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  1. I was there two weeks ago and did fair on power worms in about 10-15 foot of water in deep coves and points. Had a big one break me off near steamboat rock. Caught alot of small ones on jerkbaits. One smally about 3 lbs. off a rock pile. Did not see any fish busting the surface.


    good luck

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  2. We caught a few bass and bluegill at Apache. The bluegill were caught while fishing for bass. We caught our fish on texas rigged power worms, jerkbaits and deap diving crankbaits. best action was in the evening and morning but still caught fish all day. Almost lost a boat bumper and broke a U bolt on the trailer. Overall we had a good trip though. We lost a smallmouth at the boat that was around 4 lbs and another that was about 3. Just could not keep a hook in them when they jumped out of the water.

  3. I am going to Apache, the last time we fished in the summer produced some good numbers of largemouth, smallmouth and channel cat on texas rigged worms. I will look for your bumpers trphyhntr but I am from Safford not sure where you are at. Hopefully they are chasing shad and get some topwater action in.

  4. Made it down to Roosevelt Saturday the weather was great and fishing was good. I caught alot of largemouth mostly on jerkbaits but the larger bass seam to come on worms. Did not catch any smallies. On my way home my boat trailer tire broke all the lugs, not sure if the bearings siezed. I hope I can get it fixed so I can get back on the water.

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  5. Thanks for the update Dan. I heard about the power outage but did not realize it was that serious. Hope you guys get power and water backup.

    I grew up fishing SCL and to see my most favorite lake look that bad is heart breaking. I hope in my liftime I will be fishing her again.

    I did not know Green Mountain went dry good to hear that Bonie Tank is still going strong.

  6. I made it to Rosey on Sunday, had to cover alot of water for a few fish. I tried some topwater where bass were chasing shad but did not have any luck. Found a few bass on deep banks during the middle of the day.