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  1. CouesPursuit

    22 south muzzleloader elk

    Very cool all around, and nice bulls!
  2. CouesPursuit

    Rifle seasons.

    Page 35 https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon/wp-content/uploads/archive/2019-20-Arizona-Hunting-Reguations_WEB_190514.pdf
  3. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

    Very good guesses! AZGFD checked in 170 7/8", 8 1/2 years old.
  4. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

    Really, thank you! Still coming to terms with the entire deal.. words to come, eventually. Here are some pics. For fun, score and age?
  5. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

    Well, I couldn't hold out for long. My best scouted ram is down. Not the biggest or oldest in the unit, but my lifetime desert bighorn was taken at 8:30AM on my 33rd birthday. Most of my hunting partners, as well as my dad and brother all had a heavy, contributing hand to make this one special. More to come, but for now..
  6. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

  7. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

    I passed this guy at 270 yards this morning. It was very tough to pass after a dry fire and everything. He was very buggery before and after his 30 minute bedding session. Hope I don't need to relocate him later in the hunt because I won't get a better opportunity!
  8. CouesPursuit

    41W Sheep 2019

    With this guy waiting in a smaller mountain range, unhunted by the other tag holder - Ram2.mp4
  9. CouesPursuit


    Good luck, dude! Sheep in my unit were clinging tight to water and shade all the way prior to that last storm 10 days ago. It is going to be interesting to see how the rams disperse but at a minimum, it may allow them to get down out of the steep crags and into some archery conducive areas. We shall see. Ram2.mp4
  10. CouesPursuit

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    Field of view is real, I've been doing lots of switching between my 10s and 15s lately. Fine buck, congratulations! Sounds like a great time with father and son.
  11. CouesPursuit

    New Addition to the Family

    Congratulations, Nick! Fine looking pup and I wish him a long, happy hunting life in and out of your home!
  12. CouesPursuit

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    Edit: Deleted original comment. I didn't see the purple outline in my first reply. There are water catchments all long that private land/BLM-State land interface that runs along the train tracks. The train is out of service.
  13. CouesPursuit

    Man my kids are lucky!! Son's biggest yet

    Wow, congrats to you, your son, and family. Sounds like a great experience and stellar buck.
  14. CouesPursuit

    Canada Semi Live Whitetail Hunt

    Good luck!
  15. CouesPursuit

    WTB: Used Tires 285/75/R16

    Ended up at a shop near work on 16th Street and University, Solares Tires. Excellent all around service and selection of used tires. I'll give them a shot on my new set of 4 next year and would recommend them to anyone looking for used tires in a pinch.