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  1. jakehaffey

    crossbred buck

    Has to be! Nice buck! Imagine seeing that frame on a deer flagging up the other side of a canyon on a whitetail hunt.
  2. jakehaffey

    Logan's Javelina Smack-Down!!

    Thats great! Congrats!
  3. jakehaffey

    new fish and game Gods

    Sorry about your hunt. Did you really not know about the law? If you did not then take advantage of the advice that members give on this site. Like others mentioned, every new reg will have all the upcoming changes. Read them and be more informed.
  4. jakehaffey

    Guess the Score Contest - Jan 2010

    Tough to find a score that hasn't been picked! Hope nobody else picked 137 1/8.
  5. jakehaffey

    What to Do.

    I would go with the oryx. San Carlos would be an awesome hunt and a great chance at a monster and the Eastern would be nice. I just think the new experience is worth it more. I dont know how much it costs but for another idea...Alaska? I have always wanted to go there just to go there, then throw in there big game. Just an idea. Do what interests you most.
  6. jakehaffey

    Jr Javi

    Congrats, looks like a perfect shot!
  7. jakehaffey

    Youth javelina

    Thats awesome! Congrats!
  8. jakehaffey

    Superbowl Contenders

    Colts win! This could be the best QB duo to ever play against one another in a superbowl. Should be a great one and I believe Manning is about to put himself up there as the greatest to play the game.
  9. jakehaffey

    Some Trail cam pics

    Awesome, go shoot that cat!
  10. jakehaffey

    2010 Archery Javelina Double!

    Congrats, nice double!
  11. jakehaffey

    Snow pics from around Globe

    Nice pics!
  12. jakehaffey

    archery tags

    In AZ?
  13. jakehaffey

    Opening Day Jr. Javelina Success

    Great job! Congrats to you all.
  14. jakehaffey

    2010 Archery Success

    Great archery buck, congrats!
  15. jakehaffey

    This morning's view.

    Nice pics, hope you like snow.
  16. jakehaffey


    Nobody should be offended. We all like to hunt here and I am sure anyone would hunt both deer however some have a preference. Coues may be tougher to hunt in an area than mule deer then mule deer tougher in another. Some people like the taste of one over the other. I love the challenge of hunting coues and think they taste better. Just because I have a harder time with coues than I do with mule deer I am going say the mule deer is the lesser of the 2 but thats just me so I dub them "carp". All you mule deer hunters call a coues whatever you like.
  17. jakehaffey

    1st Coues With a Bow

    Congrats! Good buck!
  18. jakehaffey

    New call?

    I was interested in getting an electric predator call but only have around a hundred$ limit, wanted to know if anyone had some advice or suggestions? Is it even worth getting a lower end call? Thanks all.
  19. jakehaffey

    New call?

    Thanks, good luck getting yours as well.
  20. jakehaffey

    Bow killed bobcat

    Thats awesome! Congrats!
  21. jakehaffey

    got my pig!

    Nice job! It's awesome when they come to you. Welcome.
  22. jakehaffey

    Finally a bow kill !!!

    Congrats! Thats a great buck, you should get out there and do some calling. That is some serious damage for a nights work!
  23. jakehaffey

    Game and Fish Commission

    Thats good to hear!
  24. jakehaffey

    when do antelope shed horns

    I could be wrong but I dont think they do shed.
  25. jakehaffey

    2010 archery carp

    Congrats! Thats hard to pass with a bow!