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    Big game hunting. Shooting birds over my dogs. Collecting and shooting vintage SXS shotguns

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  1. Phil Carr

    WTB 25-20 Single shot and 300 Rook ammunition.

    I will have a look. Thanks
  2. Phil Carr

    WTB 25-20 Single shot and 300 Rook ammunition.

    Thanks. I have a 1892 in 25-20 Winchester. Still looking for the longer case 20-25-86 Single shot ammo for my Rook rifle.
  3. I am looking to purchase some ammunition. I need some 25-20-86 ( Single shot ) ammunition. This is the longer cartridge than the Winchester 25-20. Also a long shot but possibly someone has some 300 Rook ammo. i would also like to purchase a set of reloading dies for a 25-20 single shot. Thanks Phil
  4. Phil Carr

    Shipping a rifle?

    The only option for shipping for an individual is USPS. USE PRIORITY MAIL. It needs to go to an FFL with a copy of your Drivers license.
  5. Phil Carr

    Call your double and raise you one.

    Excellent what a great memory for these guys.
  6. Phil Carr

    22 Cricket Rifle

    I will take it for my grandaughter if avalible.
  7. Phil Carr

    outfitter san carlos

    I spoke to a lady at the SC Game and Fish today.They are processing the tags for the first turkey hunt. Next will be the applicants for the 2nd hunt, then the 3rd.
  8. Phil Carr


    IMG_1376.MOV Im still trying to become a little more knowledgable about ballet so I can enjoy an evening of entertainment with my more sophisticated friends. Im not sure what move this is. 😂 Relever. Meaning “to rise,” this describes how ballet dancers balance on the balls of their feet (or their toes for advanced ballet dancers), resulting in the dancer floating off the floor. Sauter. Meaning “to jump,” this describes when the ballet dancer leaves the floor, pushing off with force, but landing with control and strength, resulting in no sound. This is one of the most difficult moves to master and takes years of ballet training and practice.
  9. Phil Carr


    Cute little guys. My understanding is they will run up to the top of the hill, round up a covey and then point them. 😉The brown spotted one has a English pointer 12 o'clock tail.
  10. Phil Carr


    Pm sent. If you send me your address in the next hour, I will ship these today.
  11. Phil Carr


    Just running this to the top. Still time to get a case before Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS Phil
  12. Phil Carr


    Thought I would bring this to the top. I still have 14 cases left.
  13. Phil Carr


    I still have some left will respond to your PM. I will make sure that anyone that wants a case before Christmas can have one. Merry Christmas Phil
  14. Phil Carr


    Thanks Eddie . Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I will probably have pecans up until Christmas. I throw a cello pack in my backpack. Great snack. I need to post some recipe’s, I have a great cinnammon Honey pecan thats easy to bake and wont last long once they are pulled from the oven.
  15. Phil Carr

    Prayer request

    Bill I am praying for your Mom, you and your family.