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  1. 54 minutes ago, cactusjack said:

    I hoped you were selling one.  I love mine and also want another 

    Yeah I’m trying to avoid the scammers that reply when you’re looking for something. Yeah hoping someone has one that they want to get rid of.

  2. 1 hour ago, stanley said:


    When I picked one of these up from Jeff, he suggested that they will take standard wood-working tools fairly well.  So this morning I broke-out the router & jig-saw, and had at it! ;)  Cut a handle on each end.  Next I used the router to round-off all edges, and to cut a little moat (blood/juice catcher) around the top.

    Super easy, so thought I would share.

    Thanks again, Jeff.


    cutting board 2.jpg

    cutting board.jpg

    That looks great! Sure glad I picked one up. Now I just need to replicate what you did. 😂 

  3. SOLD - For sale, 2017 Wildwood T195BHFS. The trailer is in great condition. It’s approx 21 feet long with a queen bed and 1 set of rear bunks. It’s perfect for a small family or someone that wants to take their grandkids on a fun camp out. I am asking 11k. The reason I am asking so low is because it is a restored salvage title. The trailer was stolen and recovered within 24hrs. Because it was stolen and recovered it was made a salvage title. We have used it the past year without problems. Everything in it functions as it should. The water pump is less than a year old. I will reseal all the roof structures prior to selling if buyer desires. Tires, including the spare, all have good tread remaining. The trailer is currently in Globe, AZ but I can take it to The east valley the next time I come down. We are buying a unit a bit better suited for our growing family. Please feel free to text or call me at 


    posting for my brother in law. Great unit as we have been on camp outs with their family. Please contact Troy.

    Sorry for sideways pics.