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  1. Opening a gate one year in 23 and had an Apache come down off Armer Mtn. We waved and he did his tilt thing. Just last week had the G&F helicopter fly thru our area we were glassing. Had a decent buck bedded and he never moved when the chopper came by.
  2. DUG

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

    Treestands for everybody!!!!
  3. DUG

    Tag transfer question for anyone with experience.

    Yep! Great show!
  4. DUG

    It's been good Arizona

    Was going to be a smarty and say you look like you should be shooting ducks, too. I guess you did!!!! Lol! Congrats! Looks like the worst part of your hunt was getting those pigs! HaHa!
  5. DUG

    2 older bows both LH

    Bump........... RH bow is gone. The 2 LH bows are still available
  6. DUG

    2010 Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRD 4WD V6- SOLD

    Oh man can you hide it for 6 months?? Haha!! This will sell quick and hopefully to somebody here.
  7. DUG

    2 older bows both LH

    Have 2 old bows. 1st one is a LH Bear Polar II. No pics of this one but can text if you want pics. I killed a javelina with it in 2006. Previous owner had shot a couple elk with it. Next bow is a LH of unknown make. Comes with some arrows and broadheads. I'm in Glendale. PM if interested. .
  8. DUG

    AZGFD Portal

    I waited for an hour on hold for a 1 minute fix. Not sure how they screwed up but just call and expect to wait.
  9. DUG


    Merry Christmas!!!
  10. DUG


    Everybody is thinking it, I'm going to ask..... How did you order 2 pairs? Just curious is all. And bump for some nice binos!!
  11. DUG

    Bass Pro Shop / Sportsmans Warehouse

    Getting a Scheels here would be nice. Maybe Cabelas would close because of it.😏
  12. DUG

    46A East?

    Congrats to your Pops and you. I enjoyed following your hunt here. Way to stay at it and get it done!