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  1. Coues&Bass

    Looking for help with a GREAT problem

    I can't wait to see the end result of your hunt! If you spot the bull and the buck on the same hill then shoot the bull first! I love Coues but a big bull is better.
  2. Coues&Bass

    Toyota 4 Runner gen 1 body needed 84-88

    The winch is not for sale.
  3. Coues&Bass

    7E Advice for a Youth

    I have only hunted the unit 1 time and my dad and I both took small bulls on the seconed day of the NOV. hunt. We found quite a few right on the 7E and 7W border off US route 89 north. We stayed in the pines and kept out of the ceders due to visiblity. It has been quite a few years so I can not remeber the name of the park. Good luck on your hunt.
  4. Coues&Bass

    7mm Rem mag reloads

    160 gr. Sierra Game King with 60gr of powder. Love it.
  5. Coues&Bass

    Results Are Out!

  6. Coues&Bass

    Where will you be huntin Elk?

    Really! just rubbing it in.............No draw for me
  7. Coues&Bass

    whats the score?

    107 would be my guess.
  8. Coues&Bass

    Reservation Lake May 2012

    You are correct that sign was not there! I did hear about the fish though...Caught on powerbait off the dike. Never seen any pics though. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Coues&Bass

    Reservation Lake May 2012

    I have not visited Reservation Lake since Memorial weekend of 1996. Wow it has been a long time. I remeber walking up the stream that runs off of MT. Baldy and floating a grasshopper down the creak to catch brown trout. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  10. Coues&Bass

    7 WEST BULL PHOTOS updated monthly

    Good pics thanks for sharing!
  11. Coues&Bass

    A day on the water

    Well I went out to my local fishing hole and caught 2 bass for the evening but one was good enough for a pic. She already had a hole in her lip so somone else must have practiced catch and release.
  12. Coues&Bass


    I hunted 3a/3c with a friend last year. He had the early rifle hunt. We seen good bulls everyday and learned alot about the unit. Don't be afarid to hold out for a few days, you might end up shooting a bull of a lifetime. I know being your first time it will be hard not to shoot the first bull but it may be well worth the wait. Good hunting!
  13. Coues&Bass

    Fished San Carlos 5/7/2012

    First pointer is to make sure you lift the motor up on your new bass boat before you pull it out of the water. Next pointer is don'tg go to San Carlos for your maiden cruise, alot of underwater struter that is not marked.
  14. Coues&Bass


    Nice cat and good clear pics! What type and brand name of camera is it?
  15. Coues&Bass

    Need to get my boat serviced

    KS Enterprise in Globe
  16. Coues&Bass

    San Carlos

    Nice bass thanks for the update!
  17. Just counting down the days before I head up north for the White Mountain Trophy Elk Contest. My friend entered the contest with his 3A bull so we are going up to see what it is all about.
  18. Coues&Bass

    San carlos

    No firearms on the res.
  19. Coues&Bass

    Apache Lake 3/5/2012

    Thanks for the report stadman
  20. Coues&Bass

    One last time before opener!!

    Did you get em devilincatcountry? Chow
  21. Coues&Bass

    San Carlos Lake 2-11-2012

    Thanks Standman for the report I need to get the rods re-strung and get on the water for some slabs before the lake is gone.
  22. Coues&Bass

    2012 Archery Coues

    Thanks for posting all 4 kills.