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  1. Looks like I will be in downtown PHX tomorrow if anyone is interested. Would also trade both scopes plus cash if needed for a 2/3-10x scope with a BDC type reticle too
  2. Just found this rocking Tasco 2.5-10x42 1" AO mil reticle scope. Had it on an air rifle, bought it from another member who used it on a .22. Will include new medium Weaver rimfire rings, $25...pretty sure the rings are worth close to $20 buy it with the Burris for $120 total.
  3. Siwash


    PM sent on H4350.
  4. Usually plus or minus 30-40fps per barrel inch.
  5. Siwash

    WTB hunting rifle

    If this has not sold its a heck of a deal, good seller too:
  6. Siwash

    WTB: Target Rifle Scope

    I am looking for a rifle scope with max zoom to 20-25x with quality glass, target suitable reticle, parallax adjustment and good tracking turrets. $$$ budget is ballpark 400-600 so a few of the nicer scopes on here right now wont work for me:) I am in Tucson, please let me know what you have. If nothing comes up I have a discount on Burris and Nightforce through IHEA and will probs get a XTRII, but haven’t ruled out a NF Benchrest. I put together a “CWT.com” rifle with a traded barreled mauser action in .308 from a member and an old B&C stock from another. Shoots good. Put an old Bushnell Elite 3200 5-15 I had in the safe on it but its having some tracking issues and the mil crosshairs are too thick for my needs. This will be a paper/steel target rifle. Thanks for looking.
  7. Siwash

    Puerto Lobos?

    Looking at doing a day with Arturo's in early December, getting a room at the only place in Desemboque. Anybody done a similar trip?
  8. Siwash

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    This is the hose and filter Mr. Heater suggests if you run their unit off propane tree, I think the part is different if you run a heater straight to a large propane tank. I got them both from Wally World shipped to my door for like 34$. I took it on my Coues hunt last week to test it out in my 10x14’ Springbar...worked great. Mostly tried it as a proof of concept for cold weather hunts in the future, or the weekend or two a year the wife and I camp.
  9. Siwash

    Tucson Area Bow Shop

    Bull Basin and check out the Desert Archers 3D shoots once you start to feel comfortable shooting. The range at Tucson Mt. Park is awesome if you are west and the east side county range is great if you need to site in or wanna shoot long range.
  10. Looking for an aftermarket (not old military surplus) Mauser 98 large ring rifle stock. Action center screws are 7 7/8" If you have one laying around collecting dust please feel free to PM me. I am in Tucson but next week will be traveling north through Phx, Flag and all the way to Page. Also open to suggestions on solutions, just acquired a barreled Mauser action with a straight taper heavy barrel (like just shy of 1" diameter), so thinking the two most economical options (Boyds/Bell & Carlson) will require a lot of in letting. Thanks for looking.
  11. Siwash

    WTB: Mauser 98 Large Ring Stock

    Hi Kent, I sent you a PM, I'd be interested in seeing both. Thanks, Adam
  12. Siwash

    WTS/WTT: Harris Swivel Bipod 6-9/9-13

    bump. lots of tall grass in SoAZ right now, someone needs the 12-25” for their hunt next week.
  13. Siwash

    Henry lever action 22

    Texted you, I will take it.
  14. Siwash

    Please Delete

    Bump for a good guy, good deals too. Thanks for the R22 and 4831!
  15. Siwash

    Please Delete

    PM sent.
  16. Just a quick post to thank board member Stomp442, Clint Neff, for donating several trigger guards to AZGFD's Hunter Education program. I volunteer with them and we needed a few trigger guards to drill into some dummy rifles we use for TAB+1 training, the +1 was tough without trigger guards so the donation really helped. Thanks Clint!
  17. Siwash

    WTB: Claw/Triclawps

    Looking for a used Claw/Triclawps. Missed a few sold on here recently, looking for one for my friend's upcoming youth hunt. I'm in Tucson but can pay for shipping if anyone has one they are willing to ship. Thanks for looking.
  18. Siwash

    WTB: Claw/Triclawps

    Thanks guys. I personally own the Outdoorsmans rest now, and it was used to kill a pair of Coues last year. I have owned the Claw in the past...it works fine you just need to mind your rifle’s lug screws. I have experimented with many elevated shooting rests over the years. I am looking for a Claw/Tricawps to gift to my friend as I am no longer loaning people my gear if it is unsupervised by me ...if someone has a used one let me know.
  19. All items in Tucson, will be in Downtwn PHX next week: 1. gone 2. Gone 3. Tikka DNZ High 1" rings works well with 50mm bell and Tikka EGW 0MOA rail. $15 each or buy both for $25. 4. Gone 5. Vortex summit ball head tripod head with two shoes, light weight and compact, good for 10-12x or compact spotter. $15 6. Gone.