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  1. cactusjack

    ISO 38-55win dies and bullets

    Exactly why I'm slugging it. It's an 1898 built 1894 Winchester.
  2. cactusjack

    30cal urgent need

    Is DB your favorite 30cal?
  3. cactusjack

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Dude hops on the first time, asks for something, but doesn't say which cartridge he needs.... and the people asking him to specify are the problem?
  4. I have powder. The only thing I really need is more 17hmr. I have 2 1lb unopened bottles that I would trade to someone. Let me know.
  5. cactusjack

    Retumbo to trade for 17hmr Hornady 17gr

    trade pending.
  6. cactusjack

    Retumbo to trade for 17hmr Hornady 17gr

    Im thinking about 4 boxes for a pound. I bought a 200rd pack about a week ago for 45.00 . Trying to keep it friendly or at least friendlish.
  7. cactusjack

    WTT federal small rifle primers

  8. cactusjack

    WTT federal small rifle primers

    are you wanting to load subsonic or supersonic
  9. cactusjack

    Hornady 6.5 creedmoor and IMI 9mm ammo

    I have a bunch of that 9mm. Good stuff. Works great in sub-guns.
  10. cactusjack

    22 Rimfire Ammo All sold!

    I have 5 bricks of it. Great ammo. I have had great success with it out of my Russian biathlon rifle
  11. cactusjack

    Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm

    Posting for a friend. He has several 1000rd cases of Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm M193 Ammo 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket that he is considering selling. He wants 900 per 1000. I told him I think it is too high, but that is his price. "It isn't gouging, its not like its baby formula or insulin". I guess if you are gonna dream, dream big. The cases are unopened. I have seen them, they are real. No need to tell me how outrageous his price is..... I already know. If it isn't for you, please move along. He has offered them to a couple people also.
  12. cactusjack

    Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm

    Bump, 1 sold. 1 remaining
  13. cactusjack

    WTB 243 100g

    Do you care what brand? Contact me.
  14. cactusjack

    WTB 270 wsm ballistic Winchester

    I have 5 boxes.
  15. cactusjack

    G21 .45 w/ammo price reduction

    I'd totally buy it, but my wife prohibited me from buying any more Glocks. Free bump
  16. cactusjack

    Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm

  17. cactusjack

    Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm

  18. cactusjack

    Prvi Partizan 5.56x45mm

    Its good ammo. Ive shot it out of my M16 and other ARs.
  19. cactusjack

    Geese decoy shells

    Years ago I was given a bag of geese decoys. Mostly Canadian and a couple snows. I've stored them, but never hunted with them. I think there are close to 25 total, some in better condition than others. If someone here wants them and would use them, send me a message telling me how you would use them. I will have my kids pick a winner..
  20. cactusjack

    Geese decoy shells

  21. cactusjack

    SOLD. AR15 pistol 7.5 inch

    I have a 7.5in sbr in 223wylde. Great truck gun. The nice thing about shooting it is if the round doesn't hit your attacker, the fireball will burn their retinas out.
  22. cactusjack

    Where do people buy/sell guns?

    I haven't done it personally but I hear the streets of Chicago are the place to buy and sell guns. I use Gunbroker and CWT.
  23. I spent the day yesterday with my uncle and rummage through his collection of lever guns. I ordered 2 boxes of ammo for his 38-55 . Next trip down we are having a lever only day. Yesterday I shot my 1892 25-20. I will take it next time along with my 32-20 and my 25-35. He has a 32spl and about 6 other crazy cool rifles I'm dying to shoot. I wish I would have filmed yesterday, but next trip I will. I just wanted to say, I love old lever guns. That is all.
  24. cactusjack

    300 WSM Ammo

    I would like the Winchester ballistic tips. Or all if it isn't spoken for