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  1. DUG

    Help me identify Eberlestock pack

    Yeah the only tag I can find is the black one with blue lettering about gun safety. It's Hide Open Western Slope Camo.
  2. Trying to find a tag or label on an Eberlestock pack which identifies the model #. I believe it's an X3 Lo Drag but not totally sure. I'm going to post a picture if no one can tell me where the label might be located.
  3. DUG

    Ameristep Hayhouse Blind

    Sweatshirts SPF.
  4. DUG

    Ameristep Hayhouse Blind

    Sweatshirts are like new. No rips or tears or stains.
  5. HayHouse Blind never used or opened 40$ I'm in Glendale. Can meet at Cabelas or SW or anywhere off 101 between Cabelas and SW. In Tempe sometimes on Sat./Sun. PM if interested.
  6. DUG

    So who’s air frying?

    Our air fryer makes awesome cheese crisps. Does Boboli pizzas pretty good, too. Don't know why we didn't get one sooner.
  7. DUG

    *(FOUND SAFE!)* Missing hunter Eagle, CO

    Can't just end it like that.......Please post up more info when you get it. So glad he was found!
  8. I wish G$F would throw in iron sighted straight wall cartridge lever actions for the HAM hunts. But I guess that is what the general hunts are for.
  9. DUG

    Which Unit?

    I would hunt 7W over 8 any day. Being in Parks, 7W should be YOUR unit. Should be able to get a cow tag with 0 to 2 points and Bull with 3 to 5 points. Wait for LanceTkenyon to reply. He knows 7W better than most.
  10. DUG

    2019 bounty

    Nice! Congrats on a great hunting year.
  11. I've hunted AZ with BAR's all of my adult life. 1st one was 270 Win. It killed about 17 elk and 5 antelope. Longest shots were 475 on an elk and 500 on an antelope. But most were 100 to 300. Retired that BAR and went with a BAR 270 WSM Shorttrac LeftHand eject. Have killed about 6 elk with it with longest shot about 575 and most around 400. Most of these were late cow hunts where elk were bedded on knobs and no way to get too much closer without losing sight of them. Put a Leupold scope on it and you are good to go. Or Vortex if that's what you are into. Post up a pic of whatever you get.
  12. DUG

    Glassing Direction

    Just watched a buck early this morning on South facing slope. About 1/2 hour later he moved to North side and then came back to south and bedded.
  13. DUG

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    If the hiking gets dicey then I unload the chamber, especially if the kids are hunting.
  14. DUG

    My 2019 buck!

    Nice work! Congrats!!!!