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  1. Ramshot TAC 8# $175 IMR 4064 2.5# (2 unopened one# cans) $55 All but the extra half pound is still sealed. North Phoenix by sportsmans
  2. gauchoand


    haha I like it cactus, that's what I figured couldn't help but ask. Good luck with the sale this is a great price for what this gun has coming with it.
  3. gauchoand


    More curiosity and i think i know the answer but why is the sight on backwards?
  4. gauchoand

    Returning tag for reinstatement of bonus points

    Geez I just read 8 pages of this and I reached the following conclusion: It's now going to be harder for me to draw because game and fish wants more money. Surrendered tags are going to be wasted, and the person who wasted it will have an as good of a chance the next year for getting a tag again...... keeping it out of my hands two years in a row unless I want to play games buying tags for people who'll never hunt. FYI, AZGFD might have emailed on but most of us see it as spam and its to the trash anyways. If anyone wants to email me it had better be relevant often enough to keep me looking at it. I would have a easier time swallowing this program if they weren't charging for it and they had something worth while to do with the surrendered tags.
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    Remington 597 17HMR Delima

    Sorry its still only a 200 dollar coupon for me not 250 I dont have the laminate stock
  6. gauchoand

    Remington 597 17HMR Delima

    Man Ive been there. I had this exact problem. It was a present from a girlfriend whos now my wife. So I still have it and I still shoot it all the time. I figured 250 dollars is a joke which incidentally is less than was paid for the gun. So for now I still own the rifle. I can feel for your predicament wanting to sell cause this is a recall where there is no other option to repair it. The 22mag conversion was offered initially however from my research they do not offer that service anymore. This is one of the reasons why I hate Remington they put out the crappiest of products. Ive owned a Remington 700 whos trigger was not very safe, This rifle your talking about, and you should see pictures of some core-lokt ammo that I have straight from the factory. I sent them photos of the ammo never even bothered to respond.
  7. gauchoand

    Foxpro Hellfire

    $200 anyone
  8. gauchoand

    Foxpro Hellfire

    I have a Foxpro Hellfire I picked up used about a year ago to take to Utah its sat ever since. Works like it should. $225 north Phoenix by sportsmanship warehouse.
  9. Sorry haven't been to Tucson in years.
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    Ceramic wood tile - PRICE DROP -

    Math is not adding up to me.... You have 17 cartons remaining? Or for sure you have 600 sq feet?
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    Savage Bmag SOLD

    Nope it doesn't have the modified bolt cap in the picture. Having done it on mine I didn't send anything back they just sent me the parts I needed and it took ten minutes to swap it out.
  12. gauchoand

    Savage Bmag SOLD

    Sweet gun I can't believe they used to charge that much for ammo!!! Good thing it's not that much anymore! Don't make me buy this one too.
  13. gauchoand

    224 new and 9mm pulled projectiles lower price

    Prices lowered Won't go lower I'll load em otherwise.
  14. I have 400 -.224 75 grain bthp for $45 340- 9mm 124gr TMJ RN pulled $30 890- 9mm 124gr FMJ RN pulled $70 460- 9mm 115gr FMJ RN pulled concave base $35 OR $170 for all, even see post below OR $130 for just 9mm
  15. gauchoand

    224 new and 9mm pulled projectiles lower price

    101 and 17 sportsmans Also just found some 223 brass primed and some not about 250 total and about 1k CCI 400 primers free with anyone who buys the whole lot. Otherwise $25!
  16. gauchoand

    Garage clean out

    Pack still available? I'm still interested
  17. gauchoand

    Garage clean out

    I'll take the badlands pack if still available
  18. gauchoand


    That's not overpriced anymore. Just cause people still want it for $20 a box. Sportsmans sells theirs all day for more than that. Bought one just the other day for $33 before tax.
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    Is the ammo reloads and if so did you reload it?
  20. For sale is a reloading setup for 223. This is a Lee turret press complete set. Comes with the following Lee turret press package $125-sold -Powder measure/drop -Primer feed -extra four hole turret Lee powder scale $20 Hornady Bench Scale $60 - sold 223 Lee reloading dies $25 Frankford arsenal Kinetic Bullet puller $10 1K winchester Small rifle primers ($35 all 2k primers) 1k CCI 400 small rifle primers 400- .224 75gr BTHP projectiles hornady $55 100-150 Primed brass ($30 all 500ish brass) 400ish 223 mixed brass ASKING $135 for remainder
  21. gauchoand

    food dehydrator

    Put me second in line..... As I go ask the wife for permission