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  1. DUG


    If anyone is going from Glendale to Tucson let me know.
  2. DUG


    I've got approximately 5 lbs. I'm in Glendale. Where you at?
  3. There's elk in most all of 7W. Do you like hunting pines or junipers? I would find some place where you can see for a good distance and glass. The other thing would be to drive the roads before the season and get familiar with the unit.
  4. DUG

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Cards typically hit until Mon. Don't give up yet. No hits here either but not throwing the towel in.........
  5. DUG

    Elk Draw Delayed

    I still remember the elk in the canal near Gila Bend years ago.........
  6. DUG

    Day 4 Stink Pig /1st Ever

    Nice work!!! And congrats!!!!
  7. DUG

    1 more week

    You are a time traveler! We are talking about it now! Lol! How many elk points you have?
  8. DUG

    1st javalina

    Very nice!! Congrats to both of you!!!
  9. DUG

    Gun safe recommendations

    My Cannon is about that weight and setting on tile. No issues being on tile. I drilled 2 holes to keep the safe in place.
  10. DUG

    Gun safe recommendations

    Costco has some nice safes in that price range.
  11. DUG


    Your picture is fine....Coues country is steep....Bump for a nice rifle....
  12. DUG

    Pops javelina

    Nice work!!
  13. DUG

    Can we get hoodies made????

    Yep! option 2. I'd buy that. Will you be having some made in 3XL-for us umm muscular guys?
  14. DUG

    Tagged out!! X2!

    Nice! Congrats!
  15. DUG

    2019 SnowPig

    Went up to 23 yesterday for a day of archery hunting in the snow. Spotted 1 lone javelina heading down the side of a big wash. Worked our way over and found about 7 feeding. LukeDuke worked up to the top while I stayed near the bottom. The javelina worked up to near the top of a snowy knob. Luke drew back and missed his. I had already worked up to the top and across a flat near the edge of the next wash. I found a lone boar standing near the edge and drew back and released an arrow. I heard the arrow hit something but got to where he was standing and no blood. I found blood on my arrow. We looked around and finally 1/2 hour later I noticed him limping at the bottom of the wash. Got into position for a finishing shot and then the long haul/hike back to the FJ. Thanks to Luke Duke for carrying my bow and jacket to the truck and not offering to help carry the pig. Lol! The last picture is where the pigs were feeding.