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    WAR in Kentucky!

    Ok I understand all that. I just think that he is by far the best choice............its not even close. I wouldnt consider any of those fools on the other side. So when I see someone who might consider voting for someone else it throws flags (for me). Like I said he is far from perfect and if he had some support he would get more done. I like what he has done so far and I am hoping for more of it.
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    WAR in Kentucky!

    I am not arguing about what tried he to do, I just think it is hilarious that you think the liberals are going to win so easy. Closet liberals think this way (IMO). I bet you didn't think President Trump was going to win last time right? He is FAR from perfect, but he is the reason why I voted for the first time ever. Every other election was the same old politician with just a different letter next to his name so it didn't matter to me who was in office. We live in different times now. Go ahead and vote third party, the dems will appreciate it🤣
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    Daughter’s 4th Coues

    Tell her to save some for the est of us! Congrats!
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    WAR in Kentucky!

    LMFAO, sure guy.
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    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Good Luck!
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    Hunting/Recreational Property for sale in Aravaipa

    WOW, that is lucky as heck!
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    Credit Cards

    I had BofA for many years and they would drop double charges. Theyre POS anyways so I dumped them. I would never ever consider using Wells Fargo. I now use USAA, Capital One, and Chase. No problems yet.
  8. That guy has some of the best pictures Ive seen.
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    22S Last Night

    I was walking through the hall in the main building headed towards the mail room and heard a guy talking about an elk hunt with a group around him.......I didnt pay much attention, now I wish I did hahaha.
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    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

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    Hunting in the whetstones

    I was trying to get one of the early WT leftovers so I could hunt with my wife and daughter (her first hunt). I will be out there. I have a lion tag so I am sure I wont see one 😂
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    I would get a General or RZR. I got the RZR because I use it to ride and explore when I am not hunting. You cant beat the ride.
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    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Have you been out there yet? You dont need to get too high, there are lots of meadows and open areas to glass. You just need to find the right spots and angles to look.
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    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Lots of places to glass and that unit.
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    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    Id be looking at broncos but I am biased.....
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    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    I tell you what those fords hold up better than any of the other big 3 half tons by far.
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