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  1. maximus

    18,000 new elk apps

    so much for less applicants because of the dry year we had and lack of moisture and feed.
  2. maximus

    Online sat. map

    Those are great, you showed us that last time, i have it bookmarked now. thank you
  3. maximus

    Insane low prices on Leupold scopes

    yes there are knock off Leupold scopes from china, if you don't have the serial # you don't know if is legit
  4. maximus

    Housing in Payson

    yes that's what i meant
  5. maximus

    Housing in Payson

    is starvalley, strawberry ,pine the same?
  6. this prices are worse then gunbroker.
  7. maximus

    WTB Older 336 and Savage 99

    get in touch with campbell20, i'm sure he has anything you need.
  8. maximus

    Campbell20 is a scammer, Just FYI

    i got the exact same message but for ammo.
  9. maximus

    Anyone else get a message from Campbell20?

    i got a pm also from him for something i was looking before. 357 mag ammo
  10. maximus

    WTB 357 Mag

    Just bought a gun and need some ammo, fmj and hollow points. Thanks in advance.
  11. maximus

    WTB 357 Mag

    good to meet you and thank you for the honest price.
  12. maximus

    Bobcat Vs Rattle

  13. maximus

    Bobcat Vs Rattle

    they are quick for sure
  14. maximus

    Zeiss 15x60 B/GAT* binoculars

    $1500.00 you can buy used swaros!
  15. maximus

    Rock Quarry on Table Mesa Rd

    thank you
  16. maximus

    Rock Quarry on Table Mesa Rd

    that is a great satelite program, is it free or you have to pay?
  17. maximus

    WTB 357 Mag

    thanks but $60.00 is a bit too much , i think i wait.
  18. maximus

    Property for sale

    could i be your assistant?
  19. maximus

    22 Javi Question

    Coach, this is the area i pm you about IMG_1243.MOV
  20. maximus


    Did any of you guys notice a slow rut this year? poor nutrition due to the drought you think affected the rut? i didn't see rutting like other years.
  21. maximus

    Swarovski 6-24X50

    1 inch tube? or 30mm?
  22. maximus


    when is the online applications will be open?
  23. maximus

    Custom Weatherby Vanguard

    bad time to sale, no ammo!
  24. maximus

    Looking to buy

    i was looking to buy a 45/70 but can't find ammo or reloading supplies, by the way is a .458 the round on the 45/70? i love the 45/70 from the movie windriver. usually they go for about $1300.00 but you can't find one for less than $2500.00, crazy times.
  25. maximus

    WTB Marlin 1895 SBL

    that is a great gun but tough to get ammo or reloading supplies for, this is the gun in the movie Windriver.