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  1. I am selling my Smith & Wesson model 77A .22 cal. Pellet rifle. These were only made in the early 70’s. It shoots hard. These were designed to be able to be pumped 20 pumps. It will wear you out if you pump it 20 times LOL. The gun is not perfect but is still in excellent condition and better then most I have seen. It’s an interesting falling block type action (sort of. ) Weighs a little over 6 lbs. not some Chinese made air rifle that’s for sure. Made in Springfield Mass. USA. It is scoped with a Bushnell 4x custom 22 scope. It does not have a rear sight. Interesting operation. You cock it, pump it, then open to load a pellet. You could actually load a pellet first but for safety reasons I prefer not to have a pellet in the barrel while pumping. Also has an auto safety. You actually slide the thumb safety back to release the safety. $140.00 Firm. Will post here for a week and if no interest will move to eBay. Located on the Eastside of Tucson. Will be going to Phoenix next week so we could meet, or I am willing to ship at cost. After sighting in the two pellet rifles I am selling I realized that after shooting through the box I had my target on the pellets were smacking the block wall pretty good. ( see last pictures) Text Phil 520-975-0830
  2. Phil Carr

    FS SHERIDAN BLUE STREAK 5 mm ( .20 cal.)

    Yotebuster it’s yours. I will ship. Test me your address and I will get with you on the shipping. Thanks Phil
  3. Selling my 1960’s Sheridan Blue Streak. This 5 mm cal. Has a Weaver C4 scope and is mounted with Genuine Sheridan Intermount system. This is not a Chinese made air rifle. It was made in Racine Wis USA. The rifle is in excellent condition made in the 60’s. I have owned this for a number of years and had it completely resealed 2 years ago. Accurate and hard shooting. These rifles were designed to be pumped up to 8 pumps. you would need to look hard to find one much nicer. Please note I do not have the rear sight. $265.00 Firm. I am listing here for the next week. Then will move to eBay if no interest. can be picked up in Tucson a Eastside. I am also headed to Phoenix next week and could meet up with you. I can ship for actual cost. Text Phil 520-975-0830
  4. Phil Carr

    Pool deck resurfacing

    Need mine redone also but in Tucson.
  5. Phil Carr


    Bump for a great truck. Not just because it’s a Toyota but it has been maintained right. This truck is worth a second look.
  6. Thanks for all of the input. Ended up going with John Conway. Been in business 38 years. So far a true professional and his quote came in as the lowest.
  7. Thanks guys this is what I need in making my decision on finding an installer. Granite Planet will be one I will shy away from for sure.
  8. Thanks I called and left a message. Hopefully he will call back.
  9. Any members that install Granite counter tops. Doing my kitchen remodel. Have a few company's given to me from AZ Tile but would like recommendations, or deal with a member preferred.
  10. Phil Carr

    34 A/B

    At least a few shooter bucks down that way. August 8 2019
  11. Phil Carr

    Help Pricing a 20 gauge O/U

  12. Phil Carr

    Free goat

    I’m not a vet or a dog whisper but that labs eyes dont lie. That goat has not been castrated.
  13. Phil Carr

    Benelli Super Black Eagle for Sale

    Thank you Tres. It was a pleasure meeting you and your Brittneys. Glad the SBE will get used.