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  1. On 10/16/2018 at 8:02 PM, WhtMtnHunter said:

    I picked up a few Baofeng 8 watt radios and installed Nagoya 701 antennas, both off of Amazon.  They have great range!  Totally programmable with the CHIRP program.  Anywhere I go, whether hunting or fishing, I'll set one up with all the local channels, marine channels, emergency channels, and weather channels.  Can even bounce off repeaters(with a license) and extend range virtually across the state.  Most of the standard handhelds like Midland are 5 watts max with crappy antennas and have preloaded/limited channels. Something to consider. 

    You need a license anytime using Amateur Band radios, not just for repeaters. Then again you are legally able to use ANY means of communications in an emergency. The Baofeng radios are a great value. It's no Yeasu but they do work.

  2. 41 minutes ago, Shind said:

    This photo was captured middle of the night on a Moultrie Trail Camera. Please help identify the strange creature in the bottom right hand corner of the image. The creature appears to be holding a bunny. Distance from camera approximately 20'. Disregard time stamp on image, as camera was not properly set up. 

    Any help appreciated. 


    Little Man Origional Photo .JPG

    Interesting 1st post. Welcome. Raccoon?