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  1. Phil Carr

    ISO Waterfowl Shells - 3.5" BB

    Have you thought about using lead? I used #2’s with great success.
  2. Phil Carr

    F/S High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 22 pistol

    Sold to Jeff
  3. Phil Carr

    F/S High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 22 pistol

    Still available
  4. I am selling my High Standard Sentinel Deluxe. Model R-107 9 shot revolver. This pistol was manufactured in 1968. Capable of shooting. Shorts, Longs, and Long Rifle ammunition. This is a 4” double action. This revolver belonged to my brother and has been shot just a few times and well cared for. I would estimate it is in 95+% condition. See pictures for details. $295.00 FIRM NE Tucson. I am headed north with in the next week and a half. If someone is interested I could arrange with you to pick up some where along my route. Please text Phil if you have any questions. Texts will be responded to in the order the are received. 520-975-0830
  5. Hank you for letting me know.
  6. If still available I will take it.
  7. Phil Carr


  8. Phil Carr


    Running this to the top again before moving to Craig list. Great little 4x4 hunting vehicle.
  9. Phil Carr


    Pictures added
  10. Phil Carr


    Here is a little more information on the Geo. Gets about 25 mpg. The engine only has about 16,000 miles since professional overhaul does not burn or leak any oil. Some light rust nothing major. 5 speed manual transmission. Will take pictures of the interior tomorrow. Great little 4x4 it’s pretty small but so is a Side by Side, a lot cooler, dryer, or warmer in the winter. You won’t get much for $2500. I am surprised this has not already sold. It was over $2000 to just overhaul the engine. Posting on Craig’s list Wednesday. Call if I can answer any questions
  11. Phil Carr


  12. Phil Carr


    I am selling a 1993 Geo Tracker for my brother. He has 2 other 4x4 trucks and a Side by side, so he rarely drives this Tracker. Here is a list of things done to this Tracker over the last 3 years. New top and windshield installed , 5 new Goodyear Wrangler tires installed 5,000 miles ago, new Front seat covers. Engine professionally overhauled and only 16,000 Driven, while the engine was out had the transmission inspected and resealed, new clutch and throw out bearing, fly wheel turned, all belts and hoses replaced. Transfer case replaced. New battery just a few months ago. Tracker has heavy duty steel bumpers front and rear, electric winch, front locking manual hubs, good brakes. Tracks straight right down the road. Comes with front tow hitch and lights. The only things I am aware of the needs addressing is the interior over head light inside does not work as well as the interior Right turn signal bulb does not work. A/C may have a slow leak. It was low when I serviced a month ago, but it is still blowing cold air. My brother said the last time he had it out elk hunting he heard some popping noise coming from the front end area. I have taken it out 4 wheeling and can not duplicate. ( I am bringing this up as there could be a future problem). Due to this my brother is pricing this Tracker at a bargain price. Note: Zero oil or fluid leaks anywhere. SOLD $2500 FIRM. I will show the vehicle and let you test drive by appointment. Located in N.E. Tucson. I will respond in the order your texts are received. Text Phil 520-975-0830
  13. Phil Carr

    drought bulls

    Will there be other videos posted of this hunt@?