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  1. DUG

    mule deer draw odds

    6.3 % chance for Resident with 8 points. If you had 9 points this year it would jump to 53.3%. 20 tags in bonus pass. Good luck!
  2. DUG


    Sorry for your loss. You will remember all the the great hunts you had with her.
  3. DUG

    i am in for bighorn

    Going in with 21.....Good luck! Hope somebody here gets a tag.
  4. DUG

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Doing my part....trucking towards 100!
  5. DUG

    New truck considerations

    All my vehicles are made in Japan and end with A. Well at least two of the makers..........
  6. DUG

    Where am I

  7. DUG

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    Joe needs to enjoy retirement.
  8. DUG

    Skull cleaning

    Has Draysen done any Buffalo skulls? And price if he has.
  9. Thanks Doug! Somehow I didn't look there. I guess I have a chance with 36. Somehow I missed some points along the way.
  10. Going into this draw what is max points someone can have for Buffalo? Thinking it may be 36 to 38? Also, Hunters Trailhead doesn't include AZ Buffalo draw pass from what I can tell. Anybody already have a subscription to GoHunt? It may be on there. I did find some harvest data info on AZGFD site but not exactly what I'm looking for.
  11. DUG

    WTS Sold

  12. DUG

    300 Browing BAR

    How old? Round count? Scope?
  13. DUG

    WTS Sold

  14. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. That bear in 17B had a great life! Made it to drinking age. Lol
  15. DUG

    Leave No Trace

    People are pigs. I almost always have a garbage bag with me on outings into the woods. I can easily fill a tall kitchen bag if I wanted to. Unless there is a designated garbage can somewhere at one of our stops somewhere I take everything with me and then some and dump it at home.