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    Keeping it.

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    Just put this on Craigslist, throwing it on here too: '98 Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS 19" Ritchey Nitanium frame hardtail. Bike saw lots of rides around SoAZ and even took me several miles up the Deschutes in search of steelhead years ago. It's been a street commuter for the last decade. $150, the frame is worth more than that to anyone who wants to do a custom build. It is not trai lready in its current state.
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    Keeping it.

    TTT Nice deals on scopes here guys. Would consider partial trades on the complete rifle plus cash on my end towards a decent 4x4 hunting rig.
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    Looking for an Outdoorsmans Atlas trainer.

    I looked at one last year and ended up using an old dry sack filled with 80# of play sand strapped to my Cabela’s Alaskan pack frame...I had the bag, rachets and the frame and the sand cost about $6. Just an idea. I never took it on trails but in three months of daily neighborhood dog walks in my area it never shifted and if you finesse the rachets it distributes the load well.
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    Keeping it.

    TTT pics of scopes attached, Bushnell is NIB Nightforce saw range use only on the .308 for sale.
  7. 1. 11' Roddy Hunter 2 piece 20-50#. Used this to plunk for Chinook on the Columbia River. Was used to cast 14-18 ounces of lead 100+ yards into the river. Those fishing days are behind me now but the rod could be just as effective as a long distance surf cast rod with squid and 8-12 ounces to keep you anchored in the tide in Rocky Point, etc. or for those giant Cats on the Colorado....$25. Pick up in Tucson 2. Sage VXP 4wt, 4 piece: This is more or less new, fished two days at the stocked ponds at Forest Highlands golf course. Rod got more action on those pig 'bows that it probs will for the remainder of its career...except the 3rd section broke while stringing it up abut a year ago. Due to some miscommunications with Sage customer service I'm not going to pay them to replace the broken section. Interested parties should contact Sage re: replacement. They said they will for $100 when I last communicated with them several months ago. You can have the three section and case for $25. Please note this is not a complete rod, one section is missing. $25 and you can work out the rest with Sage, they quoted me $100 to replace the broken section. Pick up in Tucson. A more or less new Sage for $125 + whatever they charge you for shipping is a pretty good deal. 3. Thompson Center Encore Walnut stock and foreend, OEM from T.C. Show some wear and has been hunted with but wood still has a nice shiny gloss. $100, would ship for $12 for $112 total via Venmo. Thanks for looking.
  8. TTT will be passing through PHX en route to Sedona area Saturday if anyone is interested in the stock or the rod.
  9. Sent PM but also just saw your comment re: no trades...but I am offering a mauser:)
  10. Sage sold. TTT The TC walnut goes for almost $300 new and Boyds/Stockys are 2 bills. Open to trades for reloading equipment or supplies.
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    34 A/B

    I saw that buck on the 35B side weekend before last.
  12. Sage SPF. Someone needs the broomstick for long distance channel cats and the wood furniture for style and recoil management on their Encore!
  13. TTT with new stuff
  14. Siwash

    Help Pricing a 20 gauge O/U

    A friend is looking to sell an 80s era Beretta S685 field grade 20 gauge O/U with 26" barrels choked at M/IC. It's at 85%. Online research suggests its worth $450 - 600. Can anyone here comment on a fair price and/or quote a recent BB of gun value? Thanks.
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    Help Pricing a 20 gauge O/U

    Thank you Phil. Adam
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    Pool Repair (Pebble Tec)

    If you are in Tucson I'd suggest trying Stewart Pools. They are hunter owned & operated.
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    Thank you both, made a trade.
  19. What's the round count? Hard to pound rounds down a single shot encore but curious.
  20. Looking for a pair of .50 cal ammo cans, they can be gnarly looking so long as they lock up tight. They will be painted and used for a project. Similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/50-Cal-Military-Surplus-Ammo/dp/B07BZR4L99 I'm in Tucson, if anyone has some collecting rust or knows of a local place let me know, although it would need to be an essential business as of 5pm tomorrow I called Miller's surplus last week and they said they didn't think they had any but that I should come down and see...
  21. I had a pleasant experience with Bushnell's customer service and warranty department today so I am sharing it here. I had an older Bushnell Elite 3200 scope that was having some tracking issues and sent it back to them on 2.24. They let me know they got it two days later and this AM I got a new Forge 3-18x50 FFP mil reticle scope as a replacement. I think I had $250 in the older scope, which was made in Japan and had pretty quality glass and prior to the issue had been legit given its price point...at any rate the value on the replacement is significantly in my favor and I'm pleased with their turn around time.
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    H1000 or retumbo wanted

    I actually have a sealed pound of H1000 I would probs trade for a sealed pound of H4350, sealed BH209, or some triple 7 primers and 50/50 Pyrodex or Triple7 pellets. I am in Tucson if anyone wants to trade. Not interested in cash or TP.
  23. For Sale Burris Fullfield E1 3-9x40 plex reticle. Limited range use only, has one small cosmetic scratch No box. $100 Will post pics tomorrow. Scope is in Tucson.