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  1. DUG

    No elk pics? Stories

    pm me your number and I will send it just to you.
  2. DUG

    No elk pics? Stories

    Just saw a pic of a 410" taken from 10. Don't know who it is but impressive rack.
  3. DUG


    .243 if under 200 yards. But if he can handle the 30-06 that's a better choice. Good luck to him on his hunt.
  4. DUG

    Beretta Silver Snipe 12 gauge O/H - sold

    Silver Snipes were manufactured from 1955 to 1967. Chokes are fixed chokes and most likely full and modified. Date codes are XI (1955) to XXIII (1967). 1965 should be XXI. Look for that proof stamp on the barrel and/or receiver.
  5. DUG

    Lost Dogs - FOUND!

    Great news!
  6. DUG

    Beretta A390? Yes, no?

    391 is the best IMO. My A400 Xcel is a close 2nd. Still, for $550 the 390 is a great deal.
  7. DUG

    Beretta A390? Yes, no?

    Buy it! Worst case you'll need to put about $120 worth of parts (bolt connector, Hammer straps, etc. Depends how much it's been fired. ColeGuns has parts. ETA: have 390, 391, A400 Xcel and 1301 Comp Pro.
  8. DUG

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    I just hit 19 years in June. Come on here just about every day.. Lot of really good hunters here.
  9. DUG

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    Where was Mom? Did you just see it or hear it?
  10. DUG

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    Heck yea! Congrats again!!! Hoping there was a mountain lion story to go with it!
  11. DUG

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    Hurry up!!! And congrats!!!!!!
  12. DUG

    K4 ranch thieves

    Got 2 tags in 19B over the years. One in 1985 and one in 1992. Got one on a ranch and one in the Natl forest. Didn't somebody at K4 get murdered back in the 80's?
  13. DUG

    How long until cards are hit??

    Wife is going to be so mad if an $1800ish charge hits. At least it will be the last one.
  14. Yep! It's either gonna happen or it's not going to happen! Just be ready when and if the time comes.
  15. I wish I would have applied for sheep more in my younger days. I hope to see a tag in my lifetime. AZ resident all my life until Oct. 2021. Looks like I made it tougher on myself. Not moving back anytime soon if ever. But I'll keep applying every year. This year is the 1st year in a few years I didn't buy bonus points and actually entered the draw.