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  1. maximus

    Deer Regs

    When do the deer regulations come out? i thought was in late april.
  2. maximus

    130 gr Nosler Accubond 6.5mm Bullets

    is from 2019.
  3. maximus

    FS vortex Razor 12x50 UHD

  4. maximus

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    they reopened for me, it was really good to be there. 😁
  5. maximus

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    me neither but just double checking making sure it was ok to go shooting with all fire warnings.
  6. maximus

    Elk 101

    Chappell has the trophy wife and matriarch, both are great calls and he has videos on you tube how to use them.
  7. but the reporting is it mandatory or not? it will be good to know. i always fill up the questionaire but if is mandatory how do they track that.
  8. this are the guidelines for this fall and next year and usually those are the regs, but doesn't say anything about mandatory reporting. some units have a very low threshold but the southern units a lot higher, 36B 230 and 34A 185, everybody is going south. https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/AZ-Hunt-Guidelines-2018-2023_7-26-2019.pdf
  9. maximus

    Help with cost of building a shop/garage

    don't really know much about it , he is a project consultant.
  10. maximus

    Help with cost of building a shop/garage

    Hello, my son works for a company called Buildzoom.com, they find out the project you want to do and call a few contractors and you can pick the one you like with the best estimate, if you want i give you his number and he can tell you how it works. let me know.
  11. also, how do you find out if the unit is closed, call the number like the bear quota?
  12. maximus

    Unit 23 north map

    flatline app is very good also.
  13. maximus

    The Oscar’s

    What a joke , I never watch this stuff but my wife insisted to watch, never again clowns
  14. maximus

    17B & 19B

    Don’t return it it takes 20 points or more to draw a good tag
  15. maximus

    Which bullet?

    I load imr 7828 ssc, 210 grain berger vld hunting, I get fantastic groups and great penetration, that is for my 300 win mag.
  16. maximus

    Unit Breakdown

    toprut gives 61.5% with 7 points and 100% with 8. iread somewhere that were 18000 more apps this year then last year.
  17. maximus

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    12 pages? come on.
  18. Good morning, the question about suppresors is, i know you to register and do all the paper work, a firiend of mine told me that they can come and search your house without a warrant, is that right? i have nothing to hide and i'm a very good citizen but that i will not like. opinions and facts please and thank you. 2nd question is about trigger pull, i have a rifle the the stock trigger is a 4# , on my 300 win mag i have it a 3# and i like it , my new rifle is a 6.5 creedmoor and was thinking about 2.5#, is that too light for hunting? Thank you.
  19. maximus

    143 gr eldxs at midway usa

    can't find them there, only 308
  20. maximus

    WTT 6.5mm berger

    I have one box brand new never opened of Berger VLD hunting 6.5mm 140 grain, will like to trade for Hornady ELD X 6.5 mm 143 grain. don't if the campfire is the right spot . Thank you.
  21. Intersting! https://blog.eastmans.com/no-more-guides-no-more-finders-fees-in-utah/?mc_cid=f642f46e1d&mc_eid=e5583fe0c8
  22. maximus

    Non resident tags

    i guess is al over the west. https://blog.eastmans.com/59395-deer-and-elk-tags-to-nonresidents/?mc_cid=7fac947a39&mc_eid=e5583fe0c8
  23. maximus

    Sedona inexpensive place to stay???

    with those prices you are better off to stay in flagstaff or cottonwood and drive, i looked a the prices last week and it is crazy.
  24. maximus

    Wife needs a new bow

    i thouhgt for some reason that they were open and yes they are the best.
  25. maximus

    Celebration of Life Service

    Sorry for your loss, prayers for you and family.