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    Big game hunting. Shooting birds over my dogs. Collecting and shooting vintage SXS shotguns

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  1. Phil Carr


    I was to slow I guess someone beat me to it.
  2. Phil Carr


    I am interested in purchasing. PM sent
  3. Looking to buy or trade for a box or partial box of 375 H&H magnum shells. PM me if you do.
  4. Phil Carr

    **SOLD**243 Win & 22-250 Rem

    Both PM sent
  5. Phil Carr

    **SOLD**243 Win & 22-250 Rem

    I’m in Tucson and will take these if still available.
  6. Phil Carr

    Colt Refinishing

    It doesn’t get any better than Turnbull for vintage guns. They are not cheap but things are done right.
  7. Phil Carr

    What’s the best camp chair?

    My wife won a Yeti chair at a SAQF Banquet. It is a very nice, well built chair. Honestly I would not pay $300 for a camp chair but I sure do like it.
  8. Phil Carr

    Looking for quality used Crossbow.

    Thank you.
  9. I am looking for a quality used crossbow. Cash or I have some guns for trade. Please,PM me with details. If you are a scammer don’t bother contacting me. Way too many idiots join this site and an hour later claim to have a friend, uncle, etc that has what you are looking for.
  10. Phil Carr

    PHOENIX AEROCOOL PRO 6800 cfm cooler

  11. I am selling my Aerocool Pro 6800 CFM side draft cooler. The cooler was purchased by me new and used for 4 seasons, before I installed AC. It has sat on my roof unused for over the last 15 years. It’s not rusted up and corroded inside due to the design. The only rust at all is on the roof mount rack which can be cleaned and touched up. These sell for over $2000. Plus the rack is extra. I have removed it from my roof in preparation for a new roof and solar system, and is ready to be picked up. It will need a few things, pads, 2 new pumps. The plastic liner is in decent shape has a small crack which can be repaired or for less than $200 you can install a complete new liner? It comes with the electronic controller. This unit although has faded paint will give you years and years of service. I live on the NE side of Tucson and if interested you can come by and inspect. I would like to remove it this week $200. It’s not light so you will need a few guys to load it.
  12. Phil Carr

    WTB 12 Gauge Press

    I have a Mec Sizemaster $125.00 . Located NE side of Tucson. Can ship for actual UPS cost if needed. Phil
  13. Phil Carr

    Question on ABU Ambassaduer reel and Garcia Rod

    I bought the same reel about 35 years ago, still going strong. Mine is Gold. I bet if you call Dave’s feel service in Illinois he can answer any questions. I packed up three of my reel including my ABU and had him go through all of them. They came back as nice mechanically as the day they were made.
  14. Phil Carr

    Small roofing job in Tucson

    Bill showed up this morning at 6:00 AM as promised. He definitely knows his stuff. 3 1/2 hours later he pulled out of my drive way have pulled the duct, framed and installed the plywood patch, and shingled a 8X10 area. Very happy with the job.
  15. Phil Carr

    Small roofing job in Tucson

    Thanks to Bill the roofer we will get this done tomorrow. Thanks for the people who responded.