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  1. Vowell

    FS H&R 22 Hornet Single Shot

    You have a lot of cool guns!!! Thanks again for the shotgun!
  2. Vowell

    Dillon Precision Bullet Feeder

    I reckon I’ll start $100
  3. Vowell

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    Negative 👎 I would not talk to them. Sorry but that is just screaming trouble. Sad deal for sure.
  4. Vowell

    Suppressor-Where to start

    So I bought the Yankee hill titanium quick detached in a 30 cal and have been very pleased with it. I can put it on most all my rifles from 30 cal to 22 cal. It’s light weight because those dang things can be heavy. I also purchased 2 quick attachments for different thread patterns. To EVERYONE that does not have a can, you are missing out, but you can’t miss something that you never tried.
  5. Vowell

    Hog hunt help

    Blue rooster ranch outside of Holbrook
  6. Starting a 25 Creedmoor build using 131 blackjack bullets. Anyone else have one? My goals on this rifle are: Kids, Wife and myself to shoot it Mild Recoil Short Barrel 18”-20” Adjustable Stock AR style Accurate out to 750 yrds MTD chassis 40 moa base if i can find one Rings Undecided, Going with Zeiss Scope HD5 Tikka Action With stock trigger Preferred Barrel 18”-20” # contour spiral flute, threaded for Can. Going to have them flute the barrel out to a 18” in case i decide to cut off another 2” later on. Alpha brass Dies unkown at this time? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Im going to have Southernexpress do the build.
  7. Vowell

    25 creedmoor anyone?

    Well most of the parts are in, I went with a 20” bartlin barrel that is getting carbon wrapped. Just waiting for that to get done and then the build will start.
  8. Theres a new smoker on the market, gravity fed charcoal wifi bluetooth. I see this taking the place of a pellet smoker for the guys that are picky about the taste. I’m seeing some guys selling their yoders and treagers and going to this $499 Master built. Definitely not built like a yoder.
  9. Vowell

    New Smoker on the market

    Just made ribs last night, I’m not sure how but I did over cook them somehow. Still tasted ok but not as good as they usually are. Done with Pellet Smoker.
  10. Vowell

    Outdoor, Air-Conditioned Sheds

    Wow!!! Great job, it came out looking really good!
  11. Vowell

    WTB Coues whitetail shed ( brown )

    I heard about that Mexico buck!
  12. Vowell


    Hope you are able to heal up fast man! Prayers to you bud
  13. Vowell

    san carlos bear rug

    Right on, Jim did my last one and did a great job! Looks awesome especially with that blonde streak! I dropped mine off this year at Marks since he’s just around the corner. Congrats again
  14. Vowell

    san carlos bear rug

    I don’t think they are related.
  15. Vowell

    san carlos bear rug

    Awesome, Southwest in Scottsdale or SanTan?
  16. Vowell

    Home Video/Security

    I have ring and love it so far, we caught a couple of guys breaking into cars on my street and because of the ring video they were caught and convicted. This is when they were checking my truck door. It’s nuts the stuff you catch when your sleeping. 5396E724-680F-4841-AA26-B3D08F2F618F.MP4
  17. Ifs it’s pinned or treed by the hounds then no, I would not shoot.
  18. Vowell

    ISO 410 shotgun

    I couldn’t even log in, 🤷‍♂️
  19. Vowell

    ISO 410 shotgun

    Well I apologize for all that tried to contact me I was Banned from Coueswhitetail for a few days. My little 410 sold to Evan. Thanks David for posting my number.
  20. Vowell


    I have a buddy that is really good, I’ll send you his contact info.
  21. Vowell

    ISO 410 shotgun

    I have a older Winchester I’d let go for $100. Send me a message if interested.
  22. Vowell

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    Wow literally a smoking deal, if didn’t already have one I buy it!
  23. Vowell