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  1. Well the posting states pointing dogs range. Hunting with Flushing dogs is a whole different type of hunting.
  2. I like my dogs to hunt no more than in a 200 yard arc from side to side. Never behind me, checking back from time to time. My dogs will hold birds until I get to them but I am not as fast as I once was and I don't enjoy racing to get to my dogs at further distances. i don't like dogs that hang out close and wont own one.
  3. Phil Carr

    2024 Goulds

    Was there a video?
  4. I am selling my OWENS 2 dog aluminum dog box with top storage. I purchased this new and is still in great condition. It fits perfectly in a Tacoma and fits right up against the cab. I used it to transport my GSP’s as well as my English pointers. The only reason I am selling is because a shoulder injury I have a hard time taking in and out when I need to use my full bed. I need to go to single plastic dog boxes. The measurement is 37” x 29 1/2” x 22 1/2”. $625.00 firm pick up in Tucson. PM me or text Five Two zero 975-0830. I will respond in the order I receive message or the first person who says I will take it.
  5. Phil Carr

    Help ID Rifle

    Im guessing you have a 8x57 JS chambered rifle. If a round chambers I bet you have the correct ammo. I would just slug it to be sure. ( an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Good luck looks like a fun rifle.
  6. Phil Carr

    Help ID Rifle

    If you were in Tucson I would be happy to make a chamber casting and slug the barrel. I can walk you through slugging the barrel. Just use a lead cast bullet larger than the rifle bore. Use a little lubricant and a short wood dowel to start the slug into the bore, and use the long dowel to tap the slug through the bore. I use a set of dial calipers to measure the slug. You can then determine the slug diameter.
  7. Phil Carr

    Help ID Rifle

    The best and safest way to determine what cartridge it takes is to do a chamber cast. I also always slug the barrel. Not hard to do and actually kind of neat to learn to do this. It very well may be 8x57. I copied this for information. This better details the differences. i recently camber cast and slugged the barrel of a friends rifle, a Combination German rifle. His rifle was actually another cartridge of 8x57. I was determined to be a 8x57 JR . A rimmed cartridge. 8x57JS, the "J-bore", was the original chambering for the Mauser. It had a bullet diameter of .318 inches and was a round nose deisgn. The 8x57IS, referred to as the "S-bore" was the later chambering with a new spitzer bullet with a diameter of .323 inches. Early rifles chambered for the J-bore and subsequently modified to fire the larger S-bore were stamped with a "S" on the receiver to indicate the change.
  8. Phil Carr

    Used / New Yamaha Raptor 700R SE 700cc

    Joined 20 minutes ago. Seems like a scammer to me.
  9. Phil Carr

    Winchester Big Bore 94 XTR .375

    With some members getting drawn for elk tags this rifle may be just the ticket for someone wanting to take an elk with a lever gun. i may be headed to Phoenix in the coming weeks and can meet. Also willing to ship to your FFL or meet in Tucson. Send me a PM if intereasted.
  10. Phil Carr

    Winchester Big Bore 94 XTR .375

    Back to the top. I am willing to ship to your FFL
  11. Phil Carr

    Swarovski AT 80 spotting scope with 20x60 lens

    Moved to ebay.
  12. Phil Carr

    Swarovski AT 80 spotting scope with 20x60 lens

    Im willing to consider offers or firearms in trade.
  13. Phil Carr

    Swarovski AT 80 spotting scope with 20x60 lens

    To the top for another few days.
  14. Phil Carr

    Winchester Big Bore 94 XTR .375

    Moving it to the top before listing else where.