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    Show Low softball tournament

    Supersized red and white GM pickup Memorial Day at the Show Low city park for the softball tournament. Sorry bud-the White Mtn Boys was just on fire....... The last one i saw in Show Low was at the Arby's during bull hunt december 2010-Amandas' friends green(olive drab?) jeep-did they get a bull? lee
  2. biglakejake


    On the Ft Apache acorn stew starts with the harvesting. Chain a chevy to a Gambel oak and shake the acorns onto a tarp. crush and bag after shelling. Acorn stew or chili is made with hatch and other chilis, potatos, onion, acorn, and elk. or slow elk. served with tortillas or frybread or toast. try apache tailgate in whiteriver during late sept or oct for a thrill. flatlanders don't got no idear what theys missin'. more fer me. lee
  3. biglakejake

    left over Elk tags

    those are probably the Hopi tribal hunts. they are unit-wide so they are very valuable. the tribe bought a few hundred sections in these units and AZGFD decided to authorize Hopi hunters unit wide tags. apparently to avoid closure of these sections to non-tribal members like has happened with Zuni and Navajo land purchases in unit 2. might want to verify with AZGFD to be sure. of note-rumor has it that the Zuni tribe is trying to use their tribal hunt permits(New Mexico) on the ranches they purchased in Arizona. So-can a tribe in NM buy a ranch in AZ and it becomes a reservation? or does it become NM? this could get ugly.....not much law out in Witch Wells... lee
  4. biglakejake

    Where to hunt Elk outta state?

    it would be a lot less expensive to try self guided hunts on the reservations. the antlerless tags are about $500 and spikes are legal(at least on ft apache). if you get a sept oct hunt the sights and sounds of the big bulls going at it is something. the navajo, wht mountain apache, san carlos and hualapai tribe all have unguided antlerless hunts. new mexico landowner tags can be a good deal in the non-prime areas-still lots of elk. lee
  5. biglakejake

    shed hunters on quads

    i should stay outa this one-picking fights is sumthin i's good at. cut my first atv tracks today after more than a hundred miles afoot. have to stay close to show low cuz of the gas prices but i have been on bulls every day just no luck. as a kid spending the 60s n 70s summers growing up in overgaard hunting arrowheads was like a job to my mom. packs with lunches, big straw hats and a compass. the ruins we found got named by or for the finder...'moms #2' was a favorite. kept us busy and outside and not watching wallace and ladmo. just think about what it did to us to come back to a ruin the next june and somebody had been to it with a backhoe. dug up a few thousand square feet of history. mom used to say she would gut them alive if she caught them-nobody messed with my mom. and not just because they knew of dad. he would get a ride in a starfighter from luke and buzz the cabin most every thursday. i do not see one bit of differnce between that backhoe grave robber scum and those taking machines off the roads. they are rapists and thieves and as mom would put it 'defilers'. i am a big guy 300lbs with one bad knee and one tin knee and i don't own a noise machine or ever will. i hunt hard and put on thousands of miles a year on those knees and truly loath the motorheads that ride crosscountry. my country. lee
  6. biglakejake

    Huntin Coues with a .250 Savage

    Great buck and an awesome shot. I have had several 250/3000's over the years-none now sob-and my favorite was stolen while still down in the valley. A ruger m77RSI that i had inletted for a lyman aperture sight. I missed a javalina with it once...that was the only thing it missed. congrats lee
  7. biglakejake

    golfers beware

    a buddy was finishing up some maintenance on the torreon course in show low last september when a tabby lion and a kitten ran across the 12th fairway and i missed it. stange thing was that the day before a velvet 4x4 muley buck ran accros the same fairway right in front of me........ lee
  8. biglakejake

    Brown Elk Set

    Josh i can't afford a truck anymore hows about i tow an outhouse to the verde valley and you load 'er up at $25/lb? sorry hornhunter but Josh got it started.....the last decent matched set i found up on whiting knoll went for 400 on ebay-just b4 shipping went outa sight.... really-doing business in antlers on the roadside or the internet is one thing but finding a sexy set like that for the mantle or a mount is the biggest thrill any hornhunter can experience....a hiker-probably with california plates-once asked me what i was doing off the trail...i said i was huntin' horn and she said they are antlers not horns...i replied that she could stuff all the science she wanted in her little head but what she was wasn't a hornhunter. dang i'm gettin' cranky in my old age. lee
  9. biglakejake

    Thinning my library

    What i wondered Bill was...Winchester? Savage? Mauser? Good job on selling it. Looking forward to Jacks books in the fall. lee
  10. biglakejake

    Best Elk Bugle call?

    the best bugle is never. cow call. bet 'ya ten bucks i got the right answer first......lol lee
  11. biglakejake

    Brown Elk Set

    OMG boys those is gorgeous!! don't be sellin' those by the pound-unless its for like $25/lb..... congrats on a GREAT day! lee 2011 sheds found: ZERO for 200 miles afoot!
  12. biglakejake

    Thinning my library

    Bill Valentine fueled my passion for the Sea of Cortez and its denizens for 30+ years and would still like to spend a winter as a fishing vagabond from Tiburon to La Paz to Topolobampo...i wrote this poem with Bill in mind but could not think of a way to include a tribute. but i know he sat on the beach in front of many fires and sunsets like these.... WINTER DUSK Sky afire to the west, Sierra Gigente sillouetted Jagged black peaks rising suddenly from the Vermillion Sea Broad white beach, tiny orange fire at our feet This small circle of light, a wind tortured blaze Flames ripped completely away from their mesquite coal source The heated, empty space between fuel and flame, beguiling... For how many centuries has man stared at this riddle of fire Perhaps Sparticus, pondering on the night before he died Or the Wright brothers, on another beach, just after they flew MUCHO VIENTO SI! The back of my knee, our cheeks stinging Hi-velocity sand blasting across the beach-AIAH CHUBASCO! Small price to pay for such magnificent natural spendor Distant dark peaks with fiery red halo Wind torn stratos, brilliant like blazing kite-tails Little beach fire, part angry and tortured, almost alive Part still, glowing red-orange-white, peaceful and sedate And, of course, the puzzling little space between lee
  13. biglakejake

    Thinning my library

    Bill-just curious but what kind of rifle did this author use? Kinda off topic but did you know Bill Valentine? Did you get to look at the compilation book his wife put together after he passed-'Valentine and Friends'? It give me shivers to think of anyone going 10miles out of Rocky Pt in the 1940's in a 14ft plywood boat and 4 horse motor.....And bring back Sailfish!!!! Maybe someone will compile a bunch of Bob H.'s stories and get it published if we are lucky. lee
  14. biglakejake

    Question about elk hunting

    glass glass glass the unit is abut 20% burned off now. the burns along the 504 and along chevelon canyon west of the 170 will have some nice bulls. dry lake area can be awesome. don't expect any 330s or larger but remember on that hunt the last day will be better than the first.....the very long finger ridges extending out into wildcat canyon south of 504 are bull magnets but foilage is dense and hard to hunt. lee
  15. biglakejake

    Sticker Sighting in Eagar!

    the first i even heard of CWT was a sticker on a toy(i think?) in eagar back in 2003 coming back from big lake.
  16. biglakejake

    Thinning my library

    Bill do you have a copy of 'Meet Mr Grizzly' by stevens? anything by O'connor, slim ellison or stella hughes you would part with? also cannot find a 1st edition of 'tough times in rough places'(murray?) or 'campfires on desert and lava'(hornaday) thank you, lee ps there is an Africa book i remember reading in the 70's that i would love to own. forgot title and author but the essence was-.303 british was authors rifle of choice, baboons were the most dangerous game on the planet and elephants squatted to kill.......i would just like to know the title/author and read it again...
  17. biglakejake


    a couple POP r bass on sunday the 27 at dusk and then wide open on top at dusk on monday 28th-6 lipped and several lost at boat....lots of swirls-maybe 20- it was a great bite right at dusk for about 40 minutes. even some rebites like when i got a backlash and the floater was hit twice while i was gettin the reel straight again.... at about 10 this morning i was done fishin' and being an observer of this new gizzard shad thing off cholla when a 12-15lb female bass came out from under a flooded tree and made circles around a nest. an hour later i was the worst fisherman in the milky way and gave up on her. 4 ft deep, tail all torn up and would not touch my best presentations. 'course I don't live in gila county so i may not be palatable and i turned a couple jakes corner boys onto her as i left. big thrill when 'sentimental journey' flew over the lake about 11am this morning. lee
  18. biglakejake

    Time to Pick a Fight

    space shuttle pilots say they got their wings flying a flying brick. i got mine shooting a 1952 winchester. i'm good out to about 600 with walnut stock, necksized 30/06 cases, reloader 19 and 180gr nosler partition bullets. no rubber stocks none o' the time... lee
  19. biglakejake

    shed hunters on quads

    navajo and apache county have little enforcement and the 'utes'(remember that movie with joe pesci?) just use their trucks. the winter range up here is crisscrossed with full size truck tire tracks starting the first week of march. really-the st peters dome and woolhouse mtn habitat areas(no ve-hicles allowed period) are favorites for winter range bulls and they get drove on every night while G&F are sleeping. Pinetop office have some serious enforcers under Mike but 24/7 isn't in the budget. just gotta hope those bulls drop in the malpai canyons and the vertical slopes so i can find one or two. lee buying horn-sheds only-928 537 0599
  20. biglakejake

    Do you have a "Tack Driver"?

    bump this up some.....doesn't every hunter/shooter on here have a favorite rifle story? or maybe a regret? i reaaaaaally want to tell you about that shot on the 2006 bull but.............no one but Lark would believe a 60 year old Winchester could do it...... lee
  21. biglakejake

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    nov 25 rifle bull 3a/3c for me and novice friend. 18 bonus pts did me no good for pronghorn. a 10lb bass last week and a bull tag this week....almost enough to make me quit drinkin' the hooch....and start be-leeeeeeevin' in miracles or some such...... good friend got a LO any elk tag that could produce a velvet monster in august...gonna burn some gas for that one..... lee
  22. biglakejake

    Boo yeah!!

    headhunter- great horns! now if you really want to get these boys worked up post some pictures of the goings-on at that little lot in Whiteriver between WM outdoor and the WM cafe. lee
  23. biglakejake

    Do you have a "Tack Driver"?

    A good friend-Lakeside outfitter and Blue Range wrangler Riney Maxwell-had a rifle he called the 'radar gun'. He said anybody who carried it could throw it up in the air with string a attached to the trigger and when the string came tight the biggest bull-or coues buck-in sight would be dead. I tried to buy it but got nowhere... I think it was a mauser '98 in .270. lee ps I have a couple Pre64's that shoot into half-an-inch but the operator can't always shoot that good......
  24. biglakejake

    high fence bulls

    Located only 45 minutes from Traverse City and 2 hours from Lansing, Deer Tracks Ranch sets nestled in the remote wilds of Northern Michigan. Bounded by the acclaimed trout waters of The Big Manistee river, Deer Tracks remains one of the most pristine and unbroken tracks in the lower peninsula. Venturing into this unique wilderness by itself is spellbinding, but when populated for years with genetically superior elk fed a scientific antler-growing diet, the impact on most hunters is downright staggering. got a serious case of nausea from proud farmers like this...elk farmers...
  25. biglakejake

    wanted-mauser stuff

    looking for a used choate mauser 98 sporter stock with the blind box. also looking for an aluminum trigger guard for a 98. lee