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  1. Coues&Bass

    Apache Lake 3/26/2013

    Nice bass Standman thanks for sharing.
  2. Coues&Bass


    I was there last week and caught a few. All of them chasing shad. Try lipless cranks, dropshots and jerkbaits. Might even throw some top water if you see some action on top.
  3. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt or Apache

    I am headed to Rosey on Sunday to try my luck with bass and crappie.
  4. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt or Apache

    Headed to one of the lakes to get the cobwebs out. Anybody have a fishing report?
  5. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt Crappie

    Headed to Rosey on Sunday may try my hand at catching some slabs.
  6. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt or Apache

    With this warming trend this week I would guess the bass may move up and get hungry. Think I may hit the lake Saturday or Sunday. Any new reports from Rosey? Is There still alot of wood and junk floating in the lake?
  7. Coues&Bass

    San Carlos Lake re-opened

    Heard they were catching crappie already. I would be afraid to eat though might have high mercury levels. The lake will come back she always does. I do not recall the Reservation ever re-stocking after a fish kill. I just hope San Carlos keeps water for a few years so I can fish it again.
  8. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt or Apache

    Only one largemouth on a worm but she was about 3 lbs. Better luck next trip I guess.
  9. Coues&Bass

    First Apache Trip

    Headed to Apache today to try my luck!
  10. Coues&Bass

    Roosevelt or Apache

    Thanks for the reports I will post when I get home for the rest of you. Going to Apache to try and stay out of the wind.
  11. Coues&Bass

    Best Antelope Unit?

    2B has some good bucks but you can only hunt with muzzleloader or bow.
  12. Coues&Bass


    Hunted over the weekend in the rain and snow. I did not see any rut activity during the first weekend. Anybody else have any other activity to report.
  13. Coues&Bass


    Thanks for the update Cohntr6. Maybe will see you in the field. Taking my daughter out Friday and Saturday so any horn will do.
  14. Coues&Bass


    Starting Friday I will be off for the rest of the hunt. Hopefully I will find some rut activity in unit 31. The weather is definatly a good sign. I know that the weather may not start the rut but the cooler temps will make the deer more active at the least.
  15. 31 is tough no rut action, need some weather and the winter solstice to get the rut fired up. My 2 cents
  16. Coues&Bass

    Shorts on the 3rd Hunt!

    A little wind is good, alot suxs!
  17. Coues&Bass

    how big is this buck?

    That is a shooter!
  18. Coues&Bass

    Shorts on the 3rd Hunt!

    Taking a friend out this weekend and was planning on getting him tagged out in the snow but I guess I will have to bring my sombrero and shorts instead.
  19. Coues&Bass

    Big and Wide, Wifes 2012 Buck

    Great buck! love the width, thanks for sharing
  20. Coues&Bass

    Getting It Done In 31

    Those are some great looking bucks! Love the buck with all the junk sticking out everywhere. I have the December hunt for 31. Just need to find one like that.
  21. Coues&Bass

    Redington Pass coues Whitetail

    Good buck kid, Dad I think yo have him hooked! Goodtimes
  22. Coues&Bass

    Checked cams!!!

    Yea, Only one game a year we have to win to get some respect and they blow it. Next year I guess. Hope you got a bear tag.
  23. Coues&Bass

    Rut Hunting

    Whitetail in AZ are alot more reziliant than the Desert Mulley. One thing that affects deer popoluations more than water and food would be predators. Due to trapping limitations coyotes and lion populations have soard affecting the amount of fawns that survive to maturity. So when you see these preadtors SHOOT THEM! Make sure you have a lion tag in your pocket anytime you are in the hills. My 2 cents
  24. Coues&Bass

    couse caliber

    7 mag..........