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  1. Fishing stuff, household items, swift bino’s, small coffee tables, tools. Friday 7am Marconi Ave east of 59th Ave in Glendale.
  2. Pm’d you on jointer. Bandsaw I’ll have to get price for you. I haven’t looked at it yet.
  3. Tools, woodworking equipment, various pieces of hardwood, bandsaw, jigsaw. ladders, old camping cookware. Message for more details. I’m in Glendale around 59th Ave and Greenway. Will release address Thursday evening. If you want a private appointment this week please message me.
  4. DUG

    Elk draw screw up

    Actually don't remember.
  5. DUG

    Elk draw screw up

    I entered previous years license a couple years ago. Called them and lady said not to worry. As long as you have a valid license at the time of the draw is all that matters.
  6. DUG

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Nice buck! Congrats!!!!!!
  7. DUG

    4b rifle antelope hunting is hard.

    I've seen more people miss on antelope on their 1st shot than any other animal. Congrats to you guys!!!!
  8. DUG

    Looking for some help

    You tube will have what it takes to rebuild or replace your boot. If it were me I would buy a replacement CV from OReilly's (Import Direct) Lifetime warranty and is as beefy as the OE on your rig. Good luck!
  9. DUG

    Bison Hunting for Youth?

    Start building points now. He can usually get 2 points a year for Bison. Put in for hunts when you think you/he can afford it and is mentally and physically ready to do the hunt. The cost afterwards is pretty substantial. Processing, taxidermy etc......
  10. Probably the slowest/worst dove opener I can remember. Got 3 birds with 4 shots.
  11. Great thing you are doing here. I'm taking the neighbors 16 year old son on his 1st dove hunt this week. He is so excited. His Dad bought a couple 20 ga. pumps and he hasn't shot his yet. They were able to find some ammo but knowing kids and dove hunting he will blow thru 2 boxes easy.
  12. So not cool! It almost never has rained on opening day of dove season. I saw that and am thinking I only have a 2WD truck at the moment. I'm still going.......I think!
  13. DUG


  14. Bump now 20$ I'm in Glendale