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    Big game hunting. Shooting birds over my dogs. Collecting and shooting vintage SXS shotguns

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  1. Phil Carr

    ISO 2 youth shotguns

    PM me if interested. I have a nice Winchester model 12 20 gauge. $575 here in Tucson
  2. Phil Carr

    Michelin Premier 215 R60 16 tires for sale

    I will also trade for shotgun shells or 22 cal. Shells.
  3. I just put a new set of tires on my wife’s car. I am selling the two tires from the rear of the car. These tires only have 18,000 miles on them and are 60,000 mile tires. One tire did have a puncture but was correctly repaired by Discount Tire. They are good for another 40;000 miles. selling as a set of 2 for $50 you pick up on the Eastside of Tucson. PLEASE PM ME IF INTERESTED..
  4. Phil Carr

    yueed5 Another scammer

    It’s really Getty bad. I posted a WTB AND 3 scammers have contacted me. All of these have no history but want me to contact someone they say has what ai wanted. Here is another yueed5 .
  5. Phil Carr

    Spammer: Slickracer

    Yes he also wanted me to text his friend that had the ammo I was looking for. 2 scammers in 2 days. It seems to me there should be an approval process for new “ Members.” If you post something here about looking to purchase anything you will get hit up by 2 to 4 scammers within a week. Easy to identify they usually are looking to Help you out with in a few hours of joining. No posts, no history. I have found posting here in the past our members with history try to help you out. I will be very reluctant to post any WTB Posts going forward. dang shame.
  6. Phil Carr

    Scammer alert

    Another scammer just joined Name Zipstev
  7. Phil Carr

    Removed due to so many scammers

    Thank you. I have never been in his shop. I need to stop in some time.
  8. Phil Carr

    Removed due to so many scammers

    The rimfire 32 is hard to come by for sure. My 1891 comes with 2 firing pins so it can shoot center fire and rimfire ammo. Prefer center fire so I can reload the brass.
  9. Phil Carr


    I will take the 32-20 if still available.
  10. Phil Carr

    Wtb .30 cal or bigger lever gun

    I have a Winchester model 94 XTR Big bore in Win. 375 caliber. Bluing and checkering in Excellent condition. Includes the reloading dies and 2 boxes of ammunition. PM me if interested
  11. Phil Carr


    Found some.
  12. Phil Carr

    ISO 38 Short Colt Ammo

    Yes the 38 SC ammunition uses a heeled bullet. Good info here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heeled_bullet
  13. Phil Carr


    Do we have a process for reporting possible Scammers?
  14. Phil Carr


    So raciohurg what do you hunt and what do you do with the meat?