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  1. i take the scope cover 480-274-8918
  2. i think it was a post about the same thing years ago.
  3. maximus

    WTB 30 cal Nosler 180 gr Accubond

    i bought them for my 308 and i ended up using the 150 grains and i load berger's for my 300 win mag, in otherwords no experience with those.
  4. maximus

    Tag Donation

    My nephew and myself have tags for unit 23 coues in two weeks and looks like my nephew won't be able to make it and i was wondering if i can donate his tag and who i can contact about it, if any body has some info. thank you.
  5. maximus

    WTB 30 cal Nosler 180 gr Accubond

    if you need i have some sierra gameking 180 grain that i don't use.
  6. maximus

    off road tire pressure

    i'm planning on going to the north of roosevelt lake on a very nasty road, i have a tacoma with bf goodrich all terrain, my question is how much do you lower the tire pressure? mine right now are at 38 psi, they are 265-75-16. thanks in advance.
  7. maximus

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    don't know why he keeps coming back to the same arguments.
  8. maximus

    off road tire pressure

    they are stock rims and load range is E.
  9. maximus

    off road tire pressure

    Thanks guys
  10. maximus

    Unit 33 Hunting

    that comment was nasty.
  11. maximus

    Do something nice for your dog today

    Sorry for your loss.
  12. maximus

    Leupold Vari-X III 3.5 x 10 SOLD

    40? and 1 inch tube?
  13. maximus

    Goodyear tire for sale

    I have 1 Goodyear all terrain adventurer tire for sale, it is new, it was my spare and i changed size so i have this one, never used 0 miles on it, is a 265/70/16 is from my Toyota tacoma. They sale at $ 166.00+tax at discount. $ 100.00
  14. maximus

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    do you guys think Jay Scott is also a influencer? a lot of the guides that he has on are always promoting for non residents.
  15. maximus

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    he also wrote that book Deer of the Southwest which is a great book, but he has been on every social media paltform that you can think of.
  16. maximus

    FN Herstal SPR A1a .308

    cheers on the Blanton's!!!
  17. maximus

    Prayer for a friend

    Stanley, thank your girlfriend for all the hardwork she puts in and all the stress, my wife used to work for Honorhealth, not a nurse but new a lot of them and she heard lots of stories about this nightmare of people sick of covid and dying alone because nobody could see them, on the other hand my friend is doing better still on dialysis but they moved him to a rehab facility, they said it will be a least a few weeks, his wife said that the doctors and nurses didn't think he was going to make it and that he is the first patient in that hospital that surivived after 19 day on a vent, i could not exprees all the gratitude to all of you guys that prayed for him. Thank you and godbless.
  18. maximus

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    signed and donated.
  19. maximus

    Scammer alert

    Haven’t seen Snapshot in a longtime
  20. maximus

    WTB 12x binos

    check this out, don't know if is a scamm, this days you never know.
  21. maximus

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    Face to face is the only way to go.
  22. maximus

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    $450.00 it was fishy but you never know, if a hacker can start using our screen name is really bad,
  23. i think is best to put it in a suitcase and check it and bring a small pack with your optics, airlines has changed the size of carry on's, if you are bring it as a carry on check with your airline because when you are at the gate and if is to big they will check it for you there.