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  1. justinspe25

    Shot a buck

    Nice looking buck! Congrats
  2. justinspe25

    AZGFD Portal Problems

    I noticed my BPs were not on my application info. I hope that is not really how the app was entered into the system cause we should have 3 group points. My points show in the dashboard thing though.
  3. justinspe25

    2017 rifle coues biggest buck to date

    Great looking bucks, congrats to both of you!
  4. justinspe25

    Double Down!

    Good stuff right there! Congrats to your daughter and son inlaw!
  5. justinspe25

    Brothers 175 inch buck

    Great buck congrats!!
  6. justinspe25

    Two girls and 12A East

  7. justinspe25

    Tough hunt but!!!

    Cool combo there, congrats!
  8. justinspe25

    One of the best birthday weekend with the Shorties

    Very cool, congrats to you and daughter. I am taking two of my kids out this year, should be fun!
  9. justinspe25

    Opening day Success

    Good choice!! Congrats to your dad!
  10. justinspe25

    Nephew’s Muley Buck

    Great buck congrats!
  11. justinspe25

    Bubba's last Jr hunt

    Congrats, great buck!
  12. justinspe25

    NIB Weatherby Vanguard .270 Lower PRICE $475.00 "SOLD"

    Hello, I am interested. Pm on its way.
  13. justinspe25

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    Awesome bull congrats!
  14. justinspe25

    unit 1 bull

    Great story! Congrats on your bull. I wish my wife would come out hunting with me...lucky man!
  15. justinspe25

    Early Rifle Success

    Great bull congrats!
  16. justinspe25

    Bull down help appreciated

  17. justinspe25

    Card Hits

    Mine got hit today!
  18. White with black wheels looks good!
  19. justinspe25

    2016 Desert Ram

    Congrats on a great looking ram!
  20. justinspe25

    Antler Handle Knife

    Hello, I have been looking for a kit to make a antler handle knife for my son who found a shed. I can't find any, i checked online, sportmans etc. Maybe they don't exist and I just have to wing it!!! Anyone know of such a thing? I have watched some youtube vids, but most of those guys are complete custom and I don't have alot tools they have. I am looking for something that has the blade and, glue or accessories etc and I just have to cut the antler and assemble. Thanks for the input!
  21. justinspe25

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Not drawn, the points don't seem right to me after. I had 1 loyal, 1 HE point before and now it says i have 2 indivdual points...it should be 3 now right?
  22. justinspe25

    "Worst Pig Hunters in Arizona" Break Through

    Great job! Congrats! My boy got one last fall on his 2nd trip and it was a great time!!!
  23. justinspe25

    Not one dam elk

    I hear you wildwoody! We just got done in 22N and saw nice bulls too far away. We heard alot of shooting around us too so I guess it was the right place at the right time kind of thing. However we did see elk everyday so that was nice!
  24. justinspe25

    thanksgiving buck

    Great buck, congrats!
  25. justinspe25

    22N December Bull?

    Congrats to you and your son! Sounds like a fun time.