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    Firewood 22 North 22 South 23 North

    So convient for guys camping off the control road right off the 260 outside of Tonto Village. Guys could come by and load up their side by sides. So text for contact info and location? This weekend is going to be cold and wet...access to dry firewood priceless.
  2. Have a friend from Australia, that has the B coues deer tag for Nov 17th thru the 25th... I am indeed shamelessly E Scounting... anyone willing to share some starting points/areas would be greatly appreciated... I am a fulltime resident of Payson and we do well on filling elk tags in 22.... so that said, I would be willing to share starting points in 22 for any feedback you have for unit B, Thank you...
  3. Bump this back around to get you guys thinking about it for payday
  4. As luck would have it I figured out how to deleted a post this evening 😁. So that said my M1 made in September 1942 at Springfield Armory is still for sale with 400 rounds of M-2 ammo.. I bounce between Payson and Buckeye so delivery is also an option if you are established on here ... price is $1100... Please PM with interest, Thank you JLG.
  5. Thanks IA...in a case of irony, my wife's maiden name was Born and I have a nephew in Flagstaff, with the same last name as well...
  6. Win71, honestly I am a huge WW2 buff, so I know alot about the war and the time frames from beginning to end... so your answer was uncalled for, you don't know me and you don't now what I know about our countries past or my deep and abiding love for that generation and their tenacity and sacrafice... IA Born's answered my question, it was personal in nature for him, the same reason I acquired the Garand in the first place, the hours, days and weeks I have spent watching WW2 movies and documentaries are endless... I really am the wrong guy to be giving a history lesson too in this case... sometimes thinking first and checking yourself before commenting is the best course of action... IA Born thank you for responding to my question...
  7. What makes a 42 Springfield special, Thanks....
  8. Weekend Bump, grab it on Friday while you still have cash before you pay your bills, bills will always be there, Garands, hmmmm.....
  9. JLG

    Wielded steel bar

    Weekend bump for all you guys that like to drink adult beverages out by the pool and want a man's bar
  10. JLG

    Wielded steel bar

    This is a cool piece, I wire brushed it with a drill and than used a dremel on the parts i couldn't reach with the wire wheel,to get the rust and old paint off... I have it completely primered now....I will put it up for sale as is for $300, if I do all the detail painting I am planning the price will go up... it's really cool and unique, has cactus and lizards ornately included through out the piece... to build this the time invested would be immense...This is located in Payson... don't think I can get it to the Valley in my Van 😁 PM with interest.
  11. JLG

    Wielded steel bar

    I know we have more than one or two folks that like to sip adult beverages on the patio, be the envy of your friends, this will strike up conversation
  12. They definately give you the feeling that if you run out of ammo you can bash the skulls of your enemy until you get more rounds..a robust gun it is...they are alot of fun to shoot and it's fun to listen to the ping of the enbloc as it ejects from the gun... a true piece of American Military history... I did briefly entertain setting it up to deer or elk hunt with, make an awesome story, on par with using your great great grandfather's 45-70 or 1894 Winchester Saddle gun for a hunt for nostalgia or reverance to those who have gone before us...
  13. Hi have Springfield Amory M1 Garand, serial number on the receiver, puts it as a September 1942 manufacture..... outside of that can't give anything more on its history... have had it about 7 or 8 years and have only shot it a few times... wanted one as a kid growing up watching all the WW2 movies.... the Garand with the Ammo is $1100, PM with interest... Take Care JLG.... On a side note I bounce between Buckeye and Payson so delievery is not out of the question as an option if you have been on here for a while and have established yourself.. let me know in a PM where you are located and I can decide from there....
  14. JLG

    Rescinded 😊

    It's actually loaded specificly to M1 Garand specs.. not to say it wouldn't shoot in other 30-06's.. if I shot your Core Lokt's in my M1 one I would run a pretty good chance of damaging my operating rod in the gas system on the Garand.... the commercial stuff tends to run a bit hotter than this particular Military surplus...
  15. JLG

    Rescinded 😊

  16. JLG

    Rescinded 😊

  17. This is a georgous work, with several different artistic slants all designed to catch the attention of the outdoorsman or Lovers of Western or Native American Themed Art... This is a Hand Painted Cow Skull with a Native American Chief wearing a Headdress....The horns on the skull are adorned with leather straps, beads and Merriams Turkey feathers... also included is a well used and retired Lasso, with a beautiful beaded Dreamcatcher with a center Medallion in the middle... $400 Is the asking price, PM with interest, Thank you...
  18. JLG

    Nephew WTB bow wanted

    Gal in Payson on one of the online yardsale sites has a bow for $150. payson online yardsales...