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  1. Beto

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

    I guess 109 3/8 Saludos Beto T.
  2. Beto

    Guess the score contest - April 2011

    My guess is 134 2/8... Saludos Beto T.
  3. Beto

    Guess a Double! - WINNERS POSTED

    My guess is 198 2/8... Saludos Beto T.
  4. Here are some other pictures of bobcats with deer around, on these pictures the bobcats look much smaller then the first picture I posted... Here are two pictures of mountain lions from a couple of months ago: Saludos Beto T.
  5. Here is a pictures I´d like to share with you guys... On early july I started getting pictures of bobcats and mule deer together in the same shot, I was amazed to see they could share water together, as the weeks went by I got this picture. To me and a couple of people I have shown it to, say it is indeed a small mountain lion, what do you think?... Saludos Beto T. This pictures were taken before the rain, so water was very scarce
  6. Beto

    Guess the Score Contest!

    111 6/8, saludos Beto T.
  7. Beto

    2010 Sonoran Coues....

    Hello everyone, here is a picture of the buck Ricardo was talking about, although it was taken a few years back, the area keeps producing great deer… Since we have hunters coming to the ranch every year, every now and then is when I get to hunt the ranch myself, last time I got to hunt it was 5 years ago, this year we did not have any hunters coming in and that is when I asked Ricardo to tag along… The rest of the story as told by Ricardo turned out to be a great weekend; I spent every weekend of the hunting season at the ranch looking, scouting and setting up trail cameras, all the homework paid of at the end. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, sorry about the quality, they were scanned from the prints, the deer has 13 scorable points, and was scored at 137 1/8 Beto T.
  8. Beto

    Guess the Score Contest - Jan 2010

    128 4/8" Saludos Beto T.
  9. Beto

    Guess the Score - Sept 09

    118 3/8, saludos Beto T.
  10. Here are a couple of pictures of a trail camera taken at my ranch near Hermosillo, Sonora. I downloaded them back in August but never took a close look at the until a couple of days ago and I realize what I had... Saludos Beto T. Take a close look
  11. Beto

    July 2007 Guess the Score Contest

    I guess 116 2/8"