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  1. CouesPursuit

    Pinpointing downed animal

    My last rifle buck was 435 yards across a canyon at last light. I did exactly as above without the 180 degree part, just placed a point on the big oak that matched my rangefinder/GPS/compass. When my hunting partner joined me for the search and at the point of "he should be right h..." my partner found him piled up before I could finish my sentence.
  2. CouesPursuit

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    You are going to get an overwhelming vote for the Tikka in this forum but I'll say that Savage storm would be a great gun for a youth with the LOP adapters. I went with a lightweight storm in 6.5CR for my youth and backcountry carry rifle and while I've been fire-forming virgin brass and velocity searching for reloading, it has shot a few .5" groups.
  3. CouesPursuit

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    I'd say. Fantastic! The angle and shadow makes it looks like he has a target painted. Good luck today.
  4. CouesPursuit

    Rio Salado Range AKA Usery AMMO PSA

    Yup. I had to open several boxes of reloads and they went through every one. They also have 200 closed. Rain, please rain.
  5. CouesPursuit

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Best of luck to you and your daughter, OP. I've always read how well those rifles shoot and a good friend has proven it on the range the last few outings.
  6. CouesPursuit

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Good luck, Adam! Looking forward to the journey.
  7. CouesPursuit

    Son got bored tonight!! Smoked yote

    Looks like a big rifle, I like it!
  8. CouesPursuit

    fake turf installer

    Same as I've always done. Maybe the OP just wants to hire a great installer from a great forum who will do an honorable job.
  9. CouesPursuit

    fake turf installer

    Instead of mind your own business like a man to a good standing member here, noted.
  10. CouesPursuit

    fake turf installer

    As a pool repair and maintenance business owner of 13 years, there is no doubt in truth to what has been said, but OP never said how much he was willing to pay for the experienced labor, what he drives, or how he is getting his material and why he is choosing his route. Some on this forum sure make a lot of assumptions.
  11. CouesPursuit

    My Sheep Hunt

    Not sure how I missed this originally but I was excited to see it come up in a search today. Your write up did not disappoint! Congratulations on a great ram!
  12. CouesPursuit


    Considering how and why those "ponds" are maintained and were built in the first place, that's not much different than asking hunters what they do for wildlife other than kill.
  13. CouesPursuit

    What am I

    I definitely agree but the San Juans is at (or close to) the farthest southern extent of their range. Appears to be a good sized critter who isn't too slender, and tail is bushy and darker than the rest of the body.
  14. CouesPursuit

    Lighted nocks

    Only thing in the regs states "Hunters cannot use lighted sight pins or other artificial light sources to extend legal shooting hours." https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon/wp-content/uploads/archive/2019-20-Arizona-Hunting-Reguations_WEB_190508.pdf Honestly, not trying to be a wise guy, but I thought "Yes" and the overwhelming support in that thread indicated legality, not to mention there are few informative posts in there. Hope you bury a lighted nock into something this year!
  15. CouesPursuit

    Lighted nocks