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    WTB: chest freezer

    Bought one at Costco yesterday. 9cf for $249.00
  2. Listing for a friend. Beautiful pistol, hard to find color (let's be honest, they're all hard to find now). Only 4 rounds through this pistol! Truglo sights, threaded barrel, two mags, includes box and papers. No trades, bill of sale required with AZ DL# or CCW, PM for Contact Info
  3. Huntmoore

    Ruger Mark IV FDE Cerakote [SOLD]

    Thanks, Broken Wheels! Just heard that sale is final! Thanks again, Ric!
  4. Huntmoore

    Ruger Mark IV FDE Cerakote [SOLD]

  5. Huntmoore

    Classic knives.

    Thanks, man! She's definitely been used over the last 51 years!
  6. Huntmoore

    Winchester 94 Commemorative 38-55 Octagon Barrel

    Beautiful gun...I'm a softie for levers and this would go great with my matched set of Teddy Roosevelt Octogon 30-30s. Wish I hadn't used my stimi check responsibly to pay off student loans! Good luck with sale!
  7. Huntmoore

    Classic knives.

    I love this thread....for me, my knives remind me of so many stories! My Puma Whitehunter is from 1969, but my dad bought it for $20 at a Ham Radio gathering him and I were at up near Munds Park 30 years ago. The stag handled CaseXX is from my grandpa, who used to be a Case dealer in the family furniture store in KY. The small skinner also came from my grandpa, made by a local knifemaker who (I believe) is no longer around....John "Grizz" Morgan. Finally, the red Victorinox seems like no big deal, but is my favorite story. It's the first knife I ever got, given to me by grandpa as we were working on the roof of his motor home (I'm guessing I was 6 or 7). I'm not especially known for keeping track of things, so the fact that I was able to keep from losing this knife through high school was a miracle. When I was 18 or 19, I was fishing Page Springs (up near Cottonwood). I fished the whole day and covered 1+ mile wet wading down the creek. When I got back to the truck, the knife was gone. I remembered using the scissors to trim tippet through the day, but had no idea where I had it last. I was heartbroken. A little over a month later, I was back fishing Page Springs again. At some point, I just happen to glance down into a riffle and catch a glimpse of red. Sure enough, it was my knife. After a good soak and some brushing, she was cleaned up and brand like brand new, and I made sure to keep her tucked safe somewhere to pass on to my own boys with the story!
  8. Huntmoore

    There up !

    Nov 27-Dec. 3 Bull 23!
  9. Huntmoore

    .44 ruger super Blackhawk

    Nice. The gun so nice, you have to draw it twice
  10. Hey guys, I figured I’d throw this on here before CL and see if any reloaders would be interested. Guy at church passed this stuff along and I am not set up to reload, so make me an offer. I know nothing about how old anything is...powder containers are both ~25% full. Lots of 30-06 brass and 257 Roberts. I don’t even know what a lot of it is, but the wife needs it gone, so hopefully someone here does! Will piece out stuff in anything is of interest to you!
  11. Huntmoore

    Reloading odds and ends—-SOLD

    TTT...this stuff has got to go!
  12. Huntmoore

    Reloading odds and ends—-SOLD

    TTT...and I guess I will piece this out if no one is interested in the lot!
  13. Huntmoore

    Reloading odds and ends—-SOLD

    Ok...hit me up before you head this way next weekend. I'd like to have it all gone by then, but if it's not, I'll set that aside for you! you can text me at 623-341-8173
  14. Huntmoore

    Reloading odds and ends—-SOLD

    Sorry guys...located NW Valley (67th Ave and Happy Valley) and work at Northwest Community Church (43rd Ave and Bell...if that’s easier)
  15. Huntmoore

    Rifle, Pistol, Spotter FS

  16. Huntmoore

    Rifle, Pistol, Spotter FS

    Hey guys...listing a few items for my buddy (hope that's okay). PM me and I'll send you his email if you're interested: -Walther PPQ M2 9mm, lightly used, apex trigger upgrade and 5 magazines. Comes with holster. Asking $600 -Cz 527 American, .223 Remington, Leupold VX2 3-9x40 scope, 3 magazines. Asking $900, brand new, never fired. Wood in great condition. -Vortex Razor HD 22-48x65 spotting scope, cover, Barely taken out of the house. Asking $1,050
  17. Huntmoore

    400+ on 23 archery?

    Hey guys...spent the weekend up camping/fishing in 23N...Bulls are going nuts. Bugles non-stop all around us from 2pm yesterday until about 10am today. Talked to some of the early rifle hunters who said the unit WM told them a 407” was killed across from Colcord campground on the archery hunt. Apparently the guy made it up late to hunt and dropped over before setting up camp and killed the bull on a wallow? Anybody seen anything of this bull?
  18. Huntmoore

    400+ on 23 archery?

    I think that’s the bull known as “George Jr.”...crazy cool character and a giant! But i think this must’ve been another bull...sounded like older because work kept him from hunting opening morning and no mention of a crossbow...
  19. Huntmoore

    21 Archery hunt

    My uncle drew one of the 5 tags, but not until about two weeks ago (he was next in line for a turned-in tag)....
  20. Huntmoore

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Your gonna need more wall space. I'm digging the "wavy" third.....
  21. Huntmoore

    RPR gen 3 .308

    It's hard to find room for all your winnings, huh?
  22. Huntmoore

    3B Nov Muzzy Bull

    A buddy who is new to hunting drew this tag and I am trying to help him with some starting points. Anybody had this hunt in the past that would be willing to throw some help his way? Thanks guys! -Z
  23. Huntmoore

    3B Nov Muzzy Bull

    His is actually the later (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)