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    So who’s air frying?

    I just got mine and love it.My friend says he cooked bass with pesto sauce on top.He says the pesto gets crunchy.I am going to try it on some lake Powell smallmouth this week.Noel
  2. Noel Arnold

    New Mexico elk 2019

    Congrats on the bulls.I have been shooting my dad's old 280 Ai for years and love it.
  3. Noel Arnold

    Sonora Fishing 12-10

    Thanks,I will let you know when I get with him.
  4. Noel Arnold

    Sonora Fishing 12-10

    I tried to call both Arturo phone number an Tom Albers number from Facebook.Tom Albers is out of service and Arturo's number said not accepting calls.I emailed both of them on Facebook.Does anyone have updated numbers.I am wanting to go with Arturo first with staying in my pop up camper.The last time I was at lobos was probably around 1969.I was about 6 years old.We started at lobos then started going to Libertad and then went to Santo Tomas.We liked surf fishing the most and Santo Tomas had the best corvina fishing.
  5. Noel Arnold

    So is it still global warming?

    I agree
  6. Noel Arnold

    So is it still global warming?

    And then there is some of us that think the good Lord decides what will ultimately happen🙂
  7. Noel Arnold

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    I am shooting a 280 Ackley improved and love it.It has about the same ballistics as the 7 mag, but does not kick as much.It is also very accurate
  8. Noel Arnold

    Got the Muley Buck I was After!

    Marvin, The taxidermist had to cut the horns in half to put the horns in the machine to freeze dry the horns,so I knew I could not put him in any record books.I was just trying to get a idea of what he would have scored hard horned.I am thinking since it will shrink about 2%, then when it comes out of the machine in December,the score will be about the same as if it was hard horned from the beginning. Thanks for the info.
  9. Noel Arnold

    Got the Muley Buck I was After!

    Congrats on a world class deer.I have a question somebody might be able to answer. I shot a deer with my crossbow and I was in such a hurry to keep the meat good and to get the cape to the taxidermist,that l did not score him.the taxidermist said the freezed dried process will shrink the horns about 2%.so my question is what is the average percentage I need to deduct for the velvet.
  10. Noel Arnold

    Elk horn wedding arbor

    Terry, That looks really good.It is a whole lot of hard bone.Seems very fitting for a wedding night. :P
  11. Noel Arnold

    5BS Bull...Lost? or Found?

    It has been awhile since I have posted.There seems to be a few opinions on wounding animals.My opinion is that I never like wounding a animal, but I would never loose sleep if I spent the time to try and find it.What makes me really sad is when a human kills another human or a adult rapes a kid. or in tonight's case .A.S.U. GETS THERE BUTT KIKED FROM STANFORD. That is what makes me sick.
  12. Noel Arnold

    Utah Archery Mule Deer

    That is a very good video and a great song.
  13. I am glad they do not look to bad.I guess at my Dad's house they got a inch of rain a couple days ago and 4 or 5 rains in the last 10 days.The area I hunt has very little water sources and I hope during the drought that the lions did not hammer them coming in to the few water spots.I will be down in a couple weeks to scout for my oct. hunt.
  14. Those are some nice pictures.I see that you live in Safford.My Dad has a second house in the farms north of Willcox,We have been hunting the very south end of 32 and I am worried about the condition of the deer.He comes down from Phx. about every three weeks and until the last couple weeks it has looked like the Sahara desert without any winter moisture.I see the first picture you have I can see it's ribs.What is your take on the condition of the deer down south. Noel Arnold
  15. Noel Arnold

    Life's not fair

    I think there is pro's and con's to these tags.I do not have any emotions good or bad to the people that buy these tag's.To me it is sad that the States even have to sell these tag's.I do not know if there is wasted money in the Game departments or not,but I do know that in Arizona the people that have the final say, have been letting out to many tags for a lot of the animals in Arizona.And the excuse of this is they say that it is what the public wants. This is not helping the population of the animals.One example is years ago the Game and fish said that in order for a herd of Pigs to make it they could not get below around 9.Now they have lowered the number quite a bit just so they can rationlize the slaughter.I have seen coyote's rush pig herds and if they do not have enough adults,then they can not circle the wagons and get the young in the middle.I seen this about 20 years ago on a herd of 25 and the coyotes did not have a chance.I know that the auction tag's go toward helping game.I also know that it was not good when the non hunting public saw on tv when the auction tag elk was shot around houses a few years ago.I like to shoot big animals,but it is more important to bring meat home.I would feel sorry for the guy who had put in for twenty years and finally got a tag and had scouted the animal and a auction tag shot it before they had even got a chance.
  16. Noel Arnold

    whos ready for the 2011 august archery deer?

    This is the first year that I did not put in for rifle coues for first choice.I put in for mule deer first in northern Az and coues second.The whole reason was that in the Willcox area were I hunt is like the Sahara desert right now.They did not get any of the late moisture that the middle to northern part of the state got.I probally will not even hunt archery down there unless we get some early monsoons.
  17. Noel Arnold

    You Decide...

    Everybody has different ethics.I personally always try to get as close as I can.If I feel that the animal is in a place that might spook if I try to closer,then I have the gun and ability to shoot 600 yards.I do worry that there is a growing population of people that shoot animals as far as they can to pump up there ego's even though the animal was in a place that could have been shot closer.Even the military snipers shoot as close as they can without being detected.If the most important part of a hunt is pulling the trigger,then the future of our hunting heritage is in trouble.It should be about spending the time with family and friends and putting healthy hormone,antibiotic,steriod free meat on the table.
  18. Noel Arnold

    Specific Exercises and Nutrition

    I eat a lot of the good fat's.Avacados,nut's,fresh coconut ,and flax seed.Also good carbs like beans and sweet potatoes.Both of these have high fiber.I hike mountains that do not have trails because it helps your balance.Probably the best cardio workout that I get is quail hunting were there is mountains.When they fly across the canyon, I run the whole way.By the way I always take the shell out of the chamber when running.I also eat a lot of fish and red meat that I catch or shoot myself.I eat very little domestic meat because of the Hormones,steroids, antibiotics,etc,etc.
  19. Noel Arnold

    Lark's son Bridger takes a giant!!

    270, I never question when somebody gives a score on the internet.I know that you can never tell by pictures alone.Hunting is what it is all about for my family.Record books do not mean anything to me.The only reason we talk gross scores is to get a idea of how much horn a animal has.The only reason I made the comment about giving the score was that he said how much his last years bull scored. Noel
  20. Noel Arnold

    Lark's son Bridger takes a giant!!

    Yeah I think you just want to keep us guessing.It kind of reminds me when I read a hunting article and the writer tells all of the scores of animals that he is scouting and then never tells the score of the one he actually shoots.
  21. Noel Arnold

    Lark's son Bridger takes a giant!!

    What a great bull.But you know you can not tell us you shot a 370 bull last year and not give us a score on this one.Especially since this one looks way over 370.
  22. Noel Arnold

    2010 elk success

    The more I look at him,I do not think he has the main beams to gross 420.I am going to say between 405 and 410.
  23. Noel Arnold

    2010 elk success

    Congrats on a awesome bull.I am not as good as guessing elk as I am coues,but that bull looks over 400 to me.Maybe 420 gross.
  24. Noel Arnold

    15D Sheep Tag

    My brother had the tag about three years ago and went without a guide.He hunted with a bow for most of the hunt and got shots.He finally picked up the rifle and shot a 155.We never had problems finding good rams to stalk.There is a big mesa on the south end of unit that is a big walk,but has big sheep.As long as you are good at glassing,then you do not need a guide on this hunt.
  25. Noel Arnold

    Outfitter Killed

    I will pray for his family and also I will pray that our Federal Government and our President opens there eyes to the out of control security of our borders.The rancher in Douglas that was hunted down and killed after turning in the drug smuglers should have been addressed by the fed's a lot more then it probally was.If our border does not get more help from the U.S.A., then I predict in the future that there is going to be some vigilanty killing's of drug runners from family members of the murderd people.