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    Doctor 15x60 binoculars

    For those familiar with the Docter 15x, what do you use to mount them on a tri-pod? Webster's? Do they have a threaded adapter mount?
  2. Siwash

    New Rigs??? Archery season is coming!

    No one ever talks about Darton, so I'll give them some love. Here's my 2009 PRO 2500 It's about 34" axle to axle, 7" BH, 65# @ 27" and very fast, accurate, quite. Currently, I've got a Tru Glo Extreme 7 pin site, Alpine 5 arrow Soft-Loc quiver, and a Trophy Taker Pronghorn rest set up on it.
  3. Siwash

    Good stuff up for grabs

    Thanks for a great pack!
  4. Siwash

    drop-away rests

    Been shooting a Trophy Taker Pronghorn for a few years, no issues ever accept if you shoot a lot eventually the cord/string attached to the bow string/rest will wear out and need to be replaced...
  5. Siwash

    Kaibab archery success rate

    Seems odd...but I'm pretty sure those hunts have mandatory physical check-ins, so it might be right?
  6. Siwash

    .270 Winchester Powder

    +1 for 4831sc I've also had positive experiences with Winchester 760 powder. 54.5 grains was the nexus of velocity and accuracy for 130 grain Nosler BT bullets in my gun.
  7. Siwash

    Black River

    Fished up high yesterday/this evening...river was a little fast and a little high but color was great and it was by no means unfishable...but it was slow for me and everyone else I spoke to. Managed a few 12-14" rainbows on hardware and nymphs. No smallies, although typically the areas I fish are 50/50 trout/bass.
  8. Siwash

    Gila Headwaters

    Anyone ever hiked in to the headwaters of the Gila River? A little online research says it is about a 30 miles round trip from the national forest trail head north of Silver City...but a little advice from anyone who has done the trip would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Siwash

    Black River

    Anyone fished it in the last few weeks? I want to go up high...T.O.D. ish, flows look to be alright...325 FPS or so, anyone been up there? How severe was last weekends storm?
  10. Siwash

    Barnes TSX

    Put about 40 TSX's down my .300 WSM...I honestly have not noticed any more fouling than normal...I also use Shooter's Choice solvent. I'm not sure if they have a published manual out, but here is their online .25-06 load data: http://www.barnesbullets.com/images/25-06RemingtonWeb.pdf
  11. Siwash

    Gila Headwaters

    Thanks for the tips guy! Jeff: I'm pretty sure I can utilize the UofA library to find good books on the wilderness, or our local map store, thanks for offering. Kevin: Is the Cliff Dwellings center the best place to start most hikes to the headwaters? Personally, I'd be most interested in the best fork for fishing...I always pack in my 4 wt. rod. More than likely our party will be two couples, all experienced backpackers, and we will have 2-3 nights to devote to the trail. I think we would all like to get as close to the source of the river as possible...I looked at the FS website and it referenced Trail 151 along the West Fork. If you know the other numbers of trails I'd appreciate it. I will try to contact a ranger later this week. Adam
  12. I am selling a NIB, unfired Rock River Arms .223/5.56 lower receiver and a NIB Rock River Arms 2 stage triggers parts kits. They are $170 and $180 on the RRA arms website...and my guess is the wait on a lower reciever is at least 6 months... Price is $330 for both. I have two new, never used 30 round mags with green followers I will throw in for another $20 (or sell separately for $15 each). All AR stuff SPF I also have a Cabela's Alaskan Guide 4.5-14x50 Side Focus Scope for sale. Scope is in great condition, minor ring wear, used only at the range, duplex reticle, 1" tube. $135
  13. Siwash

    AR stuff SPF/ Scope For Sale

    Parts are all un-assembled...and there is no stock so it's not quite a "complete" lower. Will call you later this evening.
  14. Siwash

    Sako Rifles?????

    Yes, thanks for the advice...that was the first and last time I shot off a lead sled.
  15. Siwash

    Sako Rifles?????

    I own left handed Tikka T3's in .270 Win and .300 WSM. Both are light, accurate, and reliable. Smooth actions, good triggers...had some problem with the factory rings on the .300 WSM, but I was shooting some hot loads off a lead sled and the recoil loosened them. I hunted with the .300 WSM for a total of 8 days in the field last year...no complaints. .270 only has about 80 rounds through it at the range. I suppose the cosmetics on the stock might be a deterrent to some...as I said the gun is light and accurate, and that matters more to me than style when I'm in the field.
  16. Siwash

    Vortex vs Brunton

    Like others have said...ideally you want to save your $$$ and go with Swaros...if your budget is/will always be less than 1k the Minox 15x are worthy at Cameraland's price of $550. I have a pair and I've glassed all day side by side with a friend who uses old Docter 15x...they are very comparable, although I'd give the Docter's the edge at first light. I also glass with a guy who has the Swarovski 15x. You could make an argument that the Minox are comparable, but for contrast and clarity the difference is notable. I'm saving my money for the Swarovski's and will let my optic-less hunting buddy pay for gas and use my Minox next season. There is a pair of used Zeiss 15x60 for sale on this board's classifieds...
  17. Siwash

    Left hand rifle?

    Take a look at the Tikka T3 in .300 WSM. I have this rifle...I love it, and I was able to harvest a decent 3 pt. Coues with it last fall. It's light, accurate, and with a Sims SVL pad the recoil is minor. http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=124053600 Other nice thing about a Tikka: the trigger is adjustable, the barrel is floated, and it comes with rings.
  18. I received the Outdoorsmans tripod adapter as an Xmas present. Several years ago one of the guys in their Phx store showed me how it worked and I was impressed. Anyway, I just attached mine to my Mniox 15x and put it on the tripod. My optics are more steady with the factory mount than with the Outdoorsmans, primarily because their adapter doesn't totally secure the binos, they still have movement at horizontal angles as the stud pin that goes into the adapter mount doesn't tighten. Did I get a dud mount, or this how these adapters work? Right now if I bump the set-up just a little bit, it is possible for the binos to tilt. I don't care for that. Anybody have insight or a similar experience?
  19. Siwash

    Outdoorsmans Tripod Adapter Question

    Thanks guys. I spoke with Steve at Outdoorsmans and it sounds like the tilt is inevitable...and I took my optics/tripod/etc. in the field and the tilt really isn't too bad, and the utility of the quick release is nice.
  20. Siwash

    FS: Federal Gold Medal Match 215M Primers

    I will take 1K if they are available. I could meet you on Friday PM. Adam
  21. Siwash

    Just E_Scoutin

    Try sitting and glassing.
  22. Siwash

    300 wsm

    I have gotten my best accuracy out of 64.5 grains of IMR 4831 with 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips. Less than 1" @ 100 and 3" at 200. I get similar results with 60.5 grains of IMR 4064. The only other powder I have tried for my .300 WSM is Winchester 760 and it didn't perform as well as the others mentioned. Also, I'm shooting a Tikka T3.