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  1. Well my wife and I drew the October hunt again last year was really hot this year not to bad but lots of wind what do you do? So opening morning came we get set up glass and glass only does. Around 2:30 a friend of ours(also my gunsmith😁 always good to have with you in case something happens with a firearm) came up to hang out and give a hand for the weekend. Back to glassing after a quick lunch so now 3 sets of eyes still no bucks, dark is now approaching and a doe with 2 fawns bump a small 2x at 800 yards he then feeds to 600 and beds and it get to dark to do anything so I tell my wife we'll see if we can find him in the am if you want she says sure as she is short on time to hunt. Day 2 get back to the glassing spot just before light get set up light breaks and i got deer no bucks again lots of does they feed threw. Lunch time comes around and we decide to head to camp and then check a small draw behind camp, give it a quick look over and decide to try that in the am. Day 3 go to New spot get set up day light breaks nothing but does then around 10am got deer 2 does and I think the same small buck from the first day get set up just in case a bigger buck shows up I show my friend where the deer are I get back down on the gun and he says I got a lion! I say what where at he tells me about 50 yards below and swinging around them I tell him I have a tag lets see what happens give me a range. 540 yards she's above them now give me a broadside shot, shot 1 miss didn't account for wind my bad rack another round she's still their shot 2 hold left mid body cat down😁 my first cat and only 2nd one I've ever seen now the fun and 3 almost 4 hours later back to camp with my first lion. Back to camp my friend heads home. Day 4 back to where I got the lion get set up right at light deer again does,pigs,coyotes,elk and 1 nice 2x that only gave me a 3 second look and vanished so we decided to swing around and see if we can locate him from the back side no buck well getting dark back to camp we go. Go back in again Tuesday am no bucks still a couple of does head back my wife has to go back to work so home we go her hunt is now over. Get home talk to my dad he had mule deer along with my brother,nephew, and 2 step brothers which all but one have tagged out so I ask if I can borrow his ranger and he gives me the ok but im going with you I say lets go I haven't hunted with him for 2 years he has been hunting mule deer for a little change from coues so this should be a blast just me and him. So Wednesday am 4:30 pick him up and we are off unload the ranger and to the old stomping grounds we go, park and off we go nice quiet cloud cover cool day couldnt be better. A little while in to the hike I see a deer 1 doe no horns, then 2 more still does, so we decide to head over to a small pond that in a small draw get over their looking around their just below us is a doe about 80 yards away she takes off along with a small 2x and doe no shots they head to the thick stuff. Head back over to look at the other side to see if any other deer are out more does, so we decide to head over to the small pond and see if anything will come in to drink so we get set up and wait not 5 minutes later my dad says I have a deer it looks like a spike I get set up maybe a better buck will show up looking at the spike my dad tells me shoot the buck to the left he's bigger, I ask him for a range 350 no problem click off safety aim shoot, my dad says you shot over him, deer scatter heading back to the thick trees again. Well i figure no more shots and we talk about the shot quietly, I look down the hill as we are talking and catch movement again about 60 to 80 yards below again grab my gun kneel down doe,doe buck shoot dust low ahhhhhh. Well im for sure not gonna get a shot again is going threw my mind and i hear my dad says at the pond their is the spike wait their is more coming to the right going threw the trees, he ranges the pond 250 ok spike stays behind the tree the other deer finially show a little 3x cool looking give me the shot deer down!!!! big smiles dad says you got him let's go look so off the mountain we go to look at my 2017 buck and now my hunt is done and the work begins. Thank you all for reading my story I hope you all enjoy it as much as I didpost-3815-0-40922900-1509745087_thumb.jpgpost-3815-0-34408200-1509745111_thumb.jpgpost-3815-0-94481900-1509745187_thumb.jpg

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  2. For mine I run 68gr of RL22 behind the 110 accubond and ill have to check but I think 63gr of RL22 behind 115 ballistic tips all shoot amazingly well i also shot 62.5gr of imr4831 behind the 117gr hornady bullets for years and that load was very accurate be for switching to rl22 and nosler just to try something different

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  3. Hi everybody I was just informed about a friend of mine and this is the message that was sent to me, My deer was stolen out of the taxidermy shop on Tuesday night 09/20/16 along with multiple other deer and elk horns tanned lion bobcat and bear hides please forward this on post on social media etc I would greatly appreciate any help spreading the word there is a substantial reward being offered for the recovery of these animals please contact myself at 9289253198 or the prescott police department at 9284453131 with any information thank you for any help