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    Fiat 500 POP for sale

    2012 Fiat 500 POP, it was my wife daily drive , right now has 65500 miles, is in great condition, great gas mileage, the price is in the middle of KBB. 4 cylinder, 1.4 liter , 5 spedd Always took good care of it with oil changes on time, synthetic oil only. $5100.00
  2. maximus

    Fiat 500 POP for sale

    with the prices of gas as a daily driver is fantastic, i knew it would sale fast
  3. maximus

    Dog Crates

    I have 2 double door wire crates that i don't use. One is 36 x 23 x 25 is been used but in good condition, is the one on the picture $ 40.00 The other is bigger 42 x 28x 30 is in the garage never been used it was too big $ 50.00
  4. maximus

    Dog Crates

    both sold
  5. maximus

    WTB compound bow 70lb@29”

    right hand or left?
  6. maximus

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    just make sure when you eat is in the safe zone around 140
  7. maximus

    2015 Maserati Ghibli

    you can tow some really good looking women!!
  8. maximus

    Fiat 500 POP for sale

  9. Beatiful puppy, i had the same exact collar on my GSP!
  10. maximus

    Dog Crates

    Big one is sold.
  11. maximus

    2015 Maserati Ghibli

    That is a great car with Ferrari motor, I grew up about 30 miles from factory bump
  12. maximus

    Capperjohn791 scammer

    they should change their tactics, is always someone in the family or friend that has someting for sale.
  13. maximus

    Losing Little by Little!

    TJ is great that you are back, going to the subject i think social media, websites like gohunt and other and some podcasts have tons of people from out of state coming here, i think some guys from gohunt did some you tube videos of hunts in january and how great the weather was, Randy Newberg also have some videos here in AZ.
  14. maximus

    Alpine-Hannagan meadow area

    Does anybody if there is a lot accumulation of snow upthere ? Thanks
  15. maximus

    Question about mule deer

    Hello, i have a couple of questions, i never hunted mule deer always whitetail, the question is, do mule deer have a small home range like coues? or they move around a lot more? if i find a buck in a certain area will it be far or will it be within a mile or two? second question is if you archery hunt at 8500 feet what will be the difference an arrow travel or will be big difference with arrow drop? thank you for the input.
  16. maximus

    Favorite Westerns

    High plains drifter is good too.
  17. maximus


    i had a rangefinder for sale years ago and a guy send me a cahier's check for $2500.00, i was asking $250.00 he said to keep $250.00 for shipping and send him via western union the rest, that is how bad this scam are and a lot op people fell fotr it.
  18. i know that vortex came out with the kaibab 20x56 but also nikon has a 20x56 and 16x56, any opinions on those? which one you think is better, let's not talk about swaro's or leica.
  19. maximus

    Any portal updates

    about a week ago
  20. maximus

    Any portal updates

    mine was update it to pending and show the apps.
  21. maximus

    Tripods head type?

    i used to have the outdoorsmans pistol grip with panner and didn't like it, 20 years ago i had a manfrotto 128 and went back to that on both of my tripods.
  22. maximus


    Bautiful Puppy, we have a 5 month old GSP that we got from a member here.
  23. maximus

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    patience, we didn't get the result until april not that long ago.