


    I have used the Winn Free Flight with velcro for eight years and sware by it, I have even converted some of the Scott shooters to it. Just another option.
  14. Where are you looking at going? It is good that you like to hike but remember that a lot of your time is spent glassing for the little guys. I killed a buck in Jan. with my bow so I am out of the draw and planning on hunting hard this coming Jan.
  15. cramerhunts


    I was camping this weekend in unit 32 and spotted two nice bucks that still had their horns but then found a small two point shed from this year, so they are just starting to drop in that area.