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  1. CouesPursuit

    AR vs Bolt Action for Coyotes?

    I use a bolt because of the kill percentage and comfort I have with it. That said, I know an AR is the better platform for the application but whatever you do, don't forget your shotgun.
  2. CouesPursuit

    Can you find the muley?

  3. CouesPursuit

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Also accurate but the word "lake" may be a bit deceiving regarding size and purpose. This one is for the MWs. The new power-generating pumped storage project is unnamed at the moment. It is very much in the feasibilty stages of planning.
  4. CouesPursuit

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Immediately downstream, accurate source.
  5. CouesPursuit

    ISO .243/6mm sierra blitzking 70grain

    I'm sorry but as I have a lot of Sierra 6mm bullets, none are 70gr Blitzking.
  6. CouesPursuit

    ISO .243/6mm sierra blitzking 70grain

    Location and how many?
  7. CouesPursuit

    Arken Scopes?

    I bought an SH4 earlier this year and was impressed, adding a few more among mine and a few fellow shooters' rifles. Tracking has been flawless and features are excellent, especially for the price point. We've taken them out to 690 and back without a hiccup so far. I ordered a 4-16x in November before a 6-24x and it is well behind its expected delivery date but I received the EPL 6-24x a few weeks ago and zeroed it this morning. Right off the bat it is a huge improvement to the SH4. 1) Weight is 23oz instead of 38oz. 2) Japanese glass much clearer. 3) Capped windage is a bonus (for me). All the other features that I liked on the SH4 remain and so did the compatibility with their throw lever and scopes caps. Zeroed my rifle from 25-100-200 yards in 6 shots. I'll post more when I stretch it out in the next month or two but I am a fan.
  8. CouesPursuit

    Powder for sale

    Ill take any remaining h4895 please
  9. CouesPursuit

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    They could be trying to compete with RRS as a premier shooting tripod with a hunter friendly center column for glassing. If it is rock solid, durable, and light, they have a market.
  10. CouesPursuit

    7mm projectiles

    I'll take these please, pm inbound.
  11. CouesPursuit

    Savage 110 sa classic stock only

    Ill take this and your 162 eldm .284 in the other thread, pm inbound
  12. CouesPursuit

    Selling a S&W model 622 22LR pistol...

    I have one of these and it is loved by all who shoot it. Glws.
  13. CouesPursuit

    15ft Valco 30hp Suzuki $2500

    Pm sent for motor year and location, thx.
  14. Big congrats to a valued CWT member on a big year. Well done on all accounts!