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    Male English Pointer

    2 year old pure bred English pointer. Gunner is a very sweet dog but he’s not getting what he deserves living in town. Looking to get him to a home where he can have the space to explore, run, and maybe be turned into a bird hunter . He just a lil too high energy for our busy family that thought we could handle it when we got him but we can’t. Bought him from a member here for $425 when he was 4 months, he’s now 2. Current on shots, since neutered, and have a hawx gun and dog shock collar/trainer I paid $200 for that I would include. He’s a good dog and we hate to lose him. Cons: Can run, jump (fences), sheds, and chews sometimes. Pros: super sweet, good around kids, very curious, birdy (still has bird dog potential). I would like to recoup some of my money but more importantly make sure he gets into a good home. Asking $300 and includes the hawx shock collar. Located southwest Phoenix Can text 6O2-6two5-1848
  2. KaibabHunter

    WTB bunk bed cots

    I have one set of disco bunk bed cots but looking to add another (or similar) so my setup can fit/sleep 4. If anyone is looking to sell. Thx. Phx area. Ryan
  3. KaibabHunter

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    At camp: -35* sleeping bag, cot, sleep pad, tent capable or can be modified to run a wood stove. I have a Kodiak cabin tent. Camp comfort and drying out every day will keep u hunting. On foot: i use a badlands 2200, danner boots, have some basic kuiu clothing that I layer up under with whatever cold weather type stuff I have. 10x42 Bino’s in a badlands chest pouch, rangefinder, carry 15x56 binos, tripod and small stool in my pack. Havalon and outdoor edge replaceable blade knife, and orange trail tape. Game bags and $.99 sheet of painters plastic to lay my meat on to keep it clean. Fire starter stuff.
  4. KaibabHunter

    Gun safe recommendations

    Never owned one but it’s time. Budget would be $500-800 new or used in the 24ish gun capacity and reasonable fire rating. A nice look would be a bonus. Recommendations? And any install or tips in general appreciated. Ryan
  5. KaibabHunter

    Gun safe recommendations

    Thx for the info. Interested in the Bighorn 24 cu ft/26 gun. At 585 lbs are there any issues setting it on tile?
  6. KaibabHunter

    Swaro 15’s HD - $1850

    Pm sent
  7. KaibabHunter

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    That’s from Colorado stoves. Read a lot of good things about the additional spark arrestor so wanted it included. My stove is camp chef. Not all nested pipe fits the same so it’s camp chef pipe for the bottom into the stove, then the Colorado box arrestor, then Colorado pipe the rest of the way, and a Colorado cap. I got a good deal on the camp chef but had to figure out how to make everything fit so spent some additional $ to make it all work.
  8. KaibabHunter

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    My tent is the 12x9 FYI. I don’t have much for pics of the install. Pretty easy though. Bought the stove jack from Davis wall tents and sewed it in with a heavy material sewing awl (Amazon). Also bought the Davis heat shield mat that the stove sits on to protect the tent floor. I chose not to mess with the angle of the stove pipe and just ran it straight out the top. There are some vids where guys have run it it out the side wall. Added another spark arrester and a rain cap. Withstood 50 mph gusts those first couple days of the storm without any issue.
  9. KaibabHunter

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    We were burning cedar and pine so it burned quick but a lifesaver after a long day. We didn’t get back til 11 pm when my boy killed. Made a fire next to the bull while I broke him down. Boots got wet then froze after day 3 every day. Stove made all the difference drying out gear and keeping camp comfortable. Sometimes it got a lil too warm in the tent. Fun hunt
  10. KaibabHunter

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    My son and I both filled our tags. Had a chance at a monster and a really good bull but my boy couldn’t connect on em. He ended up with a small 6 pt and I killed a meat bull with 2 hours left in the hunt. Cold but fun hunt. Saw bulls all but 1 day I think. I modified my kodiak tent for a wood stove and it was the best investment I’ve made since the tent itself or the ranger. Buddy heater wouldn’t have cut it.
  11. KaibabHunter


    Interested if still available. Picking up 2 elk tomorrow from the processor and may need to go up in size.
  12. KaibabHunter

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    Not just cold but also windy with 20-30 mph wind and gusts up to 50. 1-3” snow mixed until Monday. Where I’m at anyway.
  13. KaibabHunter

    WTB bunk bed cots

    TTT one last try
  14. KaibabHunter

    Late Nov. Elk 5B

    good Karma can be achieved by helping the OP by PM. U just put gps coords on the open web for everyone to see.
  15. KaibabHunter

    WTB bunk bed cots

    Thx for the link. Hoping for the XL’s if possible.
  16. KaibabHunter

    Any bulls down

    Helped a buddy kill a 310 bull. Bugling was decent and getting better everyday. Heard from a friend still up there that the big bulls have just now started moving in.
  17. KaibabHunter

    The First of Many

    Stud! Awesome job
  18. KaibabHunter

    Elk Taxi recommendations

  19. KaibabHunter

    Kodiak Canvas Tent SOLD

    I have this exact setup. Been great over the last 5 years. Early/late elk, desert deer, storms etc. Bump
  20. KaibabHunter

    Ok i was donated a 13b archery tag NOW WHAT? 😯

    Sent u pm with where I hunted on my tag a few years ago
  21. Last year I had an early archery bull and killed a 320s bull. This year my oldest and I have a late rifle tag. My boy has a raghorn under his belt and but wont be too picky. Ill be trying to best last years bull.
  22. KaibabHunter

    WTB Ranger Crew tires

    I have some laying around for spares. I watch craigslist for a deal. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/80392-wtswtt-used-ranger-spares/?fromsearch=1
  23. Ill be up this weekend on a half elk scout/half fishing trip. Looking to get on some trout. Have flies, spinners, and power bait. Any tips for this time of year? Ryan
  24. KaibabHunter

    Utv windshield

    I have a portable clear windshield I strap up if very cold or rainy, otherwise no windshield. Visibility is decreeased but it breaks the wind and keeps the rain off. Think I paid $40 on amazon. Only use it a couple times a year if that. Carry it in a trunk in the bed. I built my own roof with enough front over hang that it works as a visor 90% of the time.
  25. KaibabHunter

    Lake Mary/Ashurst what’s are they biting on?

    Cool thx