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  1. cramerhunts

    Two Cows Down

    Very cool, congratulations to them!
  2. I love seeing and reading of the success and learning opportunities of the youth hunts. I'm fortunate to be still sharing in my daughter's and look forward to them more than any other hunt of the year!
  3. cramerhunts

    Successful youth hunt- Unit 22

    Right on. Big congratulations to both of the boys on some mighty fine bucks. Got to love some redemption! Way to go fellas.
  4. cramerhunts

    Hershey Surprise

    The bear whisperer strikes again. Great job and congratulations on keeping the streak alive.
  5. cramerhunts

    Happy Birthday DUG!

    Happy birthday DUG, hope you are having a great day!!!
  6. cramerhunts

    My son’s 2017 jr. hunt

    Congratulations to him on a nice buck. Sounds like a good time with some hefty hikes.
  7. cramerhunts

    Clara's Mulie

    Some great times right there and what a buck! Big congratulations to her.
  8. cramerhunts

    NWTF Calendar Raffle

    PM Coming.
  9. Congratulations to him on a great buck! Way to go.
  10. cramerhunts

    Nephew's First Bucks

    Not sure it gets any better than that. Awesome uncle award goes to you. Congratulations to them on some dang nice bucks!
  11. cramerhunts


    That is one gorgeous bull! Congratulations to hunter and guide. Great work.
  12. cramerhunts

    36A Muzzy Success

    Congratulations on a nice buck with the smoke pole.
  13. cramerhunts

    Youth success is the best of all

    Sounds like that was a very cool adventure. Congratulations to you guys!
  14. cramerhunts

    Another 23 success story

    Congratulations to Tyler on a "toad" of a coues buck! You guys did awesome. I was super happy for you all when I got the pictures. You and J are doing great raising some dang fine young men. Just doesn't get any better.
  15. cramerhunts

    One of the best birthday weekend with the Shorties

    Congratulations to you all. Sounds and looks like a blast! Way to go and beautiful buck.
  16. cramerhunts

    New Big Bull pics

    Another batch of great pictures and some super bulls! I know the amount of time, effort, gas, miles, and money that it takes to get pics of these studs and I thank you for sharing them!
  17. cramerhunts

    Youth elk down

    Glad it all worked out for the best! Congratulations to him.
  18. cramerhunts

    Son got it done opening morning.

    Awesome! Those steaks look really good. Congratulations to him!
  19. cramerhunts

    Bear hunt success

    Nice job on the bear, congratulations!
  20. cramerhunts

    First Elk (Vid added)

    Great job! Congratulations to him.
  21. cramerhunts

    First Bear

    Congratulations again on a great bear man! That's just too cool.
  22. cramerhunts

    Squirrel Fun

    Nice, good times right there.
  23. cramerhunts

    Happy BirthDay Bigorange

    Happy birthday!
  24. cramerhunts

    Little Girl First Time Kaibab Doe

    Great write up and pictures. I love it! Congratulations!
  25. Great job on the fuzzy tailed friends and prayers sent for a speedy but also full recovery of the toe.