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  1. dbengraver

    Day 2

    Hey jeff did you see my nephew's deer? if not ill post a pic
  2. dbengraver

    Day 2

    Well it was a great hunt besides the snow,my dad and I tagged out the Sunday before Christmas It wasn't the buck I was after but after a 418 yrd from my .257 wby I had my first 4x3 couldn't be happier.And for my dad he had a cold the whole time and wasn't feeling so great and shoot a smaller buck, and after a 4 hour pack out we were back to the ranger and the hunt was over for us can't wait until next year
  3. dbengraver

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!
  4. dbengraver

    Day 2

    my dad seen a big tom thursday morning before opening morning about 600 yrds away he said that it was the biggest cat he had seen and the elk are moving more
  5. dbengraver

    Day 2

    huntjunkie we seen a total of 5 bucks and about 20 doe's the weather has them brushed up bad not a lot of movement when they do it's only for a few minutes then bed back down. and thanks for the offer on the snowmobile lol
  6. dbengraver

    Day 2

    Here are the pic's from opening weekend, did get to see a small buck chase some doe's around but didn't find a shooter so hopefully this weekend Ill find one
  7. Started out with rain last night and woke up to about 3 inches of snow and now waiting for the fog to lift can only see about 20 yrds and also windy here
  8. Not much moving yet I have the same hunt and also a friend and he has been up their as well and the same story but the moon is still pretty full for im guessing that might have something to do with the little movement
  9. dbengraver

    Opening morning buck

    Great buck Congrats!!!!
  10. dbengraver

    My 2012 OTC Muley

    Big props to ya to video and get the buck by your self congrats
  11. dbengraver

    Finally broke the 100" mark.

    very nice buck and great story congrats
  12. dbengraver

    Successful archery hunt, what a hunt

    great buck for sure and great write up thanks for sharing
  13. great job on a great buck congrats
  14. dbengraver

    Couple of 100"ers

    great looking buck's and good luck on your hunt
  15. dbengraver

    Archery Lope

    good looking goat congrats
  16. dbengraver

    Our first girl!

    congrats what a cutie
  17. dbengraver


    pm sent
  18. dbengraver

    my first day out buck!

    like the height on that buck congrats
  19. dbengraver

    first time posting pics

    great pics good looking bulls like the split tine on his left side give him good character
  20. dbengraver

    Arizona Archery Antelope Opening Day Success

    Your buddy killed a nice lope some day ill get drawn
  21. dbengraver

    Decent shed

    sorry mathews
  22. dbengraver

    Decent shed

    Just more eye candy for everyone to enjoy and the cartridge is .257 Weatherby if anybody's wondering
  23. dbengraver

    Decent shed

    yeah seems to get worse every year
  24. dbengraver

    Decent shed

    Thanks Jeff hey did you guys draw any tag's
  25. dbengraver

    Decent shed

    Hey Mathews found this one in your neck of the woods