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  1. THOR

    Auction/Raffle Tags

    Was that the auction tag from last year and the year was coming to an end? Stud bull!!!
  2. THOR

    Lets see your best

    Nets 132. He broke off an 8"G2 and a drop tine on his right side. Would have been pushing 150.Could you post a little history about the buck? The hunt. Was it for that buck? Knowing he had a drop tine I assume your dad knee about him?The buck was killed back in the late 80s on a December bunt in 32. He did not know of that buck specifically but he knew the area and the genetics that were in there. We know there was a drop tine because there is a busted tine coming off the back of main beam,assuming it droppped down, as well as a the G2 which was about 3" thick at the base.
  3. THOR

    Lets see your best

    Nets 132. He broke off an 8"G2 and a drop tine on his right side. Would have been pushing 150.
  4. THOR

    Lets see your best

    My best My dad's top three ALL FROM ARIZONA
  5. We are going to start in 45 it is open from 10/15-10/31. After that there are many units open that we want to hit around the central and SW part of the state (40-44,36A&B,????). If we haven't killed yet we will hit 54&57 late 11/15-11/31. We are going to stay mobile. We can't wait it's going to be fun. Hopefully not just one and done but not going to complain if a toad steps out
  6. Thank you! We are starting to narrow down the units to start scouting and most of the units are between Idaho Falls and Oregon that we are interested in. Probably stay about that latitude across the state and south to the border, except for going up to check out around Challis.
  7. We are 90% of the time Coues hunters but my dad got lucky and won this raffle (holy crap) so why not. Who doesn't love a big old Rocky Mountain Mule Deer!!?? It's going to be a blast and a change of scenery. This tag lets you hunt any open season in the state of Idaho for 2017. Just curious if anyone on here has hunted Idaho and if you could have any tag in the state what would it be? Good luck on the draw here in AZ!!
  8. THOR

    2016 Sheep reports

    Can you send me the report please. mark.thorsrud@gmail.com thank you
  9. THOR

    Target Panic Cure?

    I have a litte something written I ust printed it out and taped it to the back of my limb It takes your mind off the rush and slows things down for me. BREATH DRAWAW SLOW TOUCH YOUR NOSE (ANCJHOR) BREATH PIC SPOT BREATH FOLLOW THREW WATCH HIM DROP it worked for me on a nice 350 bull that was screaming at me all the way in. Maybe it will help someone too.
  10. THOR

    2015 sheep season

    Congratulations on a heck of a ram. That's cool you got a pic of him back in november.
  11. THOR

    2015 sheep season

    Which unit did you draw?
  12. THOR

    What would you do . . .

    23N or 23s archery or 4b
  13. I would keep trying for the tags because you keep your bonus point if you buy a left over tag
  14. THOR


    I Shoot the Fusion 3" I like how stiff they are. I used to shoot the Blazers but if you shoot a fast bow they whistle really bad down range and if I can hear it you know a deer can and they will jump the string at that distanve. I have had friends shoot them both by me from that distance ( I trust them) the fusion you cant hear. just IMO