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    Where Am I?

    are there more ruins in the vicinity? baja Arizona i presume?(s of I10) lee
  2. biglakejake

    Cartridge guru's

    7mm mauser blank round. could be several other rounds-measure OD on forward end.
  3. biglakejake

    Elk hunting with Lee Marvin

    great name for tough guys and hardboiled broads in film. lee
  4. biglakejake

    Wild Bunch. who are those guys?

  5. biglakejake

    Excalibur 2.5 Day 8/24-8/25

    Seasons over and sounds like some hunters enjoyed a tuna hunt or 2. unlike deer and elk personal best is relative offshore. its the 'how did i do that' deal that you remember. mine will always be a 37# bft on 15lb line and #6 hook. how did i do that lol? now is the time to talk to other offshore nuts and find light load charters for next season or junkets down the gulf side of the peninsula. this late season seaforth full day has a great primer so i'll post it but its long and i did not watch it so beware. excellent primer however. good luck all for next season-we are just blessed to be here in Arizona and within 500 miles of so many world class sporting diversions on range, peak and wave so get out and have some fun. i never got a mearns' or white sea bass but i'll live. lee this pic is kinda special and the special was by accident. that last point in the background is Pyramid Head, San Clemente Island, considered the southern end of kalifornia(4 u trophy). "beyond here there be dragons"-except for a couple submerged banks there is nothing but blue water all the way to the big island of Hawaii. quite a reach.
  6. biglakejake

    Wild Bunch. who are those guys?

    first address get the postcard. in an envelope of course.
  7. biglakejake

    The Good 'Ol Days

    chuck nikolai 1991 Todos Santos off Ensenada.
  8. biglakejake

    old photo scans

    1964. penasco on the horizon. 1972-the fellow in stripes is rarely in fishing pics...but does hunt some sheep! new years day 1990. 7yo with 34lb white sea bass, farnsworth bank.
  9. biglakejake

    when did you shoot your first big game animal

    1975-1st Coues Deer-already had a burro. ridge south of peppersauce cg, snow blowing sideways, entire san pedro valley socked in. hunting w the 12yo from the next campsite. wow. look at all that hair. lee
  10. biglakejake

    Pay it forward - I will start

    i have a set of cabover mounts-the kind where you drill your bumper and the front facing of the bed. show low free. also just two(2) only stepside cabover stake mounts lee
  11. biglakejake

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    CWT.com we have Arizona covered-nothing happens without one of our on-the-scene reporters filing the story! lee
  12. biglakejake

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    bsa troop logo?, also possibly a fire crew referencing the Mann Gulch fatalities(every crew has someone reading or has read the book). there is a short rock wall built for about a mile on the north canyon rim of show low creek above fool hollow lake. starts just west of the siphon and runs west almost to the dam. park staff have never heard of it, locals can't remember any large groups of scouts or other kids camping up there. a mystery. a solved mystery were the thousands of yards of 40lb test monofilament line running through the treetops around heber/overgaard in the late 1960's. deputy's said it was drug drops-drop plane would tie a thousand yard spool of line to a duffle and push it out the airplane letting the spool unroll at 150mph. no gps and hard to see planes in the dark so the ground people would find the line quick and hot-foot it to both ends for the goodies. a great book is "Faded Contrails"-an avid hiker chases down a good number of the military air crashes in Arizona since WWII. lots of hardparts still out there, lots of great stories in the book. lee
  13. biglakejake

    Who am I?

    Timeline: The Robert Fisher case The Republic | azcentral.comPublished 8:31 a.m. MT Nov. 26, 2014 (Photo: The Republic) STORY HIGHLIGHTS CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE It was April 10, 2001, when a house in Scottsdale exploded, covering up a grisly scene inside. After the fire was put out, authorities found the bodies of Mary Fisher and her two children. Authorities believe Mary's husband, Robert, slit the throats of his children and shot his wife in the head earlier in the morning, shortly before setting their Scottsdale home ablaze. Robert Fisher was missing.There have been numerous tips about possible Fisher sightings called into the FBI over the years, but he has never been found. Here is a timeline of the case: 10 p.m. April 9, 2001 Robert Fisher and his wife, Mary, are said to have had a loud argument about 10 p.m. in their Scottsdale house. 10:45 p.m. April 9, 2001 Robert Fisher withdraws $280 - the maximum amount allowable - from an ATM at 10:45 p.m. at 74th Street and McDowell Road in Scottsdale. The surveillance camera shows that Fisher was alone in his wife's Toyota 4Runner. April 10, 2001 At 8:42 a.m., a blast rings through a Scottsdale neighborhood, and flames engulfing the residence at 2223 N. 74th Place. The charred remains of Mary Fisher, Brittney Fisher and Robert Fisher Jr. are discovered inside. Their throats were slit and their bodies doused with an accelerant. Notably missing is Robert Fisher Sr., who is quickly labeled a person of interest. April 17, 2001 Nearly 1,300 people attend a memorial service at Scottsdale Baptist Church.The bell choir started the service, walking down the aisle in red shirts and black gloves and hitting gentle high notes that lingered in the air, just like the unanswered questions. There were no copious tears, and there were precious few laughs at the memorial service for Mary Fisher, 38, and her children, Brittney, 12, and Bobby, 10. Plainsclothes police officers also attend, looking for Robert Fisher. April 20, 2001 A camper spots Fisher, his dog and SUV near the wilderness outside of Young, Ariz. Officials speculate whether Fisher may have killed himself. A trained "cadaver dog" on loan from the Arizona Department of Corrections failed to pick up any trace of a corpse in the honeycomb of caves underneath the Naeglin Rim region of the Tonto National Forest where the manhunt was centered. Exhaustive searches in caves come up empty. Asked at the time to evaluate the odds of Fisher being either alive or dead, Gila County Deputy R.H. Wade pantomimed tossing a coin and slapping it onto his wrist. "We just don't know what else to do," he said. June 2002 A computer-altered image of Robert Fisher. (Photo: FBI) Fisher is placed on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list. He remains there today. The FBI is offering a reward of $100,000 for information that leads to his arrest. "There's nothing to indicate he's taken his life," said Sgt. Douglas Bartosh of Scottsdale police at the time. "In fact, we don't want people to write him off and begin to think that's a possibility. Obviously, if people begin to believe that, then they're going to stop looking for him." 2004 A man with striking similarities to Fisher is taken into custody in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia. The similarities were tantalizing. Same facial structure. Same short haircut. A surgical scar on the back. Even a missing tooth where fugitive Robert Fisher's gold bicuspid had been. Const. Tim Shields told reporters in Canada that "in this case it's just not as clear cut as it normally could be. Things have become somewhat more complicated, and we're going to have to look at other means, even including dental records, to try and identify this man and determine if he is the man who we think he may be." But the fingerprints don't match. 2006 A hunter discovers an illegally owned makeshift cabin in Arizona national forest lands. Authorities are able to locate a vehicle related to the cabin and rule out speculation that Fisher was the owner. 2011 FBI and Scottsdale police enlist the help of local caving and spelunking communities to see if they have found any traces of Fisher. 2013 Scottsdale police ask Arizona Game and Fish employees and associates to keep a lookout for people who may have come across Fisher. October 2014 Law enforcement officials in Colorado arrest two people after acting on a tip that the notorious Arizona fugitive Fisher was at a Commerce City, Colo., home. John Jacoby, 44, and Andrew Hurtando, 39, are held for investigation of possession of a schedule two substance with the intent to distribute, obstruction, and possession of an illegal weapon, according to Colorado police. There appears to be no indication that these men are connected to Fisher, police say.
  14. biglakejake

    Who am I?

    Ira Hayes? only a guess-i see at least some native here, not trying to be offensive. lee
  15. biglakejake

    late bull elk

    sometimes wicked fun- in 1975 bob kyhn and i were archery hunting up around control road and sleeping in a pontiac ventura hatchback. one night the white stuff got heavy and in the early am the hatch came crashing down on our heads. when we got up in the morning it was like hunting on one of the moons of Saturn-no obvious sun to be seen, 3ft of snow and only a vague idea of where in heck we and the roads were. and then these big muley bucks started moving through-they were doing some migration right through our vastly reduced hunt area. we hunted hard for 2 days with those unsighted recurves and missed many nice bucks. back in those days many of my mentors were older vets and laughed at being snowed in during an elk or deer hunt. snowed in only meant a very good reason not to go home, nobody bothering around camp and the hunting was always good. by far the most important tool they had was an axe and the snow kept the game fresh and the beer cold. does anybody remember that bunch that would hang around Pertersens in downtown mesa back then? Coach Petersens' dad and his buddies? that three horned mule deer buck? sorry but i had fun just typing that. dang white shoot-i've seen enough of it, lee
  16. biglakejake

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    being so close to town it sounds like some kind of a psuedo-sweat lodge circle-but HUGE! lee
  17. biglakejake

    Unit 23 late rifle.

    yea sir those 22 and 23 bulls always seem to have a vertical orientation!!! lee
  18. biglakejake

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    kool find. back in the 1990's blackhawks and warthogs played all day and all night in the skys over the altar valley and surrounding ranges. my favorite finds there were a couple black 300 H & H magnum cases on the Palo Alto ranch. lee
  19. biglakejake

    Pops 2019 buck

    nice. wide. buck. yea. Good Lord forbid-i may have to put in for coues deer again. came close to taking a 3B coues but it is just not going to happen. tippin' my hat to another old killer! lee i know its not but...anyone seen GRONG around?
  20. biglakejake

    HAM Hunting

    my first two w a .357 were with black talon 158gr-1 at 5 ft the other at about 30yds. they both lived longer than the next half-dozen shot w copper swc 158gr. no big deal just hit your target dirty harry. always wanted to kill a boar w my 3" .44 Special but quit hunting them when i moved up on the mountain. lee
  21. biglakejake

    Coyote Hunters, AR 15 Opinions Needed

    I give up! i was looking at a 24" flattop in .300b/o! lee
  22. biglakejake

    Coyote Hunters, AR 15 Opinions Needed

    a good friend of mine-Brian Brooks of joseph city might be a little 'north' lol but you could not have a better anyone to talk dog rifle with. not hard to find and worth a ringtone or a click or 2 and he has a rifle shop. well-maybe more of a 'dog shop'. lee
  23. biglakejake

    Where is I?

    many more old timers will recognize this than have actually deployed a hook and line or arrow and line here. maybe acknowledge if you recognize it and give it up if you fished it. just a thought. lee
  24. biglakejake

    Where is I?

    NOT MY VIDEO everything about this is nice-i will bet some here have been in those hot springs!