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  1. New Taurus PT92 9mm stainless for sale. Only has one box shot through it. I have to many guns and NEED (want) a new bow. I bought this on a whim about 4 weeks ago. Its the new style with hammer release button. Comes with extra clip and 1 box of ammo. Its a nice gun. I'll only sell this to an over 21 person with an AZDL. $395 firm.

  2. 2 Guns like new for sale...


    Mossberg model 500 .410 with black stock for sale. This gun never gets used. No marks, rarely shot. Asking $175 obo.


    Marlin single shot "lil buckaroo" 22 that is just sitting there. Nice wood stock. Some kid should put it to use. No marks. It comes with a tasco scope but also has sights if you want to take the scope off. Asking $125 obo




    Dave (azshtr) at 602-400-3373 or reply here

  3. "Bunny slam". Thats pricless! I did take one of those huge jacks up north while elk hunting one time. Hiking along and a dare to try to hit the jack in the distance... judged around 65 yds and let the arrow fly. What a shot! That Hyot was slow but dang accurate!

  4. Not to preach but seriously consider this... you moved out and now must work. You will probably never find the time to continue an education when you must support yourself. If at all possible work it out with the folks to move back home and get an education. Your talking about the rest of your life... can't you live by their rules for just 4 years! Dude... your not even 18 yet!!



    I'm off my soapbox now.

  5. Just for clarification, if not everyone got my humour, I used "42" the way everyone here does when refering to a certain favorite unit; as a diversionary tactic. Then again I shouldn't give away that this MAY happen here. Therefore all e-scouters never mind this post, I did mean "42" :ph34r:


    I now return to the regular program.

  6. Hey all... I've been a member here for quite some time. I usually don't have much to add to your experience and therefor have been a tad quite. I have question you might consider e-scouting. However consider this... if you help me with a little knowlege I will be happy explooring "my" area and stay out of your beloved unit "42" :lol: I generaly hunt solo with a bow in unit 22 or 21. 22 is the lower half but I want to do a minimal style backpack trip into the mazatzals. Pack in, spend a few days, and pack out with a deer :rolleyes: In your experience what is the best access to get in? Barnhart, Deercreek, wesat side via bartlett or Horsehoe? Any help is appreciated. Thanks dudes. Again I hunt solo... I am tight lipped and am willing to scout but its a big area... a starting point would help.

  7. Does anybody on here put there own fletching on their arrows?


    If you do what kind of setup do you use? I went shooting today and I had fletching come off of 4 of my arrows and I do not want to have to pay over $5 per arrow if I can repair the fletchings.


    An arizona ez fletch works great, is easy to use, and no reason to pay a shop to fletch your sticks. Go for it.

  8. The way it was explained to me by Officer Phoenix of the AZGFD was that any dead animal that has been found first needs to be reported. An officer will come out and decide how it died. If it was a natural death the head should be yours if you want it, but if has been shot it belongs to the state. He said the reason was that a few years back a bunch of large bulls were turning up dead, and a small group of guys always seemed to be the ones who would find them. Coincidence? Maye, but they also could have been shooting these bulls to come back later and score their "dead head" racks. The reason I know this is because we found a dead bull, and on the way back to camp to get a saw I ran into Officer Phoenix who filled me in on the rules. He then hiked back out with me to the bull, and decided that it had been hit by a vehicle because of the way the skin had started to shrink from it not eating. He then cut the head off for us, and hiked it back to camp for us. His reason was that it was still opening day, and much to early to make a return hike back to camp. Once he got it back to camp he gave us his card with a note on the back that the animal had been checked out, and was legal for us to keep. He was actually a really nice guy, and has been each time I have ran into him since.



    Thats it exactly. Its in the regs. Call GF and they determain cause of death (or lack of foul play) and you can then claim it.

  9. Jeez hunterdude, chill. I said no offense intended if I was wrong. I thought he was pulling our leg for fun. I'm new to this site and don't know how to post pics, don't have time right now to figure it out, but I did an enlargment of 003 and it looks to me like the color, contrast, and resolution of the head doesn't match the body. If I'm wrong fine... just like I said in my original post. I thought he was goofing thats all. Nice buck!


    Like they say, " there is always a critic in every crowd"... this comment goes both ways I guess!

  10. Did you actually shoot these? As a photographer who works with photoshop daily, I down loaded and looked very close at these images. They look like they could have been photoshop'd. Maybe not of course... but maybe? The heads seem to have a different resolution and contrast than the body. Its hard to tell at web resolution. Am I right? If not, no offense intended.

  11. I've hunted the Dragoons for years, there are some nice bucks in there. Hard to find but the big ones are around. The problem we have is the ranchers who think they own the land but only have grazing rights. We actually had one come into camp and wanted to see the tags / hunting liscense's for the deer we had hanging. That was back in the 80's. I think he was the same one who has been butting heads with the feds over his cattle lately. Got a little of track there... the bucks are there, just have to find them.