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    Coleman Crawdad

    SOLD!!! Thanks lex good to see you guys again.
  2. makaio333

    Coleman Crawdad

    Selling my 12 ft. coleman crawdad with small minn kota trolling motor and oars. No title and not registered. i've just been using it for the smaller lakes in the Gila Valley area. great fishing boat but i need some money for school. I'm asking $500, i might be open to a trade and some cash depending on what it is. i haven't been able to snap some pics but just PM me and i will send some to you later this week. thanks for taking a look.
  3. makaio333

    Fox Mount

    Wow..how much would she charge?!
  4. makaio333

    My brother's first double!

    Hey ernesto you know he was thinking about at first but he just ended up doing european mounts.
  5. Well i decided to share this experience with you guys about my younger brother! i was really excited and proud of him taking this double all by himself. He shot these coyotes on the morning of the 18th of this month. He set up early morning and started calling. he called his first one in and then shot him at about 100 yards with his .243 and decided to keep calling. 30 minutes later he was able to call in another dog and snapped a few shots of him through his binoculars!!! Pretty awesome with him being by himself. He kept calling and the second coyote just couldn't resist the sound of that dying cottontail. It came down the hill at about 150 yards and the rest is history. He let me sneek in on a picture too. I'm proud of you bro! My brother got me a Primos Catnip for christmas so we can spend more time hunting! I'm looking forward to it! Enjoy the pics!!!!
  6. makaio333

    My brother's first double!

    he loves his Primos cottontail rabbit call...he's had lots of success with it so far.
  7. Nice!!! Great job guys..makes me want to get out there this week!
  8. makaio333

    Big Coues

    Quick question...is there a specific stain for the very purpose of staining antlers???? Thanks
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    how much?
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    Older Prijon Kayak

    Hey fellow hunters and fisherman! Happy holidays to everyone out there! i have an older Prijon Taifun kayak that i am wanting to trade away. it needs a little work but not to much. i originally got it to turn it into a nice little fishing rig but never had the time to do it. the previous owner used it to whitewater kayak so it does have scratches and dings. a little about the kayak it's 12'6" and weighs about 44 lbs. would like to trade for a bow..no i'm not looking to get a 500 dollar bow for the kayak but something i can upgrade my little brother from his 70 lbs nova that he shoots and hunts with now he has a 27 inch draw and i'm looking for a 70 lb bow for him...or......whatever you want to trade. alright well i included a pic so hope to hear from someone interested. thanks for looking.
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    Guess the Score - Sept 09

    103 3/8
  12. makaio333

    Guess the Score - Sept 09

    hmmm i think 113 3/8
  13. well since i've been reading about everyone's new setup, maybe someone in here is looking to get a new setup for themselves. i'm selling my 08 pse dream season fully setup for $750. bought it in december of 08, hunted in January and haven't been able to touch it since. i hate to see it go but i need to pay for schooling and have to sell off some of the toys. so pm me if your interested and i can get you some pics. it's a package deal. im open to any offers thanks! Pse dream season 70# with 30" draw spot hogg 7 deadly pins spot hogg whammy limbsaver s-coil split limb limbsavers pse 2-piece vertex quiver scott little bitty goose release NEED TO GET RID OF THIS TODAY!!! $750 or trade me something at equal value. 520-508-3033 need to know before 6 pm today.
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  15. ok up for sale is an 08 pse x-force dream season. 28" draw, 70#. for all of you archery guys out there you'll know i had to drop some cash into this package so please, serious buyers only. i bought the bow in december of 08, for sights i have the spot hogg 7 deadly pins, rest: spot hogg whammy, pse vertex 2-piece quiver, limbsaver s-coil, split limb limbsavers, with a scott release ( the little bitty goose). this bow is sweet! all top of the line. got it in december from pse, hunted in january and haven't been able to touch it since. if your a different draw let me know i can see if i can get your correct module. make me a sound offer for cash or trade me a firearm(nice shotgun, pistol, rifle) with some cash to even out the deal. ive only put 5 dozen arrows through this bow. its basically brand new. $750 or a trade with cash. for a package deal you can't get any better than this! thanks! NEED TO GET RID OF THIS TODAY!!! $750 or trade me something at equal value. 520-508-3033
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    any offers must be before 6 pm thanks!!! 520-508-3033
  17. i need to get rid of this today! $750 dollars with everything on it or trade me something worth while! let me know today before 6pm.
  18. makaio333

    AR-31 (PSE)

    so guys with all that said i think a $1000 was spot on to ask for my 2008 pse x-force dream season, spot hogg sight, whammy rest, limbsaver scoil, pse vertex quiver, and scott release. bought it in december 08 hunted in january and haven't touched it since. what did you guys think of that price?