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  1. Its all up for sale except the few things listed as free towards the end. I live in Peoria dont want to drive all over for $20 here or there. I offer discount if you buy enough. Pics in following post Airsoft Lot---- includes 4 guns. AK-47 all metal electronic gun select fire. That cost me over 150 a year ago. Used little. A glock pistol. Crossman pump shotgun, Ar15 electronic gun trigger spring broken still shoots. $80 for all have a bottle of BBs and all batteries and charger. Ammo---- SOLD Winchester 300gr JHP Super-X 45-70 two boxes $30 ea Winchester 45gr JHP 22-250 40 rd box 3 boxes $30 ea American Eagle 50gr JHP 22-250 50rd boxes 2 boxes $35 ea Hornady 20gr V-max 17WSM 50 rd box 4boxes $11 ea Winchester 20gr Varmit HE 17wsm 50rd boxes 2 boxes $11 ea Hornady Interlock 6.5mm 129gr SP 100 ct boxes new never opened 4 boxes $22 ea Magazines---- (ALL ONE LOT WILL NOT SEP) 8-1911 mags, 2 Springfield XD 13rd 45acp, 1 XD 12rd 40SW, 1 glock 45acp 13rd, 1 glock 357 15rd, Various others and speedloaders. 10/22 etc. $130 for all of them that should be a great price even if you dont want them all. theres 18 in total + 2 speed loaders AR15 stuff ----- JP LMOS Bolt Carrier Group 556 little use. asking $200 BCM Mod 0 5.56 compensator. $40 Troy Medieval muzzle Brake $25 Smith and Wesson MP barreled upper. 1/9 twist 556 no CH or BCG. $225 SOLD—Calling Lot--- ALL IN ONE lOT only Cass creek Predator electronic call, Mini Phantom Predator electronic Call, Cass Creek external speaker, Johnny Stewart wireless call $35 for all Reloading dies---- RCBS Gold Medal Match Series Bushing Neck sizer Die these are brand new never mounted to press or left box. One in .270 win and one in 30-06 $35 each Other----- NIKON MONARCH 3 10x42 Binos new never left the box. $130 Army field manual $12 Pearce grip extension Springfield XD non 45 $5 1911 smart wrench by rea avid $5 Otis package of various brushes new never opened $5 Blackhawk serpa Glock 223 $15 Highgear Altitech Digital Altimeter and compass $10 5.11 tactical range bag large $30 Free---- Magellan GPS300 Pachmyar Slip on Buttpad 3/4 picatinny rail riser Barrel nut wrench I have a bowl of 30 mauser bullets aprox 70-80 no history on them.
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    Ammo Dump prices reduced

    Clearing out some ammo to get back set up for reloading the new 338 lapua and considering I dont own a 22-250 anymore. Ill be clearing out some gun food. I just went to cabelas and knocked some money off their prices if Im off let me know Im reasonable. 22-250 American Eagle. 50 gr JHP 6x50rd boxes $35ea 22-250 Winchester 45gr JHP 4x40 rd boxes $30 ea 22-250 Winchester Varmint-X 55gr Polymer Tipped 10x20rd boxes $16 17 Winchester Super Mag 20 gr Hornady and Winchester 6x50 rd boxes $11ea 30-06 Federal power shok 180 gr Soft point 5x20 boxes $18ea SOLD 30-06 Federal Fusion 150gr 4x20rd boxes $20ea 270 Win Federal Fusion 130gr 13x20rd boxes $18ea SOLD 30-30 Federal Fusion 170 gr 4x20rd boxes $15ea 6.5 Grendel Wolf WPA 100gr 10x20rd boxes $8ea
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    WTB Once Fired 30-30 Brass

    Sorry no go can’t find any.
  4. gauchoand

    Ammo Dump prices reduced

  5. Barrett Rec 7 complete factory upper in 6.8 spc. Piston gas Brand new BCG and extra brand new op rod. also will include a brand new set of RCBS dies and single brand new ASC mag $900 Smith and Wesson upper Carbine gas 1/9 556 nato $225 no CH or BCG rear sight not included JP enterprises LMOS BCG little use $200 Vortex 2nd gen Strikefire with cantilever mount $115 Troy medieval muzzle brake $25 BCM mod 0 compensator $40 MI rail mount sling point attachment $ 20 free with purchase of upper GGG flashlight mount $ 15 free with a upper purchase Sheep dog dust cover $ free with other purchase GGG rail mount sling point attachment $14 free with upper purchase
  6. gauchoand

    Ammo Dump prices reduced

    Wolf is steel. I wish I could find brass at that price, then I wouldn’t be giving up the Grendel AR also.
  7. Sorry just sold them yesterday afternoon
  8. When are you in Scottsdale next and what’s wrong with the bikes
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    Pick up is in Florence?
  10. gauchoand

    Youth 243

    I was just asking my friend the same thing if finding a 243 for my 9 year old would be a good first rifle. Thanks for backing up my decision.
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    A mutt maybe?
  12. gauchoand

    Taurus Revolver, Crispi Idaho Gtx

    I've dealt with Bryan (camofreak) a couple times great to deal with and all around class act. 👍
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    You didn’t put the make of the rifle. Sounds like a PSA. Am I right? What do I win?
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    New bottom cam
  15. gauchoand


    Multiple Wilton’s, the hay budden anvil, and all the starrett boxes in the pic. This is either a very expensive hobby, your side business, or you’ve got more money then I do. What are you asking for on the anvil? I’m sure I couldn’t afford it.
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    Garage/Closet Clean Out

    I’ll take the ultra day pack pm me please
  17. gauchoand

    Annual Clean out

    Prices dropped
  18. gauchoand

    Annual Clean out

    Up for sale are the following stuff, Im in Peoria can meet as far as Cabelas or Sportsmans Phx. Prices dropped. 3000 Montana Gold 9mm bullets for reloading 115gr hollow point $80/k 1100+ misc 9mm hollow points and other reloading bullets mostly 115 gr $50 for all Jet boil all there used $50-sold Speedtech SM12 Altimeter and Barometer dead battery $40 Altitech II altimeter and barometer dead battery$30 Daisy Pellet gun New in box actually have 2 $50 ea-sold Kimber 1911 22 conversion kit for 4-5in barrel Silver finish shot very little. includes one mag and original box. $240 Johnson 40-6515 self leveling rotary level. Cracked glass on one side still works this is the whole kit for grading etc. $320-sold 8lbs 3031 new unopened $150 4lbs unoened IMR 700-x $22ea 3lbs unopened CFE pistol $22ea see pics for primers but 3k Large pistol 3k small pistol 2k large rifle 1k small rifle all $24ea
  19. gauchoand

    Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter

    2years 4months later it sold 👏👏👏 Ive been ogling this for that long.