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  1. CouesPursuit

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    CWT Dad of the year! Huge congratulations on all accounts, you are and should be very proud! I can only imagine the family dinners, eating elk, re-telling their stories. Wow!
  2. CouesPursuit

    WTB: Used Tires 285/75/R16

    Sheep country has tore up my 40K, 5 year-old tires pretty quick the last couple months, especially after some chunks were taken out on the fronts exposing some belt. I'm looking for a couple 285/75/R16 to keep me safe through December before replacing all 4 new. Other than craigslist and offer up searches, any one have a good recommendation for used tire sources in the central/east valley? Thanks.
  3. CouesPursuit

    Badlands Warranty

    I sent mine to badlands wrapped up in a thin layer of kitchen wrap to keep the straps and buckles together. No problems. I don't remember who had the cheapest rate.
  4. CouesPursuit

    And were off to a rough start...

    +1 And they did it with smiles, good job, Dad. And good luck!
  5. CouesPursuit

    Where was this?

  6. CouesPursuit

    Two beautiful bulls in two years

    Fantastic job, Lance and Proud Dad Luke! Those are 2 fine bulls, congrats!
  7. CouesPursuit

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    I honestly can't believe so many people are scared of walking in the dark because of lions. I wasn't prior to reading this thread but you're making me think I should be!
  8. CouesPursuit

    2007 Toyota Tundra 4x4 Only 119k miles SOLD

    Great truck, GLWS.
  9. CouesPursuit

    Wyoming Antelope

    Brothers and bucks, way cool! Congrats!
  10. CouesPursuit

    Draw odds

    If you list your desired hunt as your first and only choice, it (obviously) is the only hunt you can draw. If you list it as both first and second choice, you have the option of selecting different hunts as your 3rd - 5th choices for the third stage of the draw, without compromising your chances for the desired hunt by drawing these as your 2nd choice in the bonus point pass. I'm unsure of what happens if you leave the second choice blank. It all depends on what hunts you want and this really only applies to hunts and species that can be drawn in the third-fourth-fifth choice pass.
  11. CouesPursuit

    Wife gets it done

    Yea man you are one of a very select few. Great stuff. Huge congratulations all around!
  12. CouesPursuit

    KillShot Game Cart and Shooting Sled

    Man, some solo hunter needs to turn that thing into a duck blind! GLWS.
  13. CouesPursuit

    Weimaraner for sale!

    At least you made some friends here! Jk, I'm glad to hear you're keeping her and best of luck.
  14. CouesPursuit

    Leupold RX-1000i TBR rangefinder

    Wow @ $150. I've had this rangefinder for 10 years with no issues and my hunting buddy that had issues was given 2 free replacements and 1 was his fault. Great deal on a great rangefinder if you're ok with 800 yard average readings.
  15. CouesPursuit

    2019 Coues Video

    I'm leaving on a friend's elk hunt tonight wishing it was a coues hunt! Always enjoy and appreciate your videos, but they are extra special with my first December tag in possession. Thanks for sharing.