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  1. Change of plans.....My neighbor is buying the truck next month and wants the coils/stuts with the truck. So sorry, these are off the market.
  2. Front struts and coils off of a 2020 Tacoma 4x4. One is assembled, the other needs to be assembled. Bought these to put on my 2010 PreRunner but out of time since we're moving. Fits all 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Tacoma 4x4 and PreRunners. These have about 6K miles on them. Also has new KYB top strut mounts. $80 I'm in Glendale. 1st "I'll take it" gets them.
  3. DUG

    Piano free. 2 piece hutch $30

    It's yours. Talk to you soon.
  4. DUG

    Piano free. 2 piece hutch $30

    Yes sir. It's located around 59th Ave/ Greenway at my Father in laws house. Let me know. Thx
  5. Wurlitzer Piano. Free and you move. 2 piece hutch with drawers and storage. 30$ I'm in Glendale.
  6. DUG

    Park Model

    That's a mighty fine specimen!
  7. Ok he's good then. He was a resident when he bought his license and applied and was drawn. I'll let him know. Thanks for the responses.
  8. Asking for a friend.......Hunter is a resident (all his life). Hunter draws a big game tag. Hunter moves out of state 2 months before hunt starts. Hunter comes back for the hunt. What if Hunter gets new drivers license and plates from his new State for his vehicle? Will this draw concern from a WM if checked in the field during hunt. I know if Hunter calls G&F to ask he may get 3 different answers if he talks to 3 different people. Has anybody got any real life experiences for this situation? I'm thinking Hunter should wait til after the hunt to get new drivers license and plates. Or is this not an issue? Remember I'm asking for a friend.......
  9. DUG


    I'm not sure if I ever met Del, maybe at Randall's once. My son knew who he was from shooting and fishing. I enjoyed his stories here and he even messaged me once about our ruger MKII's. He will be missed here. RIP and prayers sent out to the family.
  10. DUG

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    You will get a letter from G&F in the next few weeks with some details about your hunt. Even though you will be told which animal to shoot, study up on identifying bulls from cows and especially young bulls from mature cows. Go up a week or 2 before your hunt and see the herd and meet with the manager of the ranch.
  11. DUG

    Iso (ammo)

    Check the CCI website every morning. They had 40 grain Maxi mags for awhile.
  12. Performance Radiator 2001-2007 toyota Tundra/Sequoia radiator. 50$ I'm in Glendale.
  13. Made with extra thick high-quality buffalo Leather, The Browning gun belt holds up even with added weight from gun holsters. A removable buckle and zinc alloy trim provide versatility and a smart finish. •DURABLE GUN BELT | Heavy duty 7mm thick leather supports waist holsters and pistols of different sizes and calibers •FULL GRAIN LEATHER | Made from quality full grain buffalo leather •VERSATILITY | Lightweight and removable buckle can be easily switched for added versatility I'm in Glendale. PM if interested
  14. DUG


    Message sent.
  15. DUG