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    Coueswhitetail Elk Pull

    Is this some new redneck sport like a tractor pull????? Good job on the elk though
  2. gauchoand

    My New Elk Rifle

    http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=rife...=rifle%20recoil This is just the flat out funniest thing I ever saw.
  3. gauchoand

    Just got my first tag ever!

    Hey these guys are giving some good advice the only thing I can add is that glassing is a skill that takes time to develop. Before you know it no sooner then you put the glasses in front of your face there is going to be something there. Take the time and glass slow and in a pattern so you don't misss something. Pay attention to trees they dissappear pretty easy in there sometimes. Deer can blend in way better than you think just don't give up on an area after a few minutes glassing when your still new to it. You will learn what to watch for.
  4. gauchoand

    Good Read

    I would just like to express the fact that affirmative action at its core is racism. The whole civil rights movement called for equal rights no matter the color. But it is racism to reject better qualified people because of their color. Well I guess affirmative action excludes white people i better had read the fine print. Affirmative action is not equal chance. When a black student is 8-12 times more likely to be admitted into law school at our fine institutions here in Az than a white person (ASU and UofA) There is something wrong. Ever been at the hospital and been worked on by a black docotr and wondered gee was he admitted on affirmative action. Scary HUh? There could have been hundreds of better qualified students out there but this guy in front of you could be there cause he was black not the most qualified. Who would you want working on you. Is it right? No, but the government thinks so. I don't care what color you are you work hard you should reap the benefits not skip by on a free pass. Oh i could go on for days......
  5. gauchoand


    Thats hilarious but the wife and mother in law don't understand it. I guess that don't understand why they attacked the USA I mean "We didn't do anything to THEM"
  6. $ 425. I all ready pointed that out earlier, but you get an A for math, but your spelling really needs improvement . Like the humor though . Bob I guess i get and F in eye sight my bad thanks for making me look stupid and here I was thinking I was being the wise guy.
  7. gauchoand

    Same Sex Marriage

    While I think being gay is wrong and I do support the religious views associated with it as part of my beliefs. I'm just want to see if anyone could ever argue the anti-gay side without bringing religion into the mix. I think that their arguements would be a lot more valid without religion. I'm not going to get into this stupid arguement cause its not worth my time but just a hint to the anti-gays make your point without religion and it might make a difference to someone. Religion doesn't have the effect that it used to and more people will listen without god in the mix. (as sad as that sounds it is true now). So spread your message and convert people to your views without god.....It is kinda gross though that the guy named ben-dover was the one guy on this post saying no on 102.
  8. gauchoand


    Here is a solution instead of eating animals we could eat members of PETA. Or they complain about people hunting.... what about a PETA season. (dibs on not hunting the Rut...cause thats just gross) Next time they complain about animal testing remind them not to go to the doctor cause only the greatest innovations in medical science have come from testing on tasty animals like oh lets see insulin for diabetics. Man I can't stand people like that makes me want to smack them in the face with a steak.
  9. I hate to be the dream crusher but the "WE DESERVE IT" suggestion really doesn't add up let me explain now I only gradumakated frum forth gruade butt 85 billun intwo 200 millun is 425. Yeah thats right 85,000,000,000 into 200,000,000 is only 425 dollars. not 425,000. Lets see what can i really do with that ..... um......fill up my gas tank, go to the movies, or maybe buy a gun to shoot the CEO of AIG. Even if you applied that logic to the 700billion bailout we would only be getting 3500dollars each. That sounds a little better but I guess who cares cause that didn't happen anyways. So although it would have been nice to have 425 dollars would have been nice it doesn't do a whole lot for anything. A real solution has got to be found so November lets instead of voting for McNothing or that Muslim guy write in someone who can solve all our problems Mitt Romney that guy has financial know how... plus he can raise his arms high enough to wave at you.
  10. gauchoand

    Anyone seen Wild burros

    So I'm taking a lot of classes out at ASU east and they have a pretty good wildlife management program. Anyways we got to talking about wild burros and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen wild burros. My teacher mentioned that there were tons of them a while back and they would just let you off them whenever you could. So anyone seen any around? Where at? Any pictures? Now supposedly they are a protected species so you cant shoot them. Let me know cause i want to see these things first hand. Thanks
  11. Hi I hope you found good homes for those puppies. I just barely came across this. I saw that flier there and just wanted to post this comment I work in a Vets office and have a dad who is a vet and a brother in school. One thing I picked up is to never advertise a free puppy. There are too many people who will come take them and use them for bait here in the valley for training Pit Bulls. Its really pretty messed up that it happens and I have seen first hand what can happen to them. I'm not trying to critize at all. Take it for what its worth advertise for 50 bucks and give them away when they come look at them. Like I said I hope they all have good homes if they do just pass the info along to the next guy you see.
  12. gauchoand

    cross bow

    On page 94 of the hunting regulations it shows that you can use crossbow during the general deer and muzzleloader seasons not archery. Theres probably some exceptions too but I don't know them. Just sharing what little I know.
  13. gauchoand

    Saw some deer today

    Nice Pictures like the hawk flying looks like a nice area.
  14. gauchoand


    Just remember that you can get the dog vaccinated for rattlesnake venom.
  15. gauchoand

    My New Elk Rifle

    I researched this video a bit the round they are actually shooting from what i can tell is a .700 nitro express, google it on pics to see what it is all about. That thing is amazing i think after shooting that you will probably be able to clap with your shoulder blades...The second guy shooting the Arab guy thats to funny it knocked his hat off hahahaha after seeing that i'll have to change my shorts.
  16. gauchoand

    What do you think this might be?

    yeah i'm for bigfoot but i think hes trying to moon the camera
  17. gauchoand

    Jumping the string

    Alright I'm gonna go science garbage on you so if you don't want to read on stop now. A bow shooting 285 fps is gonna take .63 second to send an arrow 60 yards away. the speed of sound is 1140fps taking the sound of the bow 0.16 seconds to get there doing the math the arrow is .47 seconds behind the sound (less than half a second) The average human reaction time is about .2 seconds I guess a deer aware or not aware is going to be able to jump a string easily at that distance. For a human that is still about .3 seconds time remaining. I guess if you speed up a bow and move in closer then you improve the odds of not getting jumped but at that distance I wouldn't blame it on a buck being more aware. If he smells or senses something funny I think your gonna know it.
  18. gauchoand

    Hound pups.

    Bump for a Friends dogs
  19. gauchoand

    Lets hear about your close calls

    Well opening day first archery hunt ever first buck i see is a spike laying down I know a spike for the first archery hunt ever isn't bad for me so i put the stalk on him and come up behind him. I see him stand up but he still hasn't seen me yet and I quickly range him at 43yards. I nock an arrow and try to move a few steps closer cause I'm blocked a bit by a tree... when I see him run off with his fork brother I hadn't seen but who was watchin me the whole time. I followed them to the top of this hill where I never see them again. An hour or two later I'm sitting down watching this really nice 3x walking towards me and he just keeps coming without a care in the world. I mean hes being a bit cautious but not as much as they usually are. I nock an arrow while hes still out there a ways grab my rangefinder and start ranging trees where he might come to so i know exactly where to put the pin. Well he chooses the path that gives him a perfect vantage of where I am at but thanks to camo he never sees me. At this point it hasn't occured to me to stand up til hes about 30 yards away. To late now any movement is gonna jump him so I sit there hoping he walks past me so I can get a better chance. Well, he pauses at 23 yards sensing that something is wrong I'm not even blinking cause I'm afraid to spook him. What happens next there comes a truck down a close by road and he takes off. Usually they don't spook to bad by cars but i think he must have known that some amateur was close by. I followed him a little after he spooked but never got closer than 70 or 80 yds til he finally took off with some cattle. Then to end the day Mark spots some a pair of spikes and a doe up this hill. Even after that 3x i would be statisfied with a spike cause i only have one day left to hunt. So I start up the hill when an unseen doe spots me.... I wait and try to let her calm down cause the other three have no clue whats up. So she finally lets me go after hooting and hollering like they do some times. I know at this point she is too worked up to keep getting any closer so I retreat and walk away and down to a draw coming down the hill where I know they will be in a few minutes and work my way to the top. Sure enough there they come and what happens well there weren't 3 or 4 but 5 deer. 2spikes 2 does and a fork. I see the fork right before he disappears behind a tree 40 yards away he pops his head out before I draw I'm already nocked but to late he sees me and takes off. I turn my attention to the others I draw on a spike but let down before I can get a shot and within 30 seconds they are all gone. zero shots taken zero bucks harvested..... But I'm still trying to come down off the adrenaline of the first archery hunt. I didn't harvest anything but one things for sure I learned ALOT about stalking and hopefully this weekend i'll get another shot.
  20. Wanted to post a description of what we saw the last two days Friday and Saturday: (Unit 3c) 13 Bucks 9 Turkey 1 Lion 1 Fox 1 skunk a ton of Elk no big bulls(sorry) and a handful of Does I couldn't believe all we saw and the two biggest bucks were on the way in 30 minutes before any sort of light and about 8pm on the way back to the cabin. Most bucks (4) were spikes. Although the 2 biggest were a 4x and about a 6x that one was hard to see good. I had the deer tag and my friend the turkey tag no success but lets wait to see what happens season ain't quite over yet. Congrats to those who filled their tags makes me want to go back out.
  21. gauchoand

    Predator Hunting Contest

    I know a lot of people who would love to be in on this you have to remember that all the rules are pretty much going to be on the honor system so make it easy. by Keep the rules simple so its not easy for them to break any rules. Like calls if its no electronic calls whats to stop someone from using their foxpro cause honor goes out the window when $$$ is involved. 2-3 man teams sounds good. Just have people/groups meet up some where friday night, sign up, pay their fees, and then tell them to be back Sunday with "proof" of each kill and each kill is going to be worth one point unless its something real cool like a tiger or something. Makes it easy on those planning it and limits the amount of whining from people who entered
  22. gauchoand

    Not Deer Hunting!

    I'm heading out thursday for 3A/3C. I drew that tag and sure as heck ain't gonna waste it. School starts Monday so this is the best time. Then I'll be out there next Thursday even if i have to miss a few classes the first week of school what can they do fire me. I'm paying them... Anyone one want to give up the location of their holes I'm all ears.
  23. gauchoand

    Anyone Seen This!?!

    All I want to know is who the heck has 19 bonus points? That guy has the worst draw luck of any one I know to not get drawn for 20 years or do after 15 points they throw in a couple extra loyalty points for good measure thats incredible to me I guess I shouldn't get drawn for another fifteen years at that rate. Maybe I should take up another sport like swimming while I'm waiting.... watch out Micheal Phelps here I come. Out of curiosty anyone out there have that many points or anywhere above 12 for that matter?
  24. gauchoand

    Who knew! Pictures....

    Great news everyone going next week on the Archery hunt were huntin the Rut I guess I had better go get some deer estrus scents before I leave Thursday wouldn't want to be the only one out there who forgot it.
  25. gauchoand

    mathews switchback for sale

    Hey i have been shopping around for a bow recently and I was looking at a Swichback looked for ever on ArcheryTalk, ebay anywhere I could think of. I think that you might have better luck selling it on ebay cause those ones there seem to sell for the most especially if your selling all set up like that. Good Luck