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  1. unfortunately the clearest pic I got of the big buck was of him looking away. chris.
  2. here is a pic of a little 2 point we also saw. chris.
  3. Does a 2 point with eye guards get 4 mass measurements? I have historically only scored 3 mass measurements on 2 points. Kind of like a 3 point with no eye guards would only get 3 mass measurements (I think - could be wrong). Does the non typical point coming off the G2 effect whether there are 3 or 4 mass measurements made? Dont know either. Please dont get me wrong, it is still an incredible buck. Just interesting conversation and always nice to learn things. Chris.
  4. Those are some NICE bucks Jim. Congrats! I imagine everyone was well prepared for hunting in the snow. Being a native desert rat, I would be a fish out of water having to hunt in conditions like that. Pretty cool though. I had 2 questions. Is the left side of your dad's buck scored as a 2 point with a nontypical point coming off from the back of the G2? Also, on the left antler of your buck, do you measure that nontypical point on the inside of the main beam from the top or the bottom of the antler? Or does it matter? Just curious. Congrats again. Chris.
  5. SunDevil


    christian, they are different bucks. the right G2 on the bottom buck is longer than on the buck above it. CB.
  6. SunDevil

    judging coues deer

    One of the things I have always found helpful in juding deer in the field is comparing them to another buck you have taken, measured and know the score of. It is pretty easy to look at a buck in the field and say: its main beams are longer/shorter, eyeguards, g2s, g3s, mass, width, etc. Of course you really probably need to have bagged a buck that is over 90 inches to use as a reference. Good luck. CB
  7. SunDevil

    judging coues deer

    one pretty simple thing that I have found is that if the G3s are as long or longer than the G2s you are pretty good to go. CB
  8. Here is a still pic of him. He was hangin with a doe. Never got more than 25 yards or so away from her. There also was another smaller 3X3 and a spike hangin around but they were careful not to get to close. He sure was a good mature buck with a big ole swollen neck. Dont know if he breaks 100 - if not he is pretty close. Later. CB
  9. Please delete this post.
  10. SunDevil

    Here she is...

    Scared? Come on Scotty - there is not time to be scared. Seriously - it so incredible that you wont even think about being scared. Congrats Shorts!!!
  11. SunDevil


    was he guided? did you find out what it scored? Bummer
  12. SunDevil


    Anyone know what happened with this buck?
  13. SunDevil

    PUSHIN' 90"

    So is this buck still alive?
  14. SunDevil

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for calling last night - it was good visiting with you - even if you are going to make the draw odds in my unit worse for me. Ha just kidding. Take Amanda's advice and got with 27. CYA
  15. SunDevil

    GIANT 150+ buck killed in Sonora

    I saw a couple pictures of that drop tine buck too. I could be wrong but it really doesnt look like a MX buck. The MX bucks seem to have a more brown coloration to their coats than grey. Also, MX bucks dont seem to have such pronounced white rings around their eyes and muzzle (the white seems to be blended in more with the brown). This buck is grey and has sharp white circles around its eyes and muzzle. Doesnt really matter much anyway - either way it is still an AWESOME buck. CB
  16. As a fellow AZ native I have to say (from looking at that picture anyway) - you are crazy man!!! I'll take 100 degrees over 32 degrees any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Good luck to you but I am sorry, that is just plain nuts. CB
  17. SunDevil

    point restrictions

    how many bucks that don't meet the point restriction would be accidentally shot and left to lay?
  18. SunDevil

    Coues T-Shirt

    the black has got to go - green would be good. CB
  19. probably not going to have any - you will just have to take my word on it. CB
  20. let me see - there was a 119" buck taken on the youth hunt. there is probably a pick of that buck at sportsmans in tucson. I also know of 104", 115" and 124" bucks that were taken on dec hunts. also heard of another lion that was taken out of the predator demographic. CB
  21. SunDevil

    Buck taken in 35B!!!

    SS - where are you going to on your mission? Better be barbequing as much of that venison as you can before you leave - especially if you are going to a 3rd world country. Good luck and nice buck! CB
  22. SunDevil

    Treestandman - Accident!

    wasn't there someone who fell out of a treestand last year a broke an ankle or his back or something like that? I guess it is a more common occurence than what you think. Didn't even think you could hang a treestand in a mesquite tree let alone get it high enough to hurt yourself if you fell off. Seriously - sorry to hear about that. Glad he was able to make it out and hope he has a quick recovery. CB
  23. 1st - 24A or B (cant remember which one) 2nd - 32 3rd - 30A 4th - 36C 5th - 34B 6th - NM 23 7th - 33 One in each. Now thats a lot of scouting!
  24. SunDevil

    Cactus Coues ?

    I know of one that was taken this year during the Nov hunt. It was a 5X10. Also, I know of one that was taken in 2002. That one was a typical 3X3 but it had 4 'eye guard' type points coming off from one of it's bases. Those are the only 2 that I know of. CB
  25. SunDevil


    one thing I didn't mention is that we went back into that same spot the next morning and the bigger buck was right back up on the same hill that I had just shot his little buddy on the evening before. unbelievable. it is amazing how habitual they are - definetly creatures of habit. We weren't able to get to him before he bedded that second morning and he never showed his face that evening but he was probably within 100 yards of his little buddies gut pile. also, I am by no means a 'head hunter' but shooting mature bucks definetly is the goal we strive for and we usually work pretty hard towards trying to achieve that goal every year. I guess a good comparison would be making the playoffs but not winning the superbowl. Accidentally shooting this little buck was a little discouraging. I had finally found a buck that I had been looking/working for and I screwed up. Also, this little guy was probably only 2.5 years old. He would have been a dandy in a couple of years. Oh well - he will taste good on the barbeque. Later. CB