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  1. DUG

    Archery Goat Down

    Nice! Congrats!
  2. DUG

    Bear Opener

    If I was still in that 17 to 30 year old age group I would be out there for sure. Hope to see some bear pics.
  3. DUG

    Hunting soap

    I've called 3 times. No response.......
  4. DUG

    Hunting soap

    Not so sure the rope is needed but probably the shape could be different.😏
  5. DUG


    You can get something nice for 4 to 5 hundred. I'm looking for something in the 300$ range. My 16 year old Bushnell is giving me a + or- 5 yd variance. Sucks for bowhunting.
  6. DUG

    Where am I ? ( not Arizona)

    Shoshone Falls?
  7. DUG

    2020 Summer Cow

    Congrats! That's awesome!
  8. DUG

    Who am I?

    Bernard J.D. Irwin oh shoot you already have the answer. Guess there's no Irwin quail.....dooooooohhhh!
  9. DUG

    What State

    We're thinking of a 4 year stint in either KY, TN or NC. Then we'll stay if we like it, if not we'll move somewhere else. Hope your power comes back soon!
  10. Bump for a great spotter.
  11. Frozen or melted? It is about 112 out today.........
  12. DUG

    State Rt. 188 Closed Near Rossevelt

  13. DUG

    2020 Summer Cow

    Go on the Wyoming G$F buffalo hunter page and it has some good info on ID. There's also a Canadian one that has a picture ID quiz. I failed miserably. I found these just by googling bison hunting. My son's friend booked with Russ. I'll see what info I can get from him.
  14. DUG

    2020 Summer Cow

    Whatever hunt is going on now, my son's friend just put the smackdown on a bison up there.🐃
  15. DUG

    2020 Summer Cow

    Good luck!