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  1. CouesPursuit

    Draw Odds Question

    Could you explain this please? I can't find AZGFD's take on it. Thanks, RR. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me so far, but it still leaves me wondering how coincidental it is that the same issue occurred with the 20BP holders as well.
  2. CouesPursuit

    Draw Odds Question

    The ever-enlightening Thom. Thank you so much for clearing up the question. I'm not sure where CWT would be without you.
  3. CouesPursuit

    Draw Odds Question

    In a sense, duh (on me). And thanks for the reply. But, does that mean that the next 5 guys with 20 points did as well? There are that many people making the second choice accidental BP pass mistake? Also, what about the 2, 20 BP second highest holders, they both drew their first choice? Seems like a ton of random for the particular hunt.
  4. CouesPursuit

    Draw Odds Question

    Can anyone help explain how a 1st choice applicant with the most bonus points for a particular hunt number doesn't draw said tag? I don't see how it is a NR cap when 1 (10% = 1.5) tag is available to non residents and my only other explanations still don't make sense when I look at the next highest point holders. Thanks
  5. CouesPursuit

    December Coues Success

    Nice story, congrats on your fine buck and RIP to your Uncle Sam.
  6. Interesting, informative, to-the-point article. I always thought if your arrow passed through the animal, the blade was sharp enough to fulfill its purpose. I even thought a dull blade with today's speed bows would do more tearing along the way, increasing surface area for blood loss. I now understand the contrary. Thanks for sharing.
  7. CouesPursuit

    savage axis .223 w accutrigger

    My Savage 223 even without the accutrigger is STUPID accurate. Great deal here.
  8. CouesPursuit

    My 2019 archery buck

    Congratulations! Real nice buck.
  9. CouesPursuit

    Wanna see a huge buck?

    The unit where the does are hot all year and the rut never ends!
  10. CouesPursuit

    Two firsts

    Great buck and bull for your daughter. Congratulations to you and your family on a great year!
  11. CouesPursuit

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    Love the smiles and neon beanie at the end, Great job son and dad!!
  12. Excellent write up and very well done on all those bucks! Congrats to the hunters.
  13. CouesPursuit

    Four deer with four bullets!

    Fantastic stuff, Cody! Congratulations to your wife, daughter and family.
  14. CouesPursuit

    Please define "desert units" in AZ

    If I get what you're asking and was to be a snobby native for a second, it depends on which species of deer you're after. Not a distinguishable subspecies, but I've always thought Arizona "Desert Mule Deer" deserve some type of designation after living where they do and as old as they can. I picture saguaro/ocotillos with creosote/mesquite/paloverde habitat, somewhere near a dry wash that sees water as often as I do a deer season. Coues are coues, and Flatlanders post summed up the units well.
  15. CouesPursuit

    Central AZ archery rut hunt - advice needed

    This. Commuting is wasted time. Many people I know have killed a buck in or just outside of camp.