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    Baja/Sea of Cortez pandemic Autumn

    Here is a Baja report: fished today out of SJDC marina north to Vinorama, trolled and hooked two decent Wahoo fairly early, sat on bait for tuna and it was dead, trolled back and had one dorado takedown that didn’t stick. As of now no fish in Bisbee’s, yesterday two marlin came in at 200ish that don’t qualify. Stoked for these fish, fishing is spotty down here right now.
  2. Looking for a Leupy 3-9x40 ultimate slam muzzy scope, stainless or matte. I am in Tucson but could arrange for shipping or work something out if you’re not
  3. Found one, thanks CWT.
  4. Took 4 in a few hours in an area I haven’t hunted regularly in almost a decade. Counted 17 empty shells so there was plenty of opportunity and two of the coveys I got into held 20+ birds. They played the usual run then flush out of shotgun range early-season behavior. I plan to give it a couple more hunts this season when the weather cools, it is nice to see birds in huntable numbers.
  5. Thanks for posting, sent this to some procrastinators I know in Phoenix.
  6. 7.5 or 8, 6 makes a mess in my opinion.
  7. Siwash

    WTB Hornady 6.5mm 143gr ELD-X

    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/102052528 Those are factory second ELD-X, allegedly.
  8. Siwash

    Best place to try boots on in tucson?

    Summit Hut is good.
  9. Siwash

    Wall size Maps of Az

    No GMUs or topos but here is a cool old map I inherited from my grandparents. It is about 3x4’
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    pm sent
  11. Siwash

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    I shipped an Encore barrel to AK last week via a UPS store. Other than being expensive it was a pretty easy transaction, I told the dude what it was and he said “let’s call it a metal rod.”
  12. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Watch the Aztec for 1.75 day trips in October/November if you want a shot at a big bluefin.
  13. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Had an awesome 2 day on the Apollo, dorado and YFT limits in one of the best wide open bites I have seen. A few nice tuna over 40# but most were 15-20# #2 hooks and 20# flouro was the ticket. We fished the tuna pens in MX waters.
  14. Siwash

    .270 - Tucson

    spoken for.
  15. Siwash

    .270 - Tucson

    OK, its seen a lot of field use and I should’ve posted but didn’t yet, I want would want $ 350 for it if it doesn’t sell as a package
  16. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Several years ago trolling for sailfish in the Sea of Cortez we kept getting our ballyhoo baits nabbed and lines cut by something...we threw out a Maruader with wire leader...then someone got up in the crow’s nest and confirmed it was sharks not Wahoo molesting the troll:)
  17. Siwash

    Spicy Bluefin Poke Bowl

    We include French’s fried onions on ours for some crunchy contrast (not pictured)
  18. Siwash

    saltwater braid questions

    If you are chucking jigs 80# spectra with 50# mono top shot should work...maybe go bigger at Guadalupe or Alijos...if you have a week to fish;) It’s tough for flyline baits to tow heavy mono tho, I would go with 50# braid and 30# test with a rod that can lift and load at 8-10# of drag and a two speed to winch any fiesty YT that try to go deep and break you off on the rocky bottom. I run PowerPro braid with no complaints but I am far from a pro, lucky to fish 7-10 days a year. I like to run braid to mono for stretch to flouro. Avoid the green braid if you can, It is very difficult to see at dawn and late in the day.
  19. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    I also use the boom snip, I find the pliers stay in the box now.
  20. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    BFT limits on a Red Rooster 3 day and a ton of quality YT. Fished near Tanner Bank and Cortes.
  21. My father is almost 71 years old and will be retiring next month. He has expressed an interest in welding and I'd like to get him a basic welder so he can tinker around with it, and not drive my mother and the rest of our family crazy with all of his free time. When he was younger he was a pretty legit mason for a hobby, but lugging around bricks and 80# sacks of concrete are no longer enjoyable for him. He won't need anything industrial or be welding together trailer frames, etc. I doubt he would do more than tack together old pieces of steel for yard art, at least initially. 120V will be fine and something light/portable would be good as they have a summer place up north and I suspect he will want to shuttle it back and forth. I'm looking at these models, if anyone has any experience or knows of a better "starter" set up please let me know. Also, aside from what these models provide, what else is needed? A helmet and some gloves? https://www.weldingsuppliesfromioc.com/lincoln-power-mig-140c-mig-welder-pkg-k2471-2 https://www.weldingsuppliesfromioc.com/miller-millermatic-141-mig-welder-907612 https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/hobart-handler-140-mig-wire-welder Thanks for looking.
  22. Glass North faces in the shade when it is hot. If you are still hunting the last few days when the moon is full don’t slip on deer midday stretch and feeding activities and expect limited morning windows with deer on their feet. As others have said, in October bucks are batched up in groups and less pressured than the 2nd/3rd hunts, usually.
  23. posting this for my neighbor, he is a disabled vet and cannot complete the restoration: https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1950-chevy-3800-pickup/7166377625.html
  24. Siwash

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    re: the Paria walk-in, it’s usually legit. Be very careful if you cross what looks like packed sand where the Paria dumps in, it can turn into quicksand mud very quickly. I went thigh deep in the mud once in the winter and had to have my buddy pull me out. I’m not sure I would’ve gotten out by myself. Also in that stretch in my experience there are as many fish within 10 feet of the bank is there are if you wade out 15 to 20 yards. Fish that hard before you make your way into the wider, deeper runs.
  25. Siwash

    Saltwater 2020

    Yep, open party And to your point the trip was meals included and like any good angler I’m at the rail at 5 AM in the dark. We didn’t get dinner on both days until after 830pm which is not cool if you’re up fishing before dawn. The chow was acceptable but not good, And it’s not like the cook was busy helping people during a wide-open bite. He mostly sat and played solitaire by himself in the Galley from 530 until eight.